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  1. Thanks all. I used Espritmon to determine that I have a 26b fault. I have now read the user manual and found the reset command ('t'). Thanks for the specific guidance fjmuurling, greatly appreciated
  2. Could anyone tell me, are fault codes latching in other words they sustain until cleared by a full ECU reset or are they cleared on every engine restart and will therefore only reappear whilst the fault still exists? I'm working my way through a code 26b problem. Thanks in advance. Duncan
  3. Hi Michael, I was hoping that someone may have a saved copy somewhere. Freek very kindly sent me some of the .cpp files but I'm missing all the header files.
  4. I can't find a Freescan installer that runs to completion, they all seem to crash. Does anyone have the original source code in order that I can build my own executable? Thanks in advance Duncan
  5. I'm trying to source a replacement front lip spoiler for my S4S. Unfortunately the original didn't survive the ferry journey back from Le Mans this year! The official part numbers are A082B5083K (left part) & A082B5084K (right part). I have tried my local Lotus dealer but they say the factory is out of stock and currently have 35 on back order. Apparently Lotus are no longer using their original supplier for this part and are in the process of finding a new one. Does anyone know of where I can get hold of either an original part or a copy? Does anyone know who the original supplier may be? Thanks in anticipation...
  6. Could be! Right area, right colour, right model, plate almost there L7 PRT??
  7. This is all great advice, thanks to everyone for their input. Time to start shopping...
  8. Hello from a Newbie! I'm getting very close to being able to purchase my first Esprit. Woo Hoo! I think a typical SE just about fits my current budget however is it worth hanging on and saving the extra cash to get an S4?? I believe the S4 would win on reliability and has the advantage of power steering. Is my research accurate? Are there any other pros or cons? The other thing I need to check out is insurance. Any suggestions on this also? Help and advice welcomed.
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