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  1. There are 3 days of the year that I absolutely must keep free. Unfortunately this event falls on one of them! Otherwise, I would have been there like a shot. Really keen to hear feedback, and glean some nuggets of wisdom from the informed. On the subject of marketing, I would have thought a targeted email from the factory to Exige owners would have been a good starting point. Not everyone can (or wants to) spend time trawling through forums.. not me obviously - that's all I do!
  2. Last time I was at Oulton (June) I was asked to tether my GoPro which was suction-cup mounted in the windscreen (GT-R, not Exige) - it's no biggy - take a boot lace or something. They didn't check my handy work, but ultimately there's no point in taking short cuts as it's for your own safety that these precautions are put in place, and it takes no time to implement.
  3. Thanks for confirming Eddie. That's my birthday so I'll be along for a piece of cake (or maybe a bacon butty with a candle on top..)
  4. Any dates for the September meet at Hilltop? (apologies if I've missed a clue somewhere along the way!)

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    Great aren't they?! First thing my 6 yo asked me as I climbed out of my Exige: "Daddy, will you keep that car forever so I can have it as my first car?"! He's car mad. After watching many episodes of Top Gear on Youtube, and no-doubt paying a lot of attention to what James May was saying he also asked me what a cock is......
  6. Yes - I don't have a problem with that, or necessarily with the huge screen in the Tesla (as long as it stays in the Tesla!). I believe any controls in a car require some form of haptic feedback as an indicator as to whether one's blind prodding has been met with a desired result. Not sure whether haptic feedback features on the Tesla screen (don't remember it) but this is probably the reasoning behind the drive towards "physical" rotaries for input (for example). What I was trying to convey (no doubt unsuccessfully) is that I don't want precious development monies for (my) future Lotus('s
  7. This. (not sure on 6.) With the addition of a "range to empty" readout on the IP. And PLEASE NO! to the LCD screen idea. They have their place, but imbue a sense of non-emotional gadget-like pure functionality to the interior of cars when they become the all-dominating feature like a 60" TV in a box-room. I couldn't stand more than 5 minutes in a Tesla S - the interior was too clinical. Felt like high class public transport, not a driving tool. In my view cars (and brands like Lotus in particular) should maintain a sense of connection with their mechanical nature. I guess big touch-scr
  8. Oh, I see. Thanks. That 30 minutes I spent clicking everything I could aim my mouse at on the MSV site was now clearly a futile exercise.
  9. The stance looks fantastic Imran. Nitrons? How does it ride in comparison to the stock Eibach/Bilstein set-up? I can feel the grip on my wallet relaxing...again..
  10. How do you view attendees at MSV trackdays? Some other organisers seem to allow this, but I've never found a way with MSV. Am I missing something?

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    Many congratulations! Got a couple of those too. One has the same name, but as I emanate form Gods county I could justify it! Actually I thought Yorkshire owned the copyright on the name "Stanley"? Enjoy every second (even the ones that in the heat of battle don't seem that enjoyable) 'cos all those old women were right: They really do grow up so quickly...
  12. Thanks Steve. I'm pretty sure the noise I can hear emanates from the suspension. If I hit a large bump/pot hole it sounds as though there are no bump-stops fitted and the wishbone is simply crashing into the chassis rail! It's LOUD. This is fairly infrequent (unless driving in the Dales!), but the smaller pattering noises and clonks are omnipresent as soon as the surface becomes anything less than circuit smooth. There are a few quick and easy checks that I'll conduct just to make sure everything's torqued-up nicely, and then it'll be off to Silverstone next month. I'm beginning to
  13. Hi Neal, I spent ages reading this thread from our friends site across the pond: (not sure if pasting that is "legal" on here or not? - mod's please remove and slap my pandies if not) I think similar noises to that which you describe are discussed/solved somewhere within, but get yourself a drink and a snack and settle in for a few hours!..
  14. Thanks TC. It's great to know it could (and should) be silent I haven't had a chance to check anything yet - that will hopefully commence tomorrow. I do have it booked in to Silverstone but a few cursory checks with a torque wrench can't go amiss in the meantime..
  15. I remember my Elise S1 had noisy front suspension: Pattering, and clonks, and the odd loud bang on severe bumps/pot holes. Did it from new. Having just returned from driving some wonderful roads in the Yorkshire Dales, and Peak District over the weekend it would appear my Exige is no different in this regard. Admittedly a group B rally car would have been more suitable for some of the roads given the blind dips/crests and general condition of the surface but the Exige proved to be an intoxicating, spellbindingly involving and rapid partner. It's exactly what I've been searching for and I c
  16. Repeat to ones-self: "I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous..." Oh sod it. Alright. I'm jealous!
  17. I love that avatar Simon - friends of yours? Fortunately it doesn't take long to re-learn the entry/exit technique (the car) . It is a step up from the S1 in performance terms, but the DNA running through it is unmistakeable and it has rekindled many happy memories from back in the day. Off to do Buttertubs at the weekend after a journey up through the Peaks, so will more than double my total mileage in it so far. Can't wait! (Just realised where you are, and that you probably have no idea what I'm going on about - I'm off to some good driving roads up North). http://www.driving
  18. Good point. We're having a dirty weekend together (if the forecast is anything to go by) By Monday she'll be a filthy, drained little minx
  19. I suspect you're entirely correct about driving it Barry, it's addictive - the novelty bit was referring to the obsessive detailing that I'm lavishing on it at every opportunity. The problem now is that it's almost too perfect to drive (especially in Yorkshire rain!)
  20. It would appear all dates are conspiring against me/my calendar this year! Unfortunately the 17th is the day of my son's 7th birthday, so I'll probably be spending the day setting an X-Box up or something. Shame as I would love to do this..
  21. Hopefully this will work...(more to follow when I find a faster hosting site)... Picture taken upon arriving at our weekend base from having just picked the car up, so it's not as clean as it could be! I was a little surprised by some low-speed (small roundabouts) under-steer at first, though this seemed to subside a little with some heat in the tyres. I checked the pressures last night and probably found the root cause! - 32psi in the front (all good there then), and......29.5psi in both rears! I haven't had chance to drive the car since the addition of another 8.5psi in the rea
  22. Apologies for the delay with pictures - I've only just returned home having collected the car on Friday as I made a weekend of it on the South coast, so I'll keep this short, and will endeavour to elaborate (with some pictures) shortly.. In summary: What a fantastic car! The first few miles took a little re-adjustment to my helmsmanship after having just returned from muscling the family Discover around the Alps, but once into it's flow on one of my favourite B-roads the brilliance of the dynamics, and the depth of character have left me yearning the next hit.. The journey back from Wo
  23. Hi Eddie, I'd love to join you at Hilltop Farm for these meets as I'm in the locale. Unfortunatley I'll be down on the South coast this coming weekend (Worthing), and up in Yorkshire next weekend (so will miss the Brand's festival!). As a result it looks like September will be my soonest opportunity (so long as the meet is after the 7th, as I'll be in Spain until then..). Seeing that written down, and factoring 2 young son's into the equation - it's no wonder I'm going grey/bald in equal measures! Look forward to meeting fellow Warwickshire Lotus enthusiasts soon.
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