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    1976 S1 Lotus Elite, 1977 Lotus Eclat
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  1. BiH November 20th

    Sorry for the delayed response - will be along to eat. See you later
  2. What made you happy today?

    PMSL! Anonymity assured? John mate, Donald has a job for you in the FBI - top rates assured! Never mind the privacy of the car - what about the reflection of the 2 lasses in the window!!
  3. TLF Film Appreciation Society

    If you want to pysl then you have to watch 'What we do in the shadows' Mad but hilarious - Horror's version of Spinal Tap
  4. Magnecor KV85 - worth it? Scott - hope that helps. I absolutely love your car - @charlie croker has done a stunning job there - I'm guessing he must be feeling pretty gutted at having to part with the Panther - I know I would be. Really hope you enjoy her. If you're ever coming towards Hethel, let us know as there are a lot of Elite/Éclat owners within 1/2-3/4 hour. Cheers Ant
  5. What made you UNHAPPY today!

    So what are you going to do with half an Evora? Do you get it at weekends and Bank Holidays and take it to the zoo and McDonalds?
  6. TV players want you to sign in with a email!

    I still love cine film
  7. Gear box oil

    An '82 Elite should have the getrag box which was (thought to be) pretty bullet proof. Unless it is the syncro then do you know when the GB oil was last changed? This may be a better indicator and a change would certainly be your first port of call - at least it will confirm things one way or another - not sure what the recommended oil is for the 2.2 - is it not on the id plate? or a later version of the manual. Sorry - mine is a S1 and my manual is very early. Good luck
  8. PS4

    PS4 has kinda lost it for me. I used to really enjoy the old PS1 and PS2 games where you could get a few lads around and play a 'local' multiplayer racing game or such like - was quite good fun - especially after a few beers and seeing the effect on driving skills lol Nowadays, the large majority of PS4 games exclude any option for local multiplayer and only provide the online gaming options - fine if 1. you have no real mates and 2. if you have decent broadband. Graphical quality has overtaken game play for the average (and maybe old fashioned) game player.
  9. Freeveiw . Is it me

    Actually Clive - it is you. Mine works fine
  10. So the Police turned up!

    On the positive side, surely a van with a police marker on it must be deemed unsellable? At the very least you should get some discount off the £9k by offering to take it off their hands?
  11. 1979 Yellow Lotus Eclat: My project thread

    Dave, As discussed on other threads - I do have an original Lotus Front spring compressor which you'd be welcome to borrow if you are ever this is fking heavy though!
  12. Unequal rear ride height

    Does the weight and position of the engine balance this out when fitted? I remember that my S3 landrover (with the engine removed) was higher on the drivers side to allow for the fact that the majority of the time the car would only have 1 occupant - that was achieved by different springing on the drivers side. With the engine in, the difference was not noticeable.
  13. Two post ramp.

    I like the relative simplicity of Phil's ramp - and the fact that it is not fixed to the floor. A 2 post ramp needs a good foundation and is permanent and also needs power. However, I guess I'm envious of any ramp rather than none!
  14. Two post ramp.

    @PhilW - thanks for the offer - I'd love to come over and have a look sometime (probably with @clivef38 who's just down the road and started this whole thing off!). Will have a chat when next at the BiH but they look great - the lower height one would be perfect for my workshop - maybe I should sell Tom's Éclat and buy one
  15. Police Cuts.

    I totally agree that the cuts in all departments are really starting to have a negative impact on all service delivery but it is us at the bottom who are to blame! (there's a controversial statement lol) But seriously, what alternative do we have? Figures I heard on the radio today suggest that Govt borrowing is expected to be £10bn less than predicted However, we are still spending £48bn MORE than the Govt gets back from taxes etc etc. so national debt just goes UP and UP What we need is a seriously creditable alternative to cuts without the 'manifesto of dreamland' from Corbyn and co. However unpopular PFI has become, it was intended to provide investment without increasing Govt borrowing - good idea in the shot term but look where we are now? The politicians who implemented PFI are long gone, leaving others to clear up the mess. I just wish SOMEONE or a group of SOMEONES would independently put together some agreed strategic LONG TERM plans that were then managed by whichever fuckwit is in Number 10. If we can't afford everything we want then how about stopping wasting so much money on projects like HS2 and Trident replacement - many people support Trident renewal and I get many of the arguments but paying for it has to come from somewhere. If people want to get to Birmingham a bit quicker - fine but let those that use the service pay for it. Never any easy answers but something has to change or all the 'easy cuts' will be made and before we know where we are it will be to late.....