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  1. I have, possibly and justified(?), the most conflicted view here? Having re-chassised 3 x series 3s (88 and 110) I find myself in a difficult place.... I LOVE the old design BUT Dinosaurs don't rule the world for their inability to adapt. Both of the new cars are amazing in some respects but don't necessarily meet the needs (and never will) of the 'die hards'. However, given the piss poor sales of the final Defender to the 'Die hards', and, in reality, their very limited appeal, you'd have to forgive JLR for moving in the direction of profitability, sales and *POTENTIALLY* improved performance and reliability! whilst I find the concept of a £40k/£45k car a difficult one to swallow, compared to the new Jeep Wrangler - at a similar price - there is NO contest. The Wrangler (IMHO) is bollox by comparison. I hope the new Defender finds a market - I have an unscientific, gut feel that this range will be a grower.......... I have driven the 'old' Defender around the 'off road course' at Solihull and cannot fault it's off road ability but at 6'5", a 'Defender' product that I was comfortable in would be a massive step forward.
  2. Greg, as before, there's little point in arguing with your obvious knowledge of the system and I don't think we will ever agree. However I'm sorry, but I have to have one more go! - there is SO definitely a 'them and us' at play here. Whips aside, how can you not see that we have to put up with a voting system where the absolute majority wins, irrespective of the number of people who vote, versus a Parliamentary system that doesn't follow the same convention. If Labour were going to vote against the Govt, therefore clearly killing off the 2/3rd majority rule (a rule which doesn't apply to the general population when we vote), then why not vote? Abstaining is pointless. Slightly off topic, if it weren't the case that there is a 'them and us' culture, how come Civil Servants who earn over £150k have their pension contributions capped at 7% whereas Doctors, on the same earning basis have to pay 14%. How come a Civil Servant on £150k+ is 'poorer' than a Hospital Doctor (working all hours) on the same money? Don't get me started on MPs pensions!!!!!! It's those with their noses in the trough who look after their own interests.
  3. Sorry, I'd have thought it was obvious! They may both be enshrined in Law, it's just their law is different, or interpreted differently to us. Is an 'abstention' a vote? It isn't in my book, you appear to imply differently. Abstention is a term in election procedure for when a participant in a vote either does not go to vote (on election day) or, in parliamentary procedure, is present during the vote, but does not cast a ballot. so therefore tonight's vote was won by more than 2/3rd of those who voted. That is how public elections in the UK work so for Parliament to insist on a different set of rules means that there is a difference between us and them
  4. A large percentage of the population 'abstain' during most voting opportunities in this United Kingdom. I am however reminded that the BEST turnout in a recent vote was for leaving the EU. Fat lot of fucking good that did!
  5. In a General Election, irrespective of turnout, the majority wins, assuming the winning party wins over 50% of seats (ie a clear majority over everyone else.) So within Parliament, to call a GE (under the Fixed Term Parliament Act) a majority of 2/3rds is required. Pardon me for not understanding how yet again it is one set of rules for us and another complete set of rules for those in Parliament but how is 298 v 56 not a significant amount over 2/3rds of those who bothered to vote? Christ on a bike, we need some MASSIVE reform of our political system in this Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. @Steve V8 I've had a 2000 P38a 4.0lt petrol V8 for 18 months as a backup/weekend runabout. We all absolutely adore it and it consumes people and dogs as well as it does petrol. They have an awful reputation (largely justified) However, they are very cheap! I bought mine, W reg, 109k miles in overall really good nick (I looked at 8 before buying) £1650. They don't seem to corrode badly (on the whole) unlike their predecessor but the engines/gearboxes can cause problems. In my experience, this is usually down to lack of previous owner maintenance (Lotus.....sound familiar). I bargained for this and spent the first month (and £700) of ownership replacing the rad, viscous fan, water pump, hoses, air and pollen filters, engine oil and filter, gearbox TF and filter (irrespective of model - ignore the LR/BMW advice that they are sealed for life - this is what leads to most failures!). Engine liners can slip and the pre-1999/2000 GEMS engine management cars seem to suffer more than the later Thor engined cars. 5 inches of suspension travel makes working underneath easier. I've done 5000 miles in the intervening period and loved it - ok it has no headlining material but the previous owner made a really good job of cleaning the old one off - I choose not to look up!. The A/C doesn't work and I've had to replace the heater matrix O-rings (cheap job but a bastard!). On the plus side, these cars are much simpler than the later, more electronically controlled cars (with more expensive parts). Ignore the naysayers about the air suspension. Parts are cheap and if you do the relatively simple work yourself, replacing a seal on the compressor pump (I did mine for £17) is a piece of piss and even putting new seals in the valve control box isn't scary. New air springs at each corner are circa £65 each and easy to fit. There's a wealth of info out there on youtube and an excellent forum at The later cars are no doubt more refined but no less troublesome if neglected. Avoid the TD6 diesels (gearbox especially) and go for the later (post 2008) TDV8 - great review here - Whatever you choose, it will make you smile - keep it maintained and expect the maintenance costs associated with a £50,000 car and not a £8,000 car which is what you could pay!
  7. WLTP? Is that TLF speak for 'would like to poke?'
  8. If an MP defects, how come that doesn't immediately trigger a bi-election? If my MP moved to another party, I wouldn't vote for them again............
  9. Go @GTK - would love this to top 1m views. 668k and counting (+25k subscribers now!) I've only watched the video about 854 times - come on the rest of you, try harder!
  10. @theelanman ostentatious or not, an estate it ain't!
  11. I don't doubt any of what Greg says as being correct in procedural terms but it doesn't get away from the fact that over the last 3 years a majority of elected MPs have acted un-democratically. They are there to represent the will of the people. However you cut it, 52%, 17.something million and 60% of constituencies voted to LEAVE the EU. There was no question about leaving with a deal or without one. The fact is that MPs DO NOT WANT Brexit to happen. All Boris is doing is to try and deliver that. If he has made the wrong call and he loses a General Election on the back of it, IMO that is a massive failing of our Government. It should never have come to this and Boris shouldn't necessarily be seen as the whipping boy at this late hour. If Gove hadn't murdered BoJo's chances of leadership 3 years ago, maybe, just maybe, the negotiations would have been less of a capitulation and more focussed on getting a deal that didn't just keep the EU happy. I have more Govt experience than maybe does me credit and we were NEVER going to walk out of the EU with a deal that suited both sides. We are now faced with leaving with no deal - I readily accept this is a bad outcome but to coin a phrase - 'no deal is better than a bad deal' It seems Parliamentarians have all focused on keeping the pig trough full and thinking they can overturn the majority vote on the basis that 'no brexit is better than no deal'. In the short term, economically, that may well be correct but if we don't leave (under any terms) how will we ever know? I voted to remain in 2016 and still believe that this was probably the correct vote for my kids. I do however now feel vehemently attached to leaving - democratically it is the only outcome I can respect. Maybe a bit more collective 'respect' all around is what is needed. If Corbyn ends up heading a Govt, coalition or otherwise, how many people will there be left in the UK to pay for all of his 'policies'. It is all well and good spending your entire political life fighting what you don't agree with but at some point, you have to get behind something that everyone else believes is right (as well as affordable and deliverable). I have 'worked' since the age of 16 - he has never represented my views - how does that align the Labour Party with the 'working classes'? Maybe their ideas are as out of date as their terminology?
  12. Ten quid says it'll never swim Love it though, I'm beginning to wonder what these machines will allow the 'older car' enthusiast to recreate without necessarily spending a fortune.... Keep it up and keep us posted
  13. 5lt supercharged v8 version should keep you happy Gareth!
  15. Now 533k views and an uplift from 9,800 subscribers to over 21k! It must have been my tweet to my 45 followers wot done it Seriously though - good stuff @GTK - just hope this doesn't start a pattern of you disappearing for months at a time, coming back with a monster episode on a quarterly basis!! GL
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