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  1. Hello all.


    I last owned a Lotus in 1998/1999, having purchased a new S1 Elise in deep purple from King's Lotus in Warwick. I did over 40k miles in that car in under 2 years, and I loved it.


    My only gripe was the complete lack of any "play zone" between grip and spin - I spent a lot of time going backwards, but then I suspect ambition/bravery(stupidity) has always been slightly ahead of talent when it comes to my driving exploits!


    Since the Elise and I parted company I've been through quite a few "drivers cars" (and quite a few family hacks and sheds!) including (in no particular order): Subaru Impreza P1, BMW M3 CSL, Porsche 997 C2S, Nissan R35 GT-R, and a Z-Cars R1 mini.


    Tomorrow I will collect my Exige V6 in MSG, and I've not even driven one. Being 16 years more advanced in years than I was during my initial flirtation with the brand I'm not even sure I'll still be able to insert myself into the relatively familiar cabin without the help of an assistant and having a chiropractor on standby!


    I'm quite excited...tempered ever so slightly by a modicum of trepidation.


    This time around my Lotus will be purely reserved for high-days, holidays, and track-days and will be a pampered garage queen.


    I look forward to many happy musings with you all over the coming months and (hopefully) years..



  2. All I can say is that I put in for one, made a lot of noise but never got offered one and have not been called back with this possible new release of cars.


    It seems unless you are a favoured or existing GT customer you are out of luck. We've bought Porsches before, I am a fan. But as a result of this elitist nonsense, regardless of weather this is true or not, it certainly is the perception.


    We are out of the Porsche game because of this and are about to pull a Macan order we have been waiting on for months. When we ordered we were told we were second on the list, now we are about 8th it seems, probably because we've never bought a GT3 before or sold a young car out of the Porsche network.


    Roll on the Lotus SUV :)


    Me too, but I've only owned one previous Porsche, so obviously my money isn't good enough.


    I pick my Exige V6 up on Friday...

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