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  1. The argument there is that a Cow has to reproduce in order to generate milk. Ergo, the offspring, if male will go to meat production (on the whole - very few will become breeding Bulls). Heifer calves may well go into breeding but quite often will become meat as well. Their entire argument sucks - they imagine that if no-one ate any animal related products then all these animals would freely roam the natural environment. Apart from the fact that most modern farm animals wouldn't exist if it weren't for the food chain, if left to their own devices they would suffer far worse than they do as farm animals. However unsavoury it is for them to accept, if we all ate nothing but green stuff, we'd still be swinging from trees as our brains wouldn't have evolved sufficiently to live as we do today. My cat and dogs might struggle to voluntarily eat a human on their own. Even a small one............
  2. Blowjobs and Marriage? Just looked up "oxymoron" in the dictionary and there it was............
  3. Mike, I don't know but it would seem daft as the speedo drive would need to be attached to the dash - therefore you'd assume the car would all be assembled? Mind you, who'd have thought that it would be easier to take the body off first when replacing a fuel line Fingers crossed for you!
  4. Weird - just checked my old manual and can't see it either. Check this out (I've now kept a copy - major bit of work!) There's a tab for Elite/Eclat
  5. Just watched the last episode of TGT (episode 14 tribute to Ford Modeo). THANK GOD they are stopping! However crap Allegro Estates were at the time, I absolutely hate the way these guys have destroyed many 'classic cars' over the years. Just because Hammond wants to be 'entertaining' about how upset he was as a kid that his dad came home in a new one, there's really no need to start smashing up 40 year old survivors (looking in good nick). My mum had a roman bronze Allegro Estate when I was a kid and it was actually one of the most reliable cars she had. I also think they were quite a cool design in a quirky kind of way. I know they aren't going to be to everyone's liking and that BL was pretty much a disaster but that isn't the cars' fault. Rant over!
  6. That's no good - it only holds 300lbs! What's wrong with using the paddles you were born with? Watch out for 'Ben Fogle crosses the Channel in a SplashRunner'
  7. Ooooops - no he doesn't , that's in the next clip. Love that maroon Éclat though
  8. All too brief appearance of a gorgeous Roman Bronze Elite in Borg v McEnroe Bodie AKA Lewis Collins has a white Elite in Who dares wins.
  9. Those that can be arsed to vote that is - wouldn't be surprised at an all time low turnout - strange that the Brexit vote was one of the largest turnouts in history. As was said earlier - they just don't get it!
  10. Hi @PhilW Haven't been able to make the last few meets for a variety of reasons but I hope to be along - I assume it is still 7.00pm? Just my 2p worth on the change of evening - of the small regular crowd over the last 18 months or so, I suspect that very few are compromised by any perceived competition from neighbouring groups and it is unfortunate if anyone is. You did consult on this over a period of time prior to the change and the general consensus supported the move if I recall. I agree that a larger pool of regular support, with a little more 'doing stuff' is a better approach - it is a shame that for me personally, a Thursday isn't always going to be convenient but I'll try to continue supporting when I can. Cheers Ant
  11. X5SWT is a Black BMW X5 Think my first punt was spot on!
  12. @march & @Bibs Not sure it will help but I'd place a bet that this is your culprit? X-ray vision is useful sometimes
  13. In my 52 years on this planet, I still maintain that most (and I stress MOST) ideas that are dreamt up, with the aid of technological advancement, are done with the best of intentions but generally feed an ever growing law of un-intended consequences? The most rapid development of automotive and mechanical invention (post industrial revolution) has come about as a result of war - with the net result that more and more people survive what would previously have led to a decrease in the overall population. Net result of this 'progress' is that the gene pool, which would historically have remained under control of natural selection (or survival of the fittest), is diluted to a point where the 'average' is continually lowered. How is it possible for the 'most intelligent life form on the planet' to have developed the capability to reverse evolution whilst failing to prevent the acceleration of our demise?
  14. Hi Clive, is it 3mm each side or total?
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