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    1976 S1 Lotus Elite, 1977 Lotus Eclat
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    Galv chassis - not sure what else yet but will be sorting out headlight motors
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  1. oilmagnet477

    September meet

    Bit late responding but I'll be along to celebrate the sale of the Éclat (Cash is in the bank) - I might even buy a round!
  2. oilmagnet477

    1977 Lotus Eclat 521 project for sale

    Finally had over 4500 page views and 250 watchers. Final sale price of £2250 - I hope they turn up! A little stunned if I'm honest - but in a good way!
  3. Dan, agreed and neither do I but I figure it is still useful to be able to see wft is going on!
  4. Having only reassembled the drivers side of my rear suspension, this is a great help Mark - thanks. I have cut an access hole in the centre rear seat panel to give access for adjustment later on though Cheers Ant
  5. oilmagnet477

    1977 Lotus Eclat 521 project for sale As previously mentioned on the original 'project thread', Éclat is now for sale. Listed on Sunday - over 2000 page views and 140 watchers - seems interest in these cars is hotting up. Cheers Ant
  6. oilmagnet477

    Retirement activities

    Not sure if the timelines will coincide but if, when I retire, my kids have homes/families of their own, I fully intend to spend as much time at their houses as possible and I will make sure that I: 1. never turn a light off when leaving the room 2. Will not flush the loo ever and make sure I use all available loo roll so that the next person in has none 3. Leave my used coffee cups and crockery wherever it is when I finish what I'm eating or drinking 4. Leave my shoes in the middle of the floor and make sure they tread mud into carpets 5. Leave my jumpers/coats etc laying where I take them off. That should keep me happy for at least 10 years!!
  7. Hi Mark, Welcome to my world!!! I got so p155ed off after the driver's side, I've taken a good time off to regroup! To be fair, my main problem was bushes with the centre diameter too small for the hub carrier bolt to fit through. Once I got that sorted after a fair bit of tooing and froing with SJs, I found that it all slotted back together OK. I did however give the bolts and the hub carrier hole a really good clean on the bench and made sure that the bolt/stud went through fairly easily - I'm sure that helped. I found (after a few tries) that removing the bolts from the brake drum, so that the half shaft was free and fitting the shock absorber bottom bolt first, helped to give me more wiggle room when getting the HC bolt in place - I didn't then need to give it too much welly. Hope that helps and good luck Ant
  8. oilmagnet477

    1979 Yellow Lotus Eclat: My project thread

    great stuff Dave - especially in this heat - I've been trying to work in excess of 30 degrees and it has me all but bu99ered! If this keeps up, I'm moving to Iceland! Good luck with your continued endeavours
  9. oilmagnet477

    Latest 'Project' arrives home

    Looks like you'll be a bit younger than me then , driving ten years prior! Really loving the cost of over 50's insurance though
  10. oilmagnet477

    Two way radio

    Are CB Radios still a 'thing'? Used to have one years ago but had crap range out in the sticks - about 3 miles was the limit but in transit as a convoy it might be just the job on a specified channel?
  11. oilmagnet477

    Latest 'Project' arrives home

    I'm guessing that it was in the days before young drivers had to pay ££££££££££££££££££ for insurance? I know I wouldn't have been able to afford my first car (a 1500 Spitfire, swiftly followed by a 2600 SDI and a 2000 GT6) - doubt I ever had to pay more than £400-500 per annum for insurance. There HAS to be a better way of allowing youngsters to have the fun we did back in the day..........I guess that's a whole different thread lol
  12. oilmagnet477

    501 elite on ebay

    Still reckon it is well priced - looks lovely
  13. oilmagnet477

    Latest 'Project' arrives home

    Michael, you are not wrong but I need to focus on my Elite and recognise reality for once! An Éclat. however cool, doesn't make for a sensible first car, all be it that by the time we've finished it Tom will be in his 30's and I may well be in a care home lol
  14. oilmagnet477

    Elite wheels replacement

    Gareth @theelanman, check out @charlie croker Panther thread (ex). He put on some really lovely rims which are very much in keeping with the period
  15. oilmagnet477

    Latest 'Project' arrives home

    Hi @Stuart Monument, yes, the Elite saga continues but slowly (I hate the heat!) and will remain but I just have to accept the reality that although keen, Tom simply doesn't yet have the confidence to progress without me doing the lion's share so we may have to revisit a project at a point in the future. See you Thursday all being well