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  1. Try south west lotus. they were trying to get TOYO tyres in the following size: 235/50 ZR 15 (Originally 235/60 VR 15). It would make a very small difference in overall diameter. I am sure someone far more intelligent than me can work out the diameters.
  2. No. i was suffering from a high reading on the gauge but the ifra red thermometer was showing 79 degrees at the temperature sender. Still showing nearly 90 of the gauge though. Don't worry now unless it reached 95-100 degrees.
  3. Paul Probably no help but i replaced mine last summer. Bit the bullet and undone with a suitable socket, it came out OK, but dont blame me if it goes wrong.
  4. Had a salesrep come to see me the other day his name was richard Brane and he got the appointment two hours early!!!!
  5. Hi Martyn Looks like i will be able to make it when do you need definate confirmation. Still working on the wife to give me a day pass but looking good.
  6. You may be aware of the lotus surplus stock sale! Chargecooler badge
  7. HI jeff The only moulding available now is the drivers side. It might be possible to use 4 of these and join them for the top moulding i know of those that have done it. it looks ok! or you will have to use the newer black trims.
  8. Try Southwest lotus they had some BBS at the stonliegh show.
  9. Careful doing a plug Chop on a turbo engine, 100000 rpm turbo suddenly starved of oil pressure when the engine is turning off is asking for premature bearing failure. You pays your money you takes your choice!!
  10. There is a factory mod that changes the operation of this valve. Aparently the water pressure can overcome the vacuum or spring pressure or some thing, performed the mod on a friends 96 V8 a couple of years ago and heater works perfectly since. I will ask him for the info (service Note number)if you are interested.
  11. Remember there have been a variety of suspension changes over the years. This has been driven by Extra Wieght, more performance, higher customer expectation and new technology. There is always room for improvement/change. When i changed the shocks, the best setting I ended up with was very close to the lotus settings (for the road). However i can now set the car up for the track. Lotus (any manufacturere) always have to settle for a compromise. Change your bushes to Poly if you want and then let us know the results (thats what these forums are about). Remember that all tightenin
  12. I have replaced the rubber bushes on the linkage rod for roses joints and carries put the SJ conversion on the cross gate linkage, rebushed the translator linkage and replaced the remaining rubber bushes. Gear change now 100% better. You don't have to live with slow clunky gear changes. Life is full of choices.
  13. Try overfilling the sump. Sounds stupid but after a rebuild i had trouble gaining pressure. I then added about 1/2 litre over the full mark and everything was ok. After run in period 500 slow miles i drained and filled to correct level. Every thing fine since. Remember to use normal mineral oil for bedding in period. then change to synthetic after you have run it in (if you are going to use it). Also check the oil cooler thermostat is working ok and that you have no kinks in the lines. Good luck
  14. I have the S4 & V8 manuals on disk, there are good. Not sure i would pay $79 for it though.
  15. Careful!!!! the later manifold does not position the turbo in the same place. Therefore work is needed to line up the plumming for the Turbo( so i have been told). Also the exhaust system will need changing from the down pipe to the tail box. the standard box does not fit so it will have to be a bespoke system. I will be carrying this out when my manifold crack as i happen to have the latter turbo and manifold stored away, but it won't be a cheap fix!!!!!
  16. The standard ignition timing for my car 84 UK car is 12 deg BTDC. It has a non vacuum distributor This is set at 3500 rpm using a strobe light with a retard function set at 28 deg, rev the engine to 3500 and align the TDC mark up with the pointer. Can also be done on the cam wheels if it
  17. Hi Paul My 84 turbo runs just below the 90C on the gauge at a constant 80MPH and around town runs at just on or just over 90C, not sure if this helps as I am slightly concerned that I am running too hot as I suffer from High speed detonation and one possible cause could be cylinder head temp too hot! I am in conversation with Lotus and one of the questions will be about operating temperature. Has you car had the cooling system Modification as per the service bulletin 1987/26. Mine hasn't but not sure if this will help the running temp or not (another question to Lotus) I am ef
  18. The left hand side of the grill is blanked off to stop rain water from entering the Spark plug holes and causing a miss fire. The Domestic car has a similar arrangement on the grill. i removed it and after a few rain storms had a miss fire problems. I have now re installed a similar device and have cured the problem.
  19. Has anyone thought of or tried a chemical leak fix? Might be worth a try!!!!! I can't see that it wil cause any damage if it doesn't.
  20. I had the same problem it turned out to be the inline fuse, located by the washer fluid bottle in the front. Tightened up the connection been ok now for 6 years.
  21. The last of the G cars was fitted with a renault rear end. The car was an HC and it was in ice blue. Read a write up in some mag some where about it.
  22. You will have to remember that you have pulled the switch, the car can still be started as there will be fuel in the carbs, it only cuts the pump out. Half a mile down the road and car stops as the carbs run out of fuel probably half way out of a junction!!!!!!!
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