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  1. After our extended bank holiday, the master cylinder has been dismantled. The bore (22mm) has surface rust but does not appear to be pitted. Fortunately, using the old ones as samples, new seals have been found for the two pistons - but not for the joint(s) to the brake fluid reservoir. The latter are probably not critical. Dan, if you could send me a pm with the price that you would like for your caliper kits, I am keen to have them, hoping that the calipers are okay.
  2. Thank you both. Again, now I know what I am looking for I will check locally, but otherwise definitely revert to Dan for those seals. I am sure we can 'make a plan' as they say out here. The Eclat has been dry-stored, so I hope that corrosion is limited. Saabs are very rare here - same as Lotus! The country is over-run with Japanese second-hand grey imports. I do hope that I might make another trip to England in late October (for a 50 year school reunion!!) not having visited the UK for over 20 years previously before May. I will be coming armed with a long list for the Eclat and my Elan +2............! But of course I would love to have the Eclat on the road before then if possible.
  3. Hi Duncan, I obviously appealed to the right person! You have been very helpful! The leak is between the master cylinder and the servo, so I presume the main seal is gone. My long-suffering mechanic will take the unit off next week (it is an extra long weekend so we are only back at work on Wednesday) and we will inspect the bore and measure the diameter. I have taken note of the numbers cast into the m/c body and they are:- 746603474 C6 if that helps. I will cast around locally for loose seals once I have the samples and may be lucky, but the choice tends to be somewhat limited. Yes, we do have a bit of a problem purchasing spares, etc, from here and the postal service can be unreliable but I have had some success. If all else fails, it would be really great if you could assist. I will report back. Meanwhile I also seem to need seals for the front calipers as they are sticking (not retracting properly despite trying to ease them). They are 3 pot calipers I have not researched what the calipers are from or whether seals are available. The rear drum 'wheel' cylinders have been replaced with new ones I obtained when on a visit to England in May. From the brake woes, you will gather that the car has been standing for some years and suffered lack of use. The same applies to the headlamp vacuum system - which topic I posted on separately. Your help is very much appreciated.
  4. The re-commissioning of my Eclat S1 523 has taken a backward step with brake fluid pouring out of the (Girling) master cylinder just prior to the first test drive. Obviously a new kit is required and a scan of eBay indicates that kits for 1974-77 cars are readily available, but no mention is made of the later Eclat. Can any owner advise what the differences are in the m/c for the early and later cars and where a kit may be obtained for the latter. I have read on the Forum that a Land Rover 110 master cylinder may be substituted for the original but it is not clear whether a LHD of RHD master cylinder is required. Any advise would be much appreciated. I am sure the Eclat guru (Duncan) must have the answers....!
  5. Many thanks Mike. Yes we are a bit 'out of the way'.......... I only know of 4 Lotuses in Zimb, the Eclat and my 1973 Elan +2S 130/5, plus 2 x Esprits in Harare. I also own a Mazda/Miata MX5 (whose bits I do not intend to rob....!) and have read in detail the conversion using this vehicle's electric lifters. I hope to be in the UK in October and will probably try and get a pair of motors. Meanwhile I have a lead for the 3-way connectors (from an hydraulic parts company) and will try and resuscitate the vacuum system first. The Eclat was imported well over twenty years ago from England together with a Series 1 E Type and Lotus Cortina Mk1 (sadly long gone).
  6. I am in the process of re-commissioning a 1978 Eclat which has been unused and neglected for many years. Not surprisingly it suffers from the 'erect headlamp syndrome'. Initial examination of the complicated vacuum system indicates an obvious fault - broken and deteriorated 3-way rubber connectors joining the 8 mm vacuum pipes. I had a similar problem on my Elan +2 and managed to obtain locally a much superior 3-way connector with (I think) 'O' ring seals in the outlets. Unfortunately the supplier has since closed. Can anyone tell me where these improved connectors might be obtained.
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