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  1. @C8RKHInteresting that you are thinking Coxsters, really surprised at you 🤔

    I had a long hard think about the Emira and in the end decided that if I decided to go down the Lotus route again I’d prefer another Evora.

    My thoughts however also get continuously drawn to another 2 seater car which is probably as rare as an Evora (I’ve not seen one on the road yet despite it being available for 2 years now) and usable every day.
    Not going to reveal what it is on here to avoid the thread going more off topic, especially since I still continue to grapple with my own thoughts on whether shelling out £50k+ is still the right thing for me to do, so I’m remaining tight lipped until April😉

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  2. Sorry Dan, I have to disagree with you. TBe BBC have needed sorting for years and that article is no more than defensive tactics from them.

    Poor budgetary control and lack of cost focus due to knowing that the funding is just going to be there. The new Eastenders is a prime example.

    Total bias towards the left as highlighted in their brexit reporting and how they constantly aim comments at the Govt. Kuenssburg’s Twitter thread today is another prime example.

    We Will just have to agree to disagree

  3. 1 hour ago, basalte said:

    If the BBC were really that biased against Johnson they would have exposed the parties when they actually occurred , not 2 years later . (Or are we expected to believe that a 100 upper - class guests close to government at one party alone have no friends or contacts in broadcasting ? ) 

    Maybe the scheming low life Cummings has only just released the info 🤔

  4. I have some sympathy with the Fri early evening drinks though, provided that it was the same people who were working together.

    Fri late afternoon/early evening drinks in London and many other parts of the country are the norm, it was just that the Downing Street staff could not work from home like most were being asked to do due to the type of work they are involved with.

    What really fcuks me off though is the constant lengthy BBC highlighting of it. Laura Iceberg is back in her elements. Other news channels don’t appear to be banging on about it as much as the extremely biased BBC. 
    I’ve seen numerous photos of Starmer sat having a drink with his staff but not once to my knowledge has the disgraceful Unbritish Broadcasting Corporation reported on that! 

    I really wish that we had journalists who were good at doing some real investigative journalism. I’m sure that loud mouths Blackford and Raynor must have some skeletons in the cupboard that they could be silenced with. We already know Starmer’s previous failings and really no one takes him seriously, he’s just a puppy’s puppet

  5. Yep and it seems as though Cummings, in his distorted mind, has totally forgotten about his need to test his eyesight when talking about lame excuses for breaking rules 🤔🙄

  6. 1 hour ago, C8RKH said:


    They're not actually. They have spent a fortune on upgrading their systems which is why, to be fair, it is now so easy to do the mundane stuff like apply for SORN, check MOT status and dates, pay your road tax etc.

    The real issue is that many, especially in the Public Sector, are hiding behind a bull shit "unprecedented call volumes" screen. Absolute pish to be honest.

    I have no doubt that the majority of their staff are trying it on but only some of the easy stuff have had systems upgrades.

    Don’t forget that we are dealing with govt/public sector IT people here, they only do the easy bits and even then, in many cases, still manage to fcuk things up whilst delivering exceptionally bad VFM for the cash that they spend. You only have to look at many of the websites which ask you to accept cookies every time you press “continue” to change to the next page, ordering LFT test online being a prime example.

    However I can assure you of one thing, all of the medical side of the DVLAs work is still manual, with the exception of them having a database that they can upload received documents into Dropbox style. They don’t even have the advantage of an extremely bad IT system. e.g. you can download medical forms that need completing but you can’t complete them online, you have to manually fill them in and then post, not even a facility to complete manually and upload😠

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  7. Try getting through to the DVLA. My licence expired last week and the application was sent and received by them in early Oct.

    First of all, when you call you are likely 4 times out of 5 to be greeted with an extremely rude and abrupt recorded message of “All lines are busy, try again later, goodbye!”

    Then, when you do get through you get the very long next recorded message which tells you, in addition to the usual Covid crap of “unprecedented high volume of calls”, that you can use their website to do all sorts of things. Well not so I’m afraid, my licence is an annual medical licence and they can’t deal with this type of licence on line.

    Then, after almost a hour of listening to their repetitive inane music I get through to a guy who gives me the usual spiel of “we have a huge backlog and we have not yet written to your consultant for confirmation that he supports your application, but you can continue driving under section 88 rules provided that you meet the criteria”

    Yes I know that, I did it last year but the first obstacle was realised today when our Lexus went in for service and I couldn’t get a courtesy car due to not having a current valid licence according to the DVLA website.

    I do have some sympathy for DVLA staff since they are dealing with crap old Govt systems and I know that the medical side of the DVLA still have use manual systems. Not easy when you are working from home. However, If they have such a huge backlog because of Covid and crap systems why is the Govt not extending expiry dates on licences by 6 months like they did back in 2020!


  8. I see Drakeford is having a go at Boris for not having the same tougher rules that Wales have.

    TBH I can’t get my head around the logIc of some of the Welsh rules. For example you can go to the Cinema in a group of no more than 6 and then sit indoors with 300 or so more people for 2 hours with the cinema having no requirement to ensure social distancing.

    Drakeford really needs to start admitting what most of the Welsh people know. He is a Welsh Nationalist operating under a Labour banner since he knows that he’d get no ware if he stuck to his true beliefs.

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  9. 2 hours ago, pete said:

    Don't agree with the amount and have sent readings to prove it

    When BG did this to me a few years back I called them and asked them to provide a detailed analysis of how they had made the calculation.

    After a bit of waffle from them, I kept insisting on a detailed analysis and in the end they asked me what I thought it should be and accepted that.

    I left BG shortly afterwards

  10. 42 minutes ago, Barrykearley said:

    Cue Sir Kier in a couple of years talking about a failed opposition party and leader 

    I’ve corrected the last sentence for you Barry 👍

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  11. 1 hour ago, gregs24 said:

    Not a new variant - a combined case of flu and COVID which the Daily Express seems to have got excited about. I find it hard to believe we have not had combined infections in the UK.

    Flu rates are very low here in the UK currently whereas in Israel they have a significant outbreak making co-infection far more likely.

    Weekly Flu and COVID-19 Report_w51 (

    The obvious conclusion, as per government advice, is to get your flu vaccine to reduce the risk later in the winter. 

    Makes sense 👍

    Don’t you just loathe our useless media who just like to continue painting a doomsday scenario 😠. It is the 1 thing that Trump got right………”Fake News”

  12. 2 hours ago, windymiller said:

    so 1st case of florona detected in israel !!! 🙄 i was sick of brexit now id love to talk brexit rather than covid 🙄 please make it go away soon 😑

    Hallelujah to that 👍

    Why Israel? I seem to recall that this is not the first time Israel have claimed to have found a new variant 🤔

  13. You’d be made for the rest of your natural.

    Money is generally not a problem for most things. I worked and lived in Saudi for 4 years (2009-13) and know from experience that, despite some of the shortcomings of the country, it is not as bad as some like to portray. 

  14. 59 minutes ago, Barrykearley said:

    That’s not that much different to refusing to treat an HIV patient due to their sexuality. Ethical? Ummm?


    I think you missed the point in my post that @gregs24was replying to.

    The doctor at no point indicated any refusal to treat them, he was merely using an analogy to point out the hypocrisy in the views of some of the anti-vaccers, i.e. those who won’t have the vaccine because they don’t know what is in it.

    Absolutely nothing to do with ethics.

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