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  1. I had the same problem on my Turbo.

    The coolent dumping turned out to be a faulty pressure cap, however i replaced the Otter switch with an MG item and it has been reliable for 3 years now and half the cost of the lotus item, although the pins are round so a small adaptor connector was made up so that the genuine Lotus part could be fitted at a latter date if needed.

  2. SJ Sportscars - Part # SJ082B0004  Page 10 of current Catalog


    You got me all excited until i realised this is a pre 87 spoiler :blink: i.e a LC turbo

    Thanks Fishy i will give them all a call tomorrow.

    Just collecting parts in preperation at the moment. Got an S3 front bumper that i am reconditioning, all the ply wood is rotten and it was for the old indicators that some one had changed at sometime and bodged the newer type in, so this will need reshaping and proper bracketry made. You learn something new every day.....

  3. Can anyone help?

    I am starting the rebuild after my little bump and i am taking the opertunity to perform a couple of mods that i had planned.

    one of these is to fit the front valance/spoiler off an HC along with the radiator pod.

    This should allow more air to flow through the rads aiding cooling which since fitting the chargecooler radiator has at best been just acceptable.

    However these parts are no longer available from Lotus. Does anyone know of the wherabouts of an HC front spoiler?

  4. Thanks for the info, came to the same conclusion this afternoon while looking at a friends V8.

    I dont have the mounting brackets and didn't realise that there were stops on the bracket, the g car motors spin through 360 degrees.

    So i think you are spot on on the current monitoring and presume that when the motor stalls out on the stop the module senses the over current and removes the voltage from the motor.

  5. Can any one help.

    I have a set of headlight pod lift motors that i want to fit to my G car, but being newer technology the stevens cars have a module that the lift motors plug into and the G car is done with relays and switches.

    Doe any one know how the module works? I.e how does it know the lights are up/down as there are no limit switches. ( it all appears to be witch craft at the moment).

  6. I believe that the turbo outlet does not line up with the inlet tube and will require modificaton to fit.

    You will need to fabricate a down pipe from the turbo (stevens cat bypass pipe might fit)

    Silencer box will need to be specialy made as the stevens box will not fit and finaly the turbo mecanical waste gate is set at 12psi (i think) so you will need to make sure that you are not overboosting if you run with 12psi you will need to adjust timing and disconnect the lotus blow off valve on the plenum.

    Other than that i think its a straight swap :rolleyes:

    I have plans of doing it to my 84 turbo the next time the manifold or waste gate break. Keep us updated if you decide to proceed.

  7. Sorry to hear about that AJay.

    Do not hold me to this but I may have sourced you a front bumper and a  Lower Valance, the guy is getting back to me with what else he might have.


    I have a fiberglass bumper comming, but if it is a plastic one i would be interested.

    I think the lower valance is ok, i am getting up in the air on saturday to check every thing before i get quotes.

    There are stress cracks along the top of both wheel arches and near side inner arch and the boot floor has split in a couple of places.

    It drives straight and stops straight so i dont think there is any chassis damage, but will get the geometry checked out.

    Looks like its going to be a long Lotus less Summer :rolleyes:

  8. Thanks for the kind words.

    The front hatch got ripped off!! it's not too bad.

    I am ok thanks Daz thanks for the concern. Was it you that bought the HC motor?

    I was having a great day, it is the risk you take at goodwod, no run off area, but if you don,t come off you ain't trying. :P

    The car was going realy well and running with an SE and S4 down the back straight, so really pleased with engine mods. :huh:

    A lot of work a head and thanks all for the bumper info, I have a fibreglass bumper coming and I will see how it works before deciding.

  9. Thanks for the comments :(

    Unfortunatly 80mph into the tyre wall does a bit more damage than just the bumper :(

    The car had the silver front bumper when i bought it due to a silght bump that damaged the drivers side front wing. It is made of a material like old boots. The rear is fiberglass.

    I like the contrast with the black at the rear but also like the silver in the front as blends in with the lines of the car better.

  10. Due to an error in judgement on my part, i now require a new front bumper (and a few other parts).

    It has come to my attention that there are a least two types of front bumper. One made of fiberglass and one made of plastic.

    Although my car is a 1984 turbo it has the plastic bumper. I know this is fitted as standard to the HC but does anyone know when it was first introduced.

    The plastic bumper has a lip where it joins the body.

  11. Hi troy

    The stock clutch shouldn't have much trouble with that sort of power with the exception of standing starts.

    Its the torque that will cause problems under normal road conditions. My S3 Turbo is producing 260 lb/ ft and will wheel spin in 3rd on a wet road under hard acceleration.

    The normal clutch has no problem at all.

    Have you double checked the adjustment as per the manual and are you sure there is no oil on the plate after the rebuild?

    someone might advise better but i would squirt brake cleaner on to the plate to try and degrease it first, and if you plan on changing it anyway you don't have a lot to lose!!

  12. Thats the one - I doubt Del ever fitted them, he was just playing as usual, haven't seen him in ages to hear how he is getting on.

    I didn't know they heated as well LOL.  We used to get people to hold the aluminium and then secretly switch them on until they yelped away becuase it was too cold  :)

    No one would belive they actually got cold, used to freeze water in 2-3 seconds - had loads of fun messing with peoples heads with these  :)


    I have also had this idea and was thinking of one of these in the chargecooler pluming, but I am a little concerned with getting rid of the heat build up. You don't get something for nothing. but should usefully reduce water temp of the chargecooler well below ambient.

  13. Thanks Ajay i will take the barrel out and have a look.My ignition key fits in the barrel but wont turn should it be this key thats works the lock?


    I have three keys for mine Ignition and rear hatch keys look the same, i have painted a white mark on the ignition key to tell the difference.

    The third key is for the filler cap and look completely different

  14. I have no key for the boot/engine cover.Should one of the other keys lock this?


    Hi kier

    If you remove the lock barrel it should have a number on it, you should be able to get a new key for it from Lotus with this number.

    I there is no number or you can,t get a key for it if you send me the barrell one of locksmiths at work recon they can cut a key for it!!!

    PM me if you want to try this route

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