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    Burroughs Gauge

    Aha I have that Mark too ill line it up on that then test it with the weight on an old cam belt...thanks for taking the time to look.
  2. AJay

    Burroughs Gauge

    Ah yes perfect idea...I will give that a try.. Thanks
  3. Hi Can anyone hep? i am looking for a picture of a burroughs gauge in the rest position, i.e not on a cam belt... Reason is i lent my gauge out (big mistake) and the idiot broke it.... i have managed to fix it again but the dial can go on in a number of positions thus changing the tension on the gauge.... I am hoping that by looking at another gauge i can get a close approximation of the position of the dial with no load. this should get me in the ball park when checking the belt.. Or does anyone know how to calibrate said gauge.... and no puting a spring balance on the arm and pulling does not give any correlation to the 95lbs on the gauge as full scale deflection comes at about 36lbs...
  4. Excellent thank closed?
  5. Hi Giorgo is that the twin header tank including the charge cooler header tank?
  6. Well I have a price and it is £180 for an exact copy of the original tank...there is a 10% discount for multiple orders if anyone is interested..the only catch is they do not currently have the facilities to Polish it.. not a problem for me as I want a OEM finish anyway.
  7. Thanks Ian, i had seen axminster and have them on the back burner, however i have a large list of things to do without a budget to match....... so i am investigating having them made. £300 is a bit more that i want to pay.... Although i haven't got a cost of fabrication yet, so i may have to bite the bullet. But a group buy would bring down the price if there was interest, i am hoping to post prices today or tomorrow.
  8. Well the time has finally come where i can get my Esprit back on the road after a 3 year absence. Initially i thought oh a quick cam belt change and that would be that.....oh how wrong i was.... it turns out that it is true about the saying use it or lose it... in the 20 years that i have owned the car it has degraded more in the last 3 years of being laid up than in did in the previous 17. Of course you understand it isn't in a climate controlled car coon but it is in a well ventilated Garage.. Any hoo one of the issues that i have is that the header tank is, well frankly past its best, and although repairable, i have made inquiries as to getting a new header tank made in aluminium. Today i got a question from the fabricator on how many i wanted so that they could work out the cost. This got me thinking that maybe there are a few of you that may require new header tanks as well. The tank i am getting made is an aluminium Twin header tank for main cooling and chargecooler. If there is any interest please let me know ASAP and i will get some prices.
  9. Where is the procedure gone? A pal of mine has the same problem how do we reset it?
  10. koorby, pitstoppete, Nelly9000, choppa, 111r_250s, the pits, gghc87, pbharcourt, M D E, peteyg, ajay Portsmouth
  11. AJay

    P0462 need advise

    Yes that is the procedure that I have done to Pin 16. I agree, I cannot see why you would want fuel level in the ECU unless it is to feed information to the fuel gauge or to work out the fuel consumption or range. However neither of these are used on the Esprit so not sure why.. I have not checked the fuel tank so not sure where the green and black wire from pin 16 goes, but testing it with a multimeter is showing infinite resistance to earth (0V). so I suspect it terminates in the loom somewhere.
  12. Sorry to bring up the subject again, I am trying to diagnose a friends V8. The ecu has just been upgraded by PNM and since re installing he has the MIL light on. On reading the codes it comes up with P0462. Having read the previous posts I assumed it was the fuel level sensor as the car is a 96 and the software in the ecu it comes up with RACE02 04-11-2002 15:35. I have installed a 100ohm resistor between the pin16 and ground but the MIL will not reset. I was surprised to see the green and black wire on pin16 of the ecu plug if the fuel sensor is not fitted. I have checked and double checked my workmanship with the mod and it all give the expected reading on the multimeter, so I am more than confident that pin 16 is now seeing 100ohms. Any suggestions are welcome.
  13. Hi guys I did this. Few years ago still working like a dream
  14. It is my belief that the main cause of failure of the Citroen box is the crown wheel. Most of the ones that I have seen are 1or2 broken teeth, this suggests to me to be point loading. It's my opinion that this damage is caused by dropping the clutch from stand still and max torque being applied on 1 or 2 teeth... Once the car is moving then it is almost impossible to the same loading through that point of failure. ( I am sure someone will correct me, but it is an opinion.) So I do not ou drag race starts and mainly only use full boost in the uppergears....most of the time.. I have seen, heard of as many Renault boxes fail as Citroen boxes. And even lotus restricts the V8 in the lower gears and that's a modified box..... Also a lot of Porsche boxes fail. IMO its all about driving stile and maintenance. Can you remember the 80's f1 cars. Some drivers would lunch g boxes while others never had a failure and they were not any slower... Don't worry too much about your gbox. Keep on top of the maintenance. And enjoy driving it. If it fails worry about it then. There will always be a solution to the problem. But it may not happen.... Of course what do I know.....
  15. Thank you.... Hi Phil, there used to be a lot of info in the garage section, but a lot of this appears to have been lost over time. So as i don't bore those that already know i will give a brief run down of engine mods. Block re-bored and nikoseal liners fitted, S4 chrome top pistons. modified cooling system Re-cored tripple core radiator (same as V8 i believe) colder spark plugs rejeted carburetors Knock sensor lamba senor and gauge Modified advance curve distributor (now replaced with multi map, fully mapable, distributor less ignition system) Chargecooler fitted, with SE front mounted chargecooler Rad and electric pump. larger oil cooler Ports matched, cleaned and lightly polished on inlet and exhaust coil pack S4 plug leads adjustable boost controller SE exhaust manifold and reconditioned Turbo I generally run at 10-11psi of boost but it will take 14 without any problems (however i am still running with the Citroen gearbox and i don't want to push my luck too much, its only a matter of time....) That's about it for the engine mods If i can help with any specifics please feel free to ask.
  16. Sorry the colour of my bumper causes you so much irritation..... I have owned my car for 15 years and have carried out a number of modifications to it... The engine is the origional, however it has been extensively modified for reliability and performance. For the magazine it was turned down to the factory settings to give accurate comparison to the other vehiles in the test. You are right the chargecooler has had a colour change to black althought not all were 300 were black. You might be interested to know that 5 of the cars on the shoot had mechanical problems.. the lotus was not one of them...
  17. HI chaps it is a mechanical BOV or blow off valve. it was a mechanical overboost protection device. it is designed to operate at 10psi which is not a lot of pressure it you use your thumb, however it should close as soon as you release the pressure unless the piston is sticking. Under normal driving it should not operate, however it can operate under spirited driving on the overrun when the throttles are snapped shut while at full boost, i'e changing gear... you will get a spike of over 10psi... it should sound like the number 7 bus with a psssssss as you change gear... It was replaced with an electronic over boost switch on the HC engine set at 10.5 PSI this information has been supplied to me by Dave massey (Lotus technical) a number of years ago... Hope this helps
  18. HI Jeff I am running smaller air correctors (162) as well with larger mains (210) Idle is (40) I did send a copy of my map to Per however i think he has made a few adjustments.... I had jetted quite rich to avoid detonation, however this was before charge cooling so i was going to install a wide band and have another go as Mpg is not very good. and with the charge cooler then i think i can bring it back to a more optimum setting. (this is on hold for this year as a new toy has temporeraly got my attentions) I would be very interested to see your results with your wide band. Nice rebuild BTW very impressive. ANdy
  19. Yes GKP its mine.. Nice work Jeff. Sorry Steve i used 910esprit before i realised you were using it and had too many posts by then to change it. The map that is in the clicky was developed after days of pouring over the maps in the SE memcal and applying the vairiables to suit my engine. Max boost is currently 10 PSi and the map is quite conservative to keep well away from detonation, it is written for super unleaded fuel and the carbs have been rejetted to accomodate the extra boost. The engine currently produces 264 LBFT of torque at 4250rpm which is way more than the standard 210 and pushes the limits (IMO) of the standard G box. There would be more to come on the rollers, however i am more than happy with the performance, so don't feel the need.
  20. I Agree with steve I would check the fuel pressure regulator first.. remove the ali cap on screw at top (if its still fitted) place spanner on top of nut and lossen by 1/4 turn, place screw driver in slot in top of adjuster and unscrew 1 turn. nip up nut, try starting, if no better lossen nut and wind adjuster back 1 turn. It could also be dirt under the needle valve stopping it from seating properly. (just trying to think why its started after three week lay up) possible sediment in tank setling then being pumped into carbs..... don't be too dishartened it sounds like a simple problem that you will easily sort. respect for your fault finding, your on the right track....
  21. I have replaced my 84 MY turbo with a 90 MY SE Turbo. I now get 2.5 PSI boost at 2500 rpm, i used to get boost at 3000rpm so its an improvement in my book..
  22. Per's solution to the trigger wheel looks better than mine, i have added an extra flange to the front of the pulley which has added extra wieght, Per's removes wieght off the pulley wheel and probably works better, less mass and all that. i thought the clearance at the rear was too close to the automatic tensioner so opted for my solution. looking again i see that Per is a dry sump so has a toothed belt drive for the scavange pump that moves the trigger wheel out further thus clearing the tensioner. My map can be found here: you will have to down load the MJLT configuration software ver 3.2.1 to read it:
  23. I have replaced my distributor completely and am very happy with the results
  24. Nice solution to the clearance problem, the mother of invetion and all that....well done. Sorry to see the break calipers one step forward... Andy
  25. yes i kept the louvers in place... it was just the engine cover. Uk spec cars have a blanking plate over the plugs on the engine cover. as you can see from below, its by the chargecooler, this stops the rain dripping on the plugs. It only happened if the car was parked facing down hill, but it didn't need to be very much of a hill!
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