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  1. Parliament have already debated a change in the way we vote and it was rejected. Is this another case of having more and more votes until the loudest protesters win? My point regarding the % for leave v remain was actually more related to the fact that I voted remain in the referendum but voted for Boris and I know that there will have been Corbyn voters who voted leave but could never bring themselves to vote Tory. At the end of the day - it matters not one jot. 'We' voted to leave in 2016 and hopefully now we have a Govt with a big enough majority to ensure that at least in some form, Brexit happens. Even Farage had the balls to admit that he would rather see any brexit than none at all! I also believe that we will now see the true Boris who isn't constrained by the DUP or by the ERG - if you discount Sinn Fein (who don't take their 7 seats) - his majority is nearer 90!
  2. She retained her seat (albeit with a slightly reduced % of the vote) but STILL 39k people voted for her. WTF!!!!! Is she dishing out free drugs at her Constituency Clinics? but how much % did remain parties poll? Must have been significantly less so I don't see their point. The key to losing is losing with style!
  3. Trouble is, without being funny! I really am! I could never vote for a Marxist Communist like Corbyn and personally I like the voting record of my long standing Conservative MP (and have communicated with him on a number of issues and always received a professional (if not always satisfactory) reply. I detest much of what the Tory party has become. I have come from what many would consider to be a privileged background - having been privately educated and grown up with a hard working Private Business Owner father and a (mostly) stay at home Mum (through the 70s and 80s). My father worked F***ing hard all his life to ensure that we had a good standard of living but that he also maintained in large part, the welfare and livelihoods of 100 plus employees. He worked through some of the hardest industrial times that I can remember (even as a kid) and always maintained that no one should have the right to tell him when or if he should go to work, how to spend what money he had left after paying (often hideous) taxes or have the right to remove his choices. Seems to me that we are now looking down the barrel of a similar gun. Don't get me wrong - I think the way the Tories have dealt with those GENUINELY in need is hideous BUT they at least recognise the need to ensure benefits are not metered out to unworthy scum (of which it seems we have plenty). Why we cannot strike a fair balance I don't know but I do think that ALL politicians need to face up to reality BIG TIME. Either we pay circa 55-60% in overall taxation - not only to pay for what is needed but to get rid of the deficit and therefore begin to reduce overall indebtedness or we admit (a bit like Climate change) that we have collectively left it too late and are all well and truly up the creek. Tomorrow's result is likely to be a cliff hanger but for me, the clincher is that we will likely survive another Tory Govt but I don't think I can say the same of Corbyn. Time will tell
  4. Fuck Baz - now I'm really conflicted!
  5. or even 'Beer Hag Grunt' all weirdly appropriate......
  6. Interestingly 'Greta Thunberg' is an anagram of: 'The Rant Bugger'
  7. "Happy memories of sliding down Connie Banks" I hope her mother doesn't read this!
  8. Love to see this with Corbyn doing a stint as the Christmas Fairy
  9. got so fed up with sonos constantly dropping out, I sold the lot and with the proceeds bought a yamaha receiver amp with bluetooth and a pair of wharfdale diamond 11s. Got those in the kitchen now and use old mk1 Ipad which is still going strong (just won't do anything else on line because of Apple built in obsolescence!). It holds all my music (or enough at least 64gb). The whole music round the house thing sounds cool but I never really used it. I also bought (with the same funds from selling Sonos) a Denon AV receiver amp which is in the Sitting room and we use that for projector/cinema but it will also bluetooth to the same ipad. Never had a single problem since. Good luck with yours - I have now also binned BT Broadband - utter crap in middle of nowhere Norfolk. Now have 4g Vodaphone router with a £30/month unlimited phone sim - getting about 10mbps on average which is about double what bt were able to do - I doubt we will ever get fibre and even if we did, we are so far from the exchange I don't think it would be any better. What I really don't understand is how the router gives me 3-4 bars but my vodaphone mobile struggles to get 1 bar? Antenna power I guess...... I liked it with the grey finish!
  10. If, God forbid, the boat should get into trouble during the voyage to Portugal, I assume the Coastguard/lifeguards would be rowing out to the rescue? What will I have to exhale to become 'Carbon Zero'?
  11. My Wife was talking to a Gynecologist at the hospital the other day. Apparently, Corbyn is a Cunt. As it goes, a Gynecologist is the right person to ask...
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