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  1. Hi Wayne & welcome We did meet very briefly at Snetterton last Saturday & my apologies for not speaking much, it was a busy day with a few friends that we hadn't seen for quite a while. I've only had my Evora since July so there are others who can probably comment better, but my thoughts on some of your questions are as follows 20/19 vs 19/18 wheels - as already said, the tyres are cheaper for the 19/18 combination. I have a set of both and haven't noticed any difference in ride quality. The 20/19 wheels are fitted with P Zero Corsa tyres which appear more grippy than the standard P Zeros on track but I doubt that you would notice any difference on the road. There are no upgrades to the engine internals when moving from NA to SC. The latter has the addition of an oil cooler but I'm not aware of other changes ( although Andy mentions flywheel and clutch upgrade in his post above). The Komo-tec EV430 conversion is purely a change in exhaust manifolds, air filter, SC pulley and ECU mapping to suit. The details of the conversion are on the Hangar 111 website. The existing manifolds with their integral catalysts are deemed to be a major source of engine bay heat as well as a major restriction to power delivery so changing them for either the Komo-tec ones or Tubular ones is probably a sensible first upgrade. Buyers guides - there is one on this forum and a few on the Internet. The Pistonheads one is here I'm not too far away from you (Ipswich) if you want a good poke around the S, I would be happy with either, I ended up with the S purely on the deal and spec I had with my particular car. Fuel consumption is marginally higher but I still achieve 30mpg cruising and the road tax is £200 higher
  2. Having had both Nitrons and Quantums on my VX220 I would say that the Quantums outperform the Nitrons both on track and on road. If Quantum made adjustable shocks for the Evora I don't think the on road ride would be compromised too much. I agree that the front is soft but after a while of adjusting driving style so that you come off the brakes more gently I didn't really notice it too much @Bruss, Paul we met at Ledenon whilst I was getting used to the car and you showed me how good the Evora can be by running rings around me . I am impressed just how good the a Evora is on track as it left the factory. I did a few laps at Snetterton last week ( a track I know well in the VX) and was surprised how close I was to my VX times there, & I know there was still more to come from it.
  3. ...Ditto... the Exige in this colour looks amazing as I'm sure does the Evora.
  4. lol, I take it you're not too keen on the black pack then James?, unless it's on a black car
  5. Military Grey looks great on the Exige but for me the Ev400 would probably be the new Metalic Orange with Black Pack It just seems to suit the 400 better than the Chrome Orange on the old previous model
  6. Congrats? & enjoy look forward to hearing your thoughts after playing with it over the weekend
  7. PaulCP

    New Owner

    Look great ? As a relative newbie myself I hope to see you at a local meet sometime. There 3 or 4 TLF members at Snetterton on Saturday attending the VX220 annual meet, come along if you're at a loose end.
  8. Well the wife keeps wanting to see the view from behind the wheel so that's her Xmas box sorted ??
  9. Isn't the oil cooler located on the off side and the washer bottle on the near side? Hence access should be the same as the NA
  10. Paul, come & try it out at Snetterton this coming Saturday then you'll know how it feels. It's a VX220 club track day (a good crowd to be with) but three Evoras are attending - me, CocoPops and Bravo73
  11. Dave Freeman, Alan, Martynv, crashrepairman, ChrisJ, Spadger27, chris, mark hur, Geoff Morgan, cbceclat, Simon Cowens, waspy, ChrisBuer, yellowperil, vipers, cbceclat, top-plumber, jmanji, PaulCP
  12. The full set 18" front/19" rear wheels are sold out but there's still 19 pairs of front 18" ones available @ £295+vat per pair Tyres also still available but P Zeros are not exactly winter tyres edit: yes I now see which wheels you meant, I was referring to the Anthracite Forged Wheels
  13. Only front 18" ones available now, although they do seem to keep finding new stock (as per the tyres) so it's worth keep checking
  14. Once you've had a day behind the wheel you will forget all about them
  15. Hence my earlier question. Presumably sealed LED units are fitted because there are deemed to have a certain life expectancy over and above conventional serviceable units If this is the case then one would expect a reasonable contribution when premature failure occurs. If the Evora does indeed share the same problems as other marques, who use the same manufacturer for such parts, then no doubt a claims process exists between Lotus/Aston Martin and that particular supplier whereby any contributions made to customers by the motor manufacturers gets pushed back to the part manufacturer.
  16. Are sealed LED side and indicator lights fitted since they are deemed to last the lifetime of the car, or is it just the latest style icon?
  17. Phil, 1st Nov works well for us, looking forward to it
  18. The right one will come up at some point, probably as a result of some owners upgrading to the 400. A yellow sport racer was top of my wanted list, it's a great combination, although I ended up with a blue one which looked much better in the flesh than pictures. I found that looking at as many as I could in the flesh helped me with the choice of colour combination since I would never have considered the one I have on paper. Pistonheads is probably the best place to keep checking. If you haven't already here's the link I copied into my "favourites" so I could quickly check for new stock when I was looking for one
  19. This one is now on offer at £50k with 50/50 finance deal on it as well. Looking a good buy for a new car
  20. Lee, there's a broken headlight assembly on eBay for £90, don't know if it's any use to you to rob the parts from
  21. When I was looking at buying an IPS version a few months ago I was advised to check if the new cars available had the latest gearbox software and, if not, to ask for it to be installed since it delivered improved shift times. In the end I bought a manual but the info came from a credible source
  22. Aaaaaaaggggh Been looking for a local meet but 24/25 Oct is the start of half term so will be spending time with the grandsons. Perhaps next time
  23. Can't make the mid week Ace meets due to distance (I'm in deepest East Anglia) Thanks for the offer of taking a look at the Barge Boards though, I will PM you to make suitable arrangements for one Sunday if possible
  24. I still need to see a car in the flesh with the boards fitted before deciding on these. Whereabouts in Essex are you and, if close by, would you mind if I popped along for a look sometime
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