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  1. 5 hours ago, Ray32 said:

    Hi guys, Ray here (from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)! I collected my Matt Black Exige CR (MT) from Lotus Cars Malaysia last month and have been enjoying it ever since. I have learnt a great deal about the car from here (before and after purchase) and I would like to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge & experiences.

    The Exige has been an awesome daily driver (surprisingly practical!) and I have done a couple of minor mods so far (black lug nuts, soft top conversion, black oil filler cap surround, HID). Looking to install the 2bular backbox after seeing a few videos of Chris's yellow Exige.


    Pardon the low-res photo - will try to share a few nicer ones when I get around to it!


    Welcome Ray!

    Your real name wouldn't happen to be Bruce Wayne would it?

  2. 1 hour ago, T3Jn said:

    Re lowering - mine was lowered at the front by 25mm and rear by 10mm IIRC when put on the Nitrons. Gives it a more aggressive look if nothing else :)

    You can see it parked next to a car on standard setup here (mine is on the right):


    Some fantastic pictures in that album!

    Completely agree regarding the ride height - the stance looks spot-on.

  3. 26 minutes ago, Randy said:


    I've not seen your enquirey, would really appreciate if you could email directly back to [email protected]  

    Nitron do a superb job of designing and building the dampers and the racing/setup work we do here allows us far more time and opportunity to fine tune valving and setup's.  A great combination!

    Hi Chris - I made an enquiry via the Hoffmans web-site function. Must be a hitch somewhere...

    I'll contact you directly.

  4. Thanks Imran, I had read that on the other thread. And a big thanks for the PM's on the same subject. Without wanting to hijack this thread: I've chatted at length with Nitron sales but it seems with Pat leaving some of the V6 knowledge/history has done likewise.

    I've emailed Hoffmans with a general enquiry in the hope that ultimately Pat will be able to get involved but as yet I've had no response. I'll pick up the phone tomorrow...

    One thing I've been unable to ascertain is how the road manners of your car have suffered, if at all.

    I must admit, for the avoidance of any trial and error, I am erring towards the 2-ways from Lotus despite the hike in cost.

  5. 9 minutes ago, NW76 said:

    Hi Nathan,

    this concerns me ... I am getting my 2015 Exige V6 CR ready for the track in March but so far I thought the break fluid is not an issue ... did anybody else have the same issue with the standard fluid?

    Is this a common issue? Nothing I had to worry about so far with the M-Cars I have tracked ... at least not during the 15-30 min stints I usually do ...

    Nathan, how long was your stint?




    Hi Norbert - Not sure if it's a common occurrence or not but a quick trawl turned another instance up...

    For the removal of any doubt, it's a relatively inexpensive insurance policy to just get some SRF in the system before you head out on track.

  6. Good news indeed.

    I've been considering a damper upgrade for some time now but cannot decide which one, and who to entrust with the geo'.

    Nitron? Ohlins? JRZ?

    I'm painfully aware that a cars suspension system is one of the most compromised attributes, but I don't want to completely destroy the on-road manners (although I suspect the rear-end could benefit from some additional rebound damping on the road anyhow) for the benefit of better track performance. It's really difficult to get non-biased opinions, as most have generally had to shell-out a considerable amount of money on their chosen setup, and are therefore unlikely to point out any shortfalls.

    Keep us posted on what you decide to do (I'll do likewise if I ever get off the pot!)..


  7. On 26/02/2016 at 08:39, Andrew C said:

    No you may die if you remove the roof. 


    I removed the roof last year (only once mind) and I'm fairly sure I died.

    There's probably a line in the manual somewhere that says "Caution! - may contain nuts." such is the fear generated by the litigious society which we have created.

    For what it's worth I too have taken my son out in the Exige in both a forward facing seat (Recaro Monza), and more recently on a booster seat (£10 Argos special). The problem is, I can't tell you whether either option is safe as I somehow managed to avoid crashing into anything.

    Despite being dead.

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  8. Definitely sounds like boiled fluid Nathan. This would have produced gas - which is readily compressible - hence the pedal.

    I've run SRF on track in my M3 CSL, Carrera, and GT-R (which produced a ridiculous amount of heat!) without issues - it's very good fluid indeed, and will be going in my Exige once all of the salt has vanished from the roads, and it can safely venture out of hibernation..

    Really looking forward to getting the Exige on track, despite the "upgrades" (compromises) that will inevitably creep in as a result.

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  9. Uneven pad transfer is usually quite visually obvious - the surface of the disc does not have a uniform appearance - it appears blotchy. I recently had a bad case of this on my GT-R, again having fitted Pagids (RS29's) after DS2500's, with insufficient time to bed them in properly before a track day (so I didn't get chance to remove all of the old compound off the disc surface before adding new compound) . In order to remove the uneven deposits I had to drive at normal road speeds and brake sympathetically without getting the pads too hot, effectively keeping them abrasive and below the bedding-in temperature (bedding-in involves transferring a thin, and normally even layer of brake pad material onto the disc, and this happens at high temp's). RS29's being reasonably aggressive, this did the trick, but it took a couple of hundred miles of being rather restrained. I'll attempt to attach a picture in which you can just about make-out the uneven appearance of the disc face..

    I too was convinced I'd warped the front discs, but after a few hundred restrained miles, all was well and I could then start the bedding-in process properly.


  10. I've been following this quietly for a while, and can see no reason whatsoever for being unable to fit the forged wheels while maintaining your current geo-settings (assuming they're available). Therefore enabling you to swap wheel/tyres as the whim and/or application takes you. The only thing you'll be doing is changing the sidewall's angle of incidence to the ground (on both sides of the tyre's section) due to the bigger stretch associated with 12mm wider rims. The contact patch will remain the same to all intents and purposes. This assumes it's still possible to fit the regular cast wheels to the Sport 350 without spacers (i.e the mounting face on the hubs is in an identical Y position when comparing Sport 350 to previous V6's).

    If you take "normal" cars as an example, they usually have a range of wheel and tyre size options. The range can be significant: From 17x7 (225/65/R17) to 21x8 (245/45/R21) in the example I have in mind, and the resultant dimensional differences are equally broad (Obviously ~25mm in rim width, 12mm in offset, and ~20mm in overall tyre sidewall width). All of this range is accommodated with one geo' setting. Of course I recognise that Lotus' are not normal.

    Besides, if for any reason you don't get on with the forged wheels, I'll begrudgingly take them off you and struggle round on them for while..

  11. To the best of my knowledge my car's ECU software was not updated while it was in for a service in September, but I'll phone the dealer and find out what's what..

    I hadn't realised that Lotus check for "over-rev's" either, but any that I may have inflicted have been directly related to the inconsistencies , and sometimes baulky nature of the gear-shift towards the upper reaches of the rev-range. Not my lack of hand/foot coordination, or my ham fists.


    It was the same with my Porsche.:whistle:


  12. Any idea when this latest software went live at the dealers? I Had my car serviced in September, so it looks like I Just missed out, but if the results are as noticeable as they sound it's worth booking it in just for the ECU software update...

  13. 6 hours ago, Bibs said:

    My post above said that Sport mode is just the autoblip, that's all the button does. Don't like it,  don't press it. 

    I'd imagine the suspension settings will have their own PASM button etc. 

    Ok. Cool.

    Want now restored.

  14. Completely agree with Jonny on this. I wanted a GT4 really quite badly, but having spent years rev-matching for myself, I hate auto-blip with a vengeance, and if this function cannot be de-activated in Sport mode it would cross the GT4 off my shopping list. Learning to heel and toe should be a fundamental part of driving a manual car, and not being able to do it would be a serious loss of fun and ultimate control. It's almost as bad as having a bloody PDK!

  15. On 12/11/2015, 21:09:16, Rancid said:

    Had a quote from a dealer that included clutch/brake fluid change, so yes every 2 years.

    Price was £480.

    That's exactly what I paid earlier this month for my yr2 service with brake/clutch fluid change.


  16. There are 3 days of the year that I absolutely must keep free. Unfortunately this event falls on one of them! Otherwise, I would have been there like a shot. Really keen to hear feedback, and glean some nuggets of wisdom from the informed.


    On the subject of marketing, I would have thought a targeted email from the factory to Exige owners would have been a good starting point. Not everyone can (or wants to) spend time trawling through forums..  not me obviously - that's all I do!

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