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  1. Thanks guys. Jonny - your various Youtube uploads were partially instrumental in my decision to take the plunge, though I realise of course that the CUP is a different animal.
  2. Hello all. I last owned a Lotus in 1998/1999, having purchased a new S1 Elise in deep purple from King's Lotus in Warwick. I did over 40k miles in that car in under 2 years, and I loved it. My only gripe was the complete lack of any "play zone" between grip and spin - I spent a lot of time going backwards, but then I suspect ambition/bravery(stupidity) has always been slightly ahead of talent when it comes to my driving exploits! Since the Elise and I parted company I've been through quite a few "drivers cars" (and quite a few family hacks and sheds!) including (in no particular or
  3. Me too, but I've only owned one previous Porsche, so obviously my money isn't good enough. I pick my Exige V6 up on Friday...
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