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  1. I have a nearly new set of PF08 front pads if anyone is interested. I had them fitted to my road car for a few hundred miles but I removed them due to the squeal. There is loads of meat still left on them and they would be ideal for track day use or for anyone looking for a cheap set of high performance road pads. Drop me a PM if you are interested. Glen.
  2. HI Kieran, I will be listing my 2010 (60 Plate) 2+2 Persian Blue NA Evora for sale next month if your interested. The car has all 3 pack (Sport/Premium & Tech) as well as Oyster leather, reversing camera and the much sort after CR gearbox. The car has only covered 33,860 miles and has a full Lotus Service History from new (last service was February this year). It is an ex lotus management car (I am the 3rd owner) and it was supplier to me and the previous owner by Lotus Silverstone. I will be using the car at the end of the month to attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed after which I will be putting it up fore sale probably around the £31,500 mark which is well within your budget. If you want to drop me a PM I can give you a more detailed description and history of the car. Cheers, Glen.
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  4. Hi Jay, I am currently going through a similar thought process myself and currently leaning towards the Lotus Sports box + decat pipe, although I haven't ruled out the 2Bular valved system yet. I live quite close to you (Morpeth in Northumberland) so I would be very interested to hearing your setup when its fitted.
  5. Cheers I'm pretty pleased with colour combo but after seeing the quality of your steering wheel re-cover I'm thinking of having mine done with cream stitching and maybe a blue strip to finish off the interior. Also have a aluminium SR gear knob on backorder to replace the standard egg! Your wheel looks awesome, who did you use?
  6. Thanks for the swift response C8RKH. Yes kicking myself now as I could have had cover for up to 3 track days included for an extra £300, but I went for a cheaper policy in the end as I thought that sounded expensive at the time I think I will go with Moris as other insurers are coming back at closer to £200!
  7. Resurrecting this thread as I have my first track day in the Evora at Croft in a couple of weeks, so I'm looking for some insurance as my current road policy doesn't cover me. C8RKH did you manage to source a cheap quote for your track day? Best quote I've had so far in £151 from Moris. Some companies have been unable to provide cover as the car is valued over £25K. Any recommendations appreciated.
  8. If you mean the plastic ventilation panel around the rear hatch then yes. I had mine machine polished by my local detailer along with my plastic A-Pillar covers at the same time as the bodywork and they came up like new! Here are some before and after pictures:
  9. Surely the wrap alone is worth another 10 BHP, or 15 BHP if you add the SR gear knob too!
  10. I'm pretty sure that was the VAT inclusive price Dave. No idea what material they use unfortunately as I didn't taker it any further than asking for a price, but I know the company they use have wrapped quite a few Evora's so it might be worth a quick call to ask.
  11. LotusSilverstone quoted me £300 to wrap my car and I think that might have been cost price to them, so I would say £320 sounds reasonable.
  12. Thanks. I was originally thinking of adding a Sports Racer style wrap to it, but after viewing the car in the flesh I decided to keep it stock (well for a while anyway). The Oyster interior definitely creates a sense of occasion when you open the door and it seems to compliment the blue exterior. Typically you wait ages for a specific colour and two come along - I see there is now another Persian Blue Evora for sale on PistonHeads although that car has the black interior, but its definitely a stand out colour IMHO.
  13. This is the only pic I have which my brother took during the handover!
  14. HI Mike, Yes the car came home with me at the weekend! After a second test drive on Saturday I was completely satisfied with the operation of the clutch and the gear change which was as it should be through all the gears. LotusSilverstone went to over and above to prepare the car to an extremely high standard and IMHO they deserve their reputation as one of the best Lotus dealers in the country. The car performed faultlessly on the journey home with everything working as it should and I'm extremely happy with it to say the least. Thanks all for the advice and support over the last week, these cars really are something else!
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