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  1. Me too. I'll be passing that way so see you around 8.30am hopefully...
  2. Bibs I have a friend who wants to come along - but in a Ferrari 328. Is he allowed (he'll be supervised by my '85 Turbo Esprit)? Possible?
  3. Marc We've been a few times now (last 15 years or so) and definitely prefer the Classic. Camping on track seems to be the best way to get the full experience, although some friends of mine stay in the grounds of a chateau nearby which looks gorgeous and ever more tempting as we get older: However, you can't beat the buzz of being there at night and therefore camping near the track is a must - at least for your first taste. We've gradually got more 'sophisticated'! By that, I mean we starting in the ACO camp sites with huge numbers of rowdy, drunken campers (Dutch and Brits leading the charge here), huge queues for the toilets then huge queues for the showers and flirting with botulism by BBQing food picked up on the way down from the hypermarche. Now, we stay in a trackside campsite with good facilities (hot showers, decent loos, short queues) and onsite catering. It's more expensive, but worth it and allows you to focus on the racing/general ambience. We tried out Lycian events last year at the normal Le Mans and have rebooked it again for this year's Classic - Other similar camp sites are available.... The best tip however, is to turn the trip into a journey. We always have 2 extra nights - one on the way down on the banks of the Seine (a secret!) and on the way back we stop in Honfleur for a last hurrah (and well deserved comfy bed/shower/bath). Finding deserted French D roads and driving in a little convoy of British classics is beyond words. Especially if the sun's out. Finally, you'd have thought that July in mid-France would provide glorious warm weather. Think again! For the last 3 Classics (I think) the weather has been atrocious - thundery, wet and 'orrible for tenting and a quagmire underfoot. The year before that was unbearably hot and that in some ways, that was even worse. So looking forward to taking the Esprit for its first Classic, I can barely contain myself. Good luck. John
  4. Thank you Bibs & team, Mike and all who were there at the Nevill Bull last evening. My first get together and wonderful to be amongst so many Lotus aficionados. I learnt a lot. Particular thanks to the Scots contingent who made us feel so welcome. Too many sprouts though, so had the first Giugiaro twin-turbo on the way home!
  5. Mrs Jaybee's food order (Suzanne) : Prawns, nut roast & plum crumble
  6. Welcome - I shall keep an eye (or ear) open for you as I live in Ashford too! Kent seems to have a lot of Lotus owners!
  7. I'll check it out. Thank you!
  8. We'd like to come! Bibs - Duck, Turkey, Xmas Pud Laura Mike Kimberley Kimbers - Mackerel, Turkey, Eton Mess internets - Pate, Turkey, Xmas pud Buddsy - Mackerel - Lamb - Xmas pud Hot T Probably not able to come as Buddsy Jnr requires her boobies ;-) Kalli bingoking - Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Christmas Pud Al. - Pate, Turkey, Plum tart. AndrewC adfer obione - Duck, Beef, Plumb tart. Dave Excell Ann Excell Trevsked - Prawn, Turkey, Ice sizona Tom John Alex John Cliff - gghc87 - pate, lamb, Eton mess Yasuo - Duck,Beef, Ice ChrisJ - Mackerel, Turkey, Xmas Pud Malcolm Geraldine Paul (esprits2) pate, Turkey, mess Dave - Pâté, Beef, Xmas Pud Karen - Prawn, Beef, Plumb Tart Martyn - Pate, Turkey, Choc Fudge Neil Reed - Pate, Roast Beef, Eton Mess Sam Reed Steve Lou Jaybee (prawn, turkey Xmas Pud) Mrs Jaybee (Vegetarian!)
  9. We will be going with quite a gang next year and will be the Esprit's maiden voyage to The Classic (and one of the main reasons I bought it). It is such a laugh, but I'm interested in where Lotus owners camp? We tried the Porsche Curves (Lycian Events) this year at the regular Le Mans, but it was full of Porsche owners (+1 Esprit). Otherwise great, if a little far from the main grandstands. We normally rough it parking Bleu which is getting pretty rowdy now, which is good and bad but the "facilities" are awful. Normally we come back exhausted, but I thought you'd like to see a photo of a friends Elan 2+2 I borrowed that came back exhaustless....
  10. Hi Bibs - I'm just outside Ashford. Are you in North Kent? Are there any Kentish get-togethers?
  11. One last try to get the pictures:
  12. Here are the pics - not sure why they didn't come out. Border control looked at the car and didn't even ask whether we might have passengers!
  13. Hello eveyone Just taken delivery of an '85 Turbo Esprit in my favourite colour, after a lot of love being lavished on the car which was left under a cover for 7 years. Looking forward to joining the gang! Here she is in Calais coming back from a fabulous blast round the French countryside. Anyone familiar with the car? Esprit side on in Calais Esprit rear quarter Calais
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