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  1. I have ordered a new rover chmsl rover part, made the 2 holes in it and replaced the faulty one. Now I have the old one that I ll try to mod. I think that open it will be difficult… regards
  2. Do you have a picture of the led installed on and off to see it in real world ?
  3. Ok so maybe a white transparent paper on it should do the trick, do you need a transformer for the cob or do you just wire it directly on the wire from the oem power cable?
  4. Very clever! I will also try it myself, but I don’t have a 3D printer, could you share your 3D model I think that I can print by someone. for the cob light, does it exists one that is white when off and red when on? regards
  5. Hello Some of my led are also down, I m interested of your mod, could you give me more details on the parts you used and the way to make the mod? i have installed transforged rear light so a continuous break led light would complement it well best regards
  6. Hello i m searching for the 2 a pillar exterior panel for my Evora as they are broken, where I can get them as it s about 6month that they are on back order at lotus? regards
  7. Dunno but in the first month of 2016 I had a crash of the rear of my s1 evora and my garage ordered the last rear bumper in stock at lotus, I don t know if they now have new one in stock... Maybe not as the 400 has a different bumper and lotus may not stock parts of obsolete products...
  8. Yes that s exactly this, when you get the correct size I ll take one! thanx for the work
  9. Yes like this but with the same color as your picture so that it blend with the color of the sunvisor
  10. You sticker look s perfect, I would be interested in one but for the evora na ( not with the "s") ! also could you write evora using the same police of the evora logo?
  11. Yeah technically it shouldn't t be a problem but I just pointed that it s not an easy job to do and lot s of reengineering as to be done. They also work on suv project and new Elise project so 3 projects to do in parallel and they are not a lot of people at lotus so this all take time! hope that now Russell Carr is back he will redesign the Evora as it was originally, I think that the bahar redesign lost that fluid and elegant lotus design touch.
  12. I saw somewhere that the naked chassis rigidity is about 11000 Nm/degree and with all the structural panel it go up to 17000Nm/degree not a 1% difference!
  13. Don t think that s so easy to remove the roof as the side panels are also structural for the car and if you want to cut them on the top to have a real targa you will loose structural rigidity, so they must reengineer the sides panel/roof/rear clamshell/windshield, that s a lot of parts and structural parts so they must also do crash test and all the needed testing.... One thing they can offer quickly is a glass roof or roof that open like the lotus esprit...
  14. Hi thank you for the write up! I asked a question on it regards
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