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  1. I do hope that Dr Erin Pritchard can find a way to put herself into obscurity away from any public image and contemplate how she can start to enjoy her life. This way she and her likes will stop me from being outraged and offended by their remarks! It works 2 ways, she finds the name Midget Gems offensive - I find her offensive!
  2. Yep and it seems as though Cummings, in his distorted mind, has totally forgotten about his need to test his eyesight when talking about lame excuses for breaking rules 🤔🙄
  3. The “school playground party of constant criticism and name calling,” aka Labour, need to be careful though if they have any misguided beliefs that their current shadow cabinet could handle being a governing party. Forcing Boris out, now his persona is even more “non grata,” may just come back and bite Captain Hindsight and his irritating Goldilocks sidekick in the @rse. The Tories may just elect a new leader who becomes an electable hit, making the Labour front bench look more unelectable than they currently do and will continue to do until they can grasp the word “constructive”
  4. I have no doubt that the majority of their staff are trying it on but only some of the easy stuff have had systems upgrades. Don’t forget that we are dealing with govt/public sector IT people here, they only do the easy bits and even then, in many cases, still manage to fcuk things up whilst delivering exceptionally bad VFM for the cash that they spend. You only have to look at many of the websites which ask you to accept cookies every time you press “continue” to change to the next page, ordering LFT test online being a prime example. However I can assure you of one thing, all of the medical side of the DVLAs work is still manual, with the exception of them having a database that they can upload received documents into Dropbox style. They don’t even have the advantage of an extremely bad IT system. e.g. you can download medical forms that need completing but you can’t complete them online, you have to manually fill them in and then post, not even a facility to complete manually and upload😠
  5. Try getting through to the DVLA. My licence expired last week and the application was sent and received by them in early Oct. First of all, when you call you are likely 4 times out of 5 to be greeted with an extremely rude and abrupt recorded message of “All lines are busy, try again later, goodbye!” Then, when you do get through you get the very long next recorded message which tells you, in addition to the usual Covid crap of “unprecedented high volume of calls”, that you can use their website to do all sorts of things. Well not so I’m afraid, my licence is an annual medical licence and they can’t deal with this type of licence on line. Then, after almost a hour of listening to their repetitive inane music I get through to a guy who gives me the usual spiel of “we have a huge backlog and we have not yet written to your consultant for confirmation that he supports your application, but you can continue driving under section 88 rules provided that you meet the criteria” Yes I know that, I did it last year but the first obstacle was realised today when our Lexus went in for service and I couldn’t get a courtesy car due to not having a current valid licence according to the DVLA website. I do have some sympathy for DVLA staff since they are dealing with crap old Govt systems and I know that the medical side of the DVLA still have use manual systems. Not easy when you are working from home. However, If they have such a huge backlog because of Covid and crap systems why is the Govt not extending expiry dates on licences by 6 months like they did back in 2020!
  6. I see Drakeford is having a go at Boris for not having the same tougher rules that Wales have. TBH I can’t get my head around the logIc of some of the Welsh rules. For example you can go to the Cinema in a group of no more than 6 and then sit indoors with 300 or so more people for 2 hours with the cinema having no requirement to ensure social distancing. Drakeford really needs to start admitting what most of the Welsh people know. He is a Welsh Nationalist operating under a Labour banner since he knows that he’d get no ware if he stuck to his true beliefs.
  7. Exactly this Andy. It is highly obvious that he is trying it on. I read so called extracts from how he presented and defended his case with immigration upon initial questioning. If those words are true (media?) then his responses to questions were quite obviously well rehearsed. Also, why would he travel with his lawyers if he didn’t expect his visa to be questioned. I really hope that the court judge and the Australian govt have enough backbone to deport him. The judge just needs to remind hopes that he is really a nobody and just another person trying it on. His actions show nothing but contempt for the Australian nationals who struggle to be able to get back in to their country of residence and be with their relatives.
  8. PaulCP

    Utility Bills

    When BG did this to me a few years back I called them and asked them to provide a detailed analysis of how they had made the calculation. After a bit of waffle from them, I kept insisting on a detailed analysis and in the end they asked me what I thought it should be and accepted that. I left BG shortly afterwards
  9. I’ve corrected the last sentence for you Barry 👍
  10. Makes sense 👍 Don’t you just loathe our useless media who just like to continue painting a doomsday scenario 😠. It is the 1 thing that Trump got right………”Fake News”
  11. Hallelujah to that 👍 Why Israel? I seem to recall that this is not the first time Israel have claimed to have found a new variant 🤔
  12. @SFOyou won’t get any sensible figures reported in the press/media, they don’t do sensible - only sensationalism!
  13. You’d be made for the rest of your natural. Money is generally not a problem for most things. I worked and lived in Saudi for 4 years (2009-13) and know from experience that, despite some of the shortcomings of the country, it is not as bad as some like to portray.
  14. Now that’s a different use of drones🤔
  15. I think you missed the point in my post that @gregs24was replying to. The doctor at no point indicated any refusal to treat them, he was merely using an analogy to point out the hypocrisy in the views of some of the anti-vaccers, i.e. those who won’t have the vaccine because they don’t know what is in it. Absolutely nothing to do with ethics.
  16. I may have posted this before but recently a doctor addressed this issue quite well. ”If you don’t approve of having the Covid vaccine because you don’t know what’s in the vaccine, then you should also not expect to be treated in hospital if you are hospitalised due to Covid since you also won’t know what is in the drugs you are going to be treated with”
  17. Don’t get me started on the quality of NHS IT “professionals” 18 years ago, when I started working for a national Ports Group, the CEO recruited a group IT manager from the NHS who he said would be ideal to specify and develop a group wide IT operating system. The new IT manager then recruited some of his NHS mates to help. To say that everything both he and his mates touched was a total disaster is an understatement. They couldn’t even get the security of the then current systems right. 3 years of crappy development of systems followed until the CEO finally listened and realised his big mistake.
  18. Of it was left to the scientists we would all be permanently locked in our homes and ordered to wear spacesuits. Another set of people who revel in being able to bring bad news and then exaggerate it. TBH I’m sick of hearing the words “an expert says” 😠
  19. The media talk about anything that they can report as negative sensationalism!
  20. Why is this guy still on the streets and not locked up at HM’s pleasure. His remarks are no different to a terrorist!
  21. I’ve just seen this headline on a general news site : ”The Sun newspaper suggested that tougher measures could be imposed after Boxing Day” Barry, you disappoint me, I never had you down as a Sun reader 😮😜
  22. Maybe, I always thought that official confirmed cases were from PCR tests The figures and stats do seem to be getting more contradictory as time goes on, almost as if they are intended to confuse.
  23. Help me understand this one guys Todays number of cases 93,000, of which Omicron is 3,200. It is reported that Omicron cases in London, the SE, East of England and Midlands is over 50%. Omicron is the dominant variant in Scotland. The quotes above don’t make much sense to me. If the total number of cases is 90,000 above reported Omicron cases, and Omicron is the dominant strain, what makes up those 90,000 cases. What am I missing🤔
  24. Absolutely Tony 👍 I note that Drakeford has announced £60m of support for Welsh businesses but he hasn’t (yet?) asked for any additional contribution from Westminster. Another example of Sturgeon’s mis management of Scottish finances. WTF would an independent Scotland do 🤔
  25. PaulCP

    Formula One

    My last post about the Abu Dhabi GP fiasco. Regarding Mercedes not going through with the appeal, I think Mercedes have left things in the air for this long to allow fans and the public to rage at the FIA. It’s the worldwide condemnation of Masi and his actions that have forced the FIA to launch their investigation. Toto has said he welcomes the FIA inviting the teams and drivers to have input to this review. Toto said today - We cannot continue in a sport that is meant to be sport followed by entertainment and not the other way around. From what Toto has said and from other sources it would appear that Mercedes may consider withdrawing from the championship. If they take their engines with them that leaves six teams for next year. Other sources suggest that a rival championship could be in place for 2023. Lots of intimations, veiled threats and ‘an unnamed spokesman said’ comments floating around at the moment. F1 is a multi-million dollar championship owned by Liberty Media. It is run under, or supposed to be run under FIA rules. Liberty Media have the most to lose. They need the championship and for it to be successful they need the big teams. The FIA appear to have not grasped the problem so far. Although they have announced that an investigation into what happened they have said the aim will be to ‘clarify the rules for 2022’. Numerous legal minds have gone through the regulations and confirmed that they are perfectly clear already. The problem is that the rules were not followed not that they need clarifying. For anyone interested in the legal interpretation of the rules and why Mercedes has a strong case for appeal, this article written by a lawyer is worth a read. The irony is that the FIA’s rather condescending statement yesterday suggested the teams, fans and media have misunderstood the rules, yet it appears it’s the FIA Race Director that doesn’t understand… If the FIA don’t get this right then Liberty Media need to appoint a new regulatory body to oversee the championship or there may not be one.
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