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  1. On 5 September 2015 4:43:02 am, CTRMint said:

    Track day insurance, any Lotus specific recommendations?

    Sorry another question, I know from my rally co-driving days, MSA scrutineers hate in car cameras mounted with suction cups.   Is that the same for UK track days?  Or will a GoPro suction cup mount be acceptable?

     Last time I was at Oulton (June) I was asked to tether my GoPro which was suction-cup mounted in the windscreen (GT-R, not Exige) - it's no biggy - take a boot lace or something. They didn't check my handy work, but ultimately there's no point in taking short cuts as it's for your own safety that these precautions are put in place, and it takes no time to implement.

  2. Great aren't they?!


    First thing my 6 yo asked me as I climbed out of my Exige: "Daddy, will you keep that car forever so I can have it as my first car?"!


    He's car mad. After watching many episodes of Top Gear on Youtube, and no-doubt paying a lot of attention to what James May was saying he also asked me what a cock is...... :secret:

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  3. To be clear I'm not suggesting the big centre screen! Just replacing the gauges like the AIM upgrade Jack has done, or that in the 311.




    Yes - I don't have a problem with that, or necessarily with the huge screen in the Tesla (as long as it stays in the Tesla!). I believe any controls in a car require some form of haptic feedback as an indicator as to whether one's blind prodding has been met with a desired result. Not sure whether haptic feedback features on the Tesla screen (don't remember it) but this is probably the reasoning behind the drive towards "physical" rotaries for input (for example).


    What I was trying to convey (no doubt unsuccessfully) is that I don't want precious development monies for (my) future Lotus('s) to be spent on IP hardware and software, when there are far more intrinsic brand qualities that would be more deserving of the investment. I've just come from an R35 GT-R and in my entire tenureship I probably spent all of 30 seconds looking at/configuring the LCD display. Once it was apparent that there was sufficient temperature in the engine/gearbox to let rip, that was all the information I needed/cared about - everything else was gimmickry.

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  4. For me things i'd like to see in next Exige would be:-


    1. Sort out the issues with gearbox/clutch/linkage

    2. Larger fuel tank(for standard road cars at least)

    3. Forged wheel option(should be standard on Cup/ CR cars)

    4. Carbon parts instead of cheap black plastic, especially considering the price bracket it falls into now.

    5. Decent Lights

    6. Ditch Pirelli in favour of Michelin pilot sport cup tyres or similar

    7. Baffled sump as standard

    8. Limited slip diff (as option at least)

    9. Intigrated cup holder for pasenger side (could be built into blanking plate for lights/traction panel) 

    10. Proper switch gear and stalks.

    11.....chepaer would be nice ;)


    I love the car as it is just now and to be honest if they sorted No.1 on my list the rest are just nice to haves really but seems like there are a common few that everyone would like to see changed which hopefully they have/will have taken into consideration.

    :up: This. (not sure on 6.)


    With the addition of a "range to empty" readout on the IP.


    And PLEASE NO! to the LCD screen idea. They have their place, but imbue a sense of non-emotional gadget-like pure functionality to the interior of cars when they become the all-dominating feature like a 60" TV in a box-room. I couldn't stand more than 5 minutes in a Tesla S - the interior was too clinical. Felt like high class public transport, not a driving tool. In my view cars (and brands like Lotus in particular) should maintain a sense of connection with their mechanical nature. I guess big touch-screens do make more sense in a Tesla, but the execution is not for me.


    Besides, I just want to be able to get in the car and drive, without spending 15 minutes checking my emails, configuring the air-con, and twittering about something I've seen on FaceTube, or YouBook.

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  5. Many congratulations!


    Got a couple of those too. One has the same name, but as I emanate form Gods county I could justify it! Actually I thought Yorkshire owned the copyright on the name "Stanley"? Enjoy every second (even the ones that in the heat of battle don't seem that enjoyable) 'cos all those old women were right: They really do grow up so quickly...

  6. I had a very loud noise coming from the front of the car, sounded like creaking/banging. After weeks of diagnosis, turns out it was a clamp on a heating hose banging against the aluminium frame.

    Thanks Steve.


    I'm pretty sure the noise I can hear emanates from the suspension. If I hit a large bump/pot hole it sounds as though there are no bump-stops fitted and the wishbone is simply crashing into the chassis rail! It's LOUD. This is fairly infrequent (unless driving in the Dales!), but the smaller pattering noises and clonks are omnipresent as soon as the surface becomes anything less than circuit smooth.


    There are a few quick and easy checks that I'll conduct just to make sure everything's torqued-up nicely, and then it'll be off to Silverstone next month.


    I'm beginning to wonder now whether my Elise was "normal" or whether I've just been incredibly unlucky. Twice. 


    It's great to know that I can aim for silent suspension though, and it's not just a common trait.

  7. No clonks and bangs from mine, just a very annoying squeak from the front near-side suspension. It only does it though if you drive the car for a long distance. It starts if you have been driving for about three hours. The trouble is once it's started it won't stop unless you leave the car parked up for a few days! It's then completely gone unless you embark on another long drive. Squeaky damper at a guess, but very odd.

    Hi Neal,


    I spent ages reading this thread from our friends site across the pond: (not sure if pasting that is "legal" on here or not? - mod's please remove and slap my pandies if not)


    I think similar noises to that which you describe are discussed/solved somewhere within, but get yourself a drink and a snack and settle in for a few hours!..

  8. I remember my Elise S1 had noisy front suspension: Pattering, and clonks, and the odd loud bang on severe bumps/pot holes. Did it from new.


    Having just returned from driving some wonderful roads in the Yorkshire Dales, and Peak District over the weekend it would appear my Exige is no different in this regard. Admittedly a group B rally car would have been more suitable for some of the roads given the blind dips/crests and general condition of the surface but the Exige proved to be an intoxicating, spellbindingly involving and rapid partner. It's exactly what I've been searching for and I could spout superlatives into the middle of next week.


    I only wish the communication from the front wheels was a solely tactile interaction rather than one which involves a constant audible dialogue too.


    Are my experiences consummate with that of others? Is there a means of muting the clonks and bangs that doesn't involve noise cancelling headphones or turning the stereo up?

  9. I love that avatar Simon - friends of yours? 


    Fortunately it doesn't take long to re-learn the entry/exit technique (the car)  :D . It is a step up from the S1 in performance terms, but the DNA running through it is unmistakeable and it has rekindled many happy memories from back in the day.


    Off to do Buttertubs at the weekend after a journey up through the Peaks, so will more than double my total mileage in it so far. Can't wait!


    (Just realised where you are, and that you probably have no idea what I'm going on about - I'm off to some good driving roads up North).


    Buttertubs is fantastic, if very short, but most of the roads I've chosen en-route aren't too shabby either. Will report back on Monday... 

  10. Hopefully this will work...(more to follow when I find a faster hosting site)...




    Picture taken upon arriving at our weekend base from having just picked the car up, so it's not as clean as it could be! 


    I was a little surprised by some low-speed (small roundabouts) under-steer at first, though this seemed to subside a little with some heat in the tyres. I checked the pressures last night and probably found the root cause! - 32psi in the front (all good there then), and......29.5psi in both rears! I haven't had chance to drive the car since the addition of another 8.5psi in the rears, but I imagine it will be an improvement...


    I've spent more time detailing it than driving it so far (I know, I know - the novelty will subside in a couple of years!) but I'm taking it up to Yorkshire at the weekend. No-doubt in the rain...

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  11. Apologies for the delay with pictures - I've only just returned home having collected the car on Friday as I made a weekend of it on the South coast, so I'll keep this short, and will endeavour to elaborate (with some pictures) shortly..


    In summary: What a fantastic car! The first few miles took a little re-adjustment to my helmsmanship after having just returned from muscling the family Discover around the Alps, but once into it's flow on one of my favourite B-roads the brilliance of the dynamics, and the depth of character have left me yearning the next hit..


    The journey back from Worthing to Warwickshire did however initiate the formation of a snagging list - the contents of which I hope to receive advice on from you guys, so here goes: I find it hard to believe that in the 17 years that have elapsed since I owned my Elise nothing has been done to eradicate the front suspensions clonks over sharp ridges/cats-eyes - I'm assuming this is "normal" still? I also found it difficult to find/engage 2nd gear on downshifts (first to second upshifts were fine, as were all other combo's up and down the 'box). The bonnet flew open on the motorway. And lastly there's a brief "chirp" or squeal from the engine on sharp throttle inputs (for example during heel/toe braking throttle blips), which is no-doubt coming from a slipping belt, but if anyone else has experienced this it would be good to know what to target.


    The fact that the items on the snagging list have all been instantly forgiven speaks volumes for the way in which the Exige V6 drives. It's a sublime drivers tool.



  12. Hi Eddie,


    I'd love to join you at Hilltop Farm for these meets as I'm in the locale. Unfortunatley I'll be down on the South coast this coming weekend (Worthing), and up in Yorkshire next weekend (so will miss the Brand's festival!). As a result it looks like September will be my soonest opportunity (so long as the meet is after the 7th, as I'll be in Spain until then..).


    Seeing that written down, and factoring 2 young son's into the equation - it's no wonder I'm going grey/bald in equal measures!


    Look forward to meeting fellow Warwickshire Lotus enthusiasts soon.

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