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  1. That's why I'm sticking to MEAT!!!
  2. YES! Is Meccano allowed if you don't have Lego anymore....?
  3. This - this - this - on steroids! I have an agricultural background but left direct farming at the end of the 1980s - my subsequent career was based around the support industries to the Agricultural sector. I KNOW everyone and their wives will shout that you never see a farmer on a bike (fat lot of use it would be!) but home production of food to the HIGHEST standards in the world (based on my experience rather than specific scientific data!) is what we need. Even during the joke of milk quotas (EU driven) the UK were NEVER 100% self sufficient in milk and milk products - our Dairy industry has been absolutely crucified. Obviously there is always the 'drive' to get us away from eating anything animal related but on a practical level, that still accounts for a relatively small (but I accept growing %). The economics of this Country are totally bolloxed as far as I'm concerned. As a % of earnings, we now pay massively for Housing (in whatever form that takes), spend fortunes on Cars (much of it debt funded) and everyone has huge tellies and loads of ££££ tech. What comes last in most peoples' monthly budget - FOOD. I think I'm correct in saying that we have probably never spent so little (proportionally) on food and yet it is generally the first thing people moan about. Yes, I know there are hardship cases out there - there always will be. I have no problem supporting those genuinely in need but why should any Govt's pick up the pieces (time and again) for peoples's bad life choices.... After COvid-19 - are we going to see some sort of economic reset? You've got to wonder........... Footballers and so called celebrities earning annual salaries equivalent to lifetime earnings of even middle income earners Supermarket staff and NHS support workers on pittances Need I say more.........
  4. As Tom says, it seems to me that it is about management of the outbreak in a timely fashion that the NHS and other services can cope with. One would kind of hope that by May/June time any flu virus wouldn't stand as much chance. A lot of people have slagged off the 'herd immunity' approach as being callous and uncaring - at face value, for Boris to say that people would die was shocking but to be fair, 1. He was stating the FACTS - that's what a pandemic is and 2. People needed bloody shocking or they probably would have taken even less notice in the first days. I guess we may see a tick up in cases when everyone is let out again but hopefully a combination of built up immunity in the general population and a seasonal effect will mean that any impact is minimal. Stay safe all
  5. Morrisons diesel earlier this week in North Suffolk was £1.08/lt It's like the last 20yrs didn't happen!
  6. Andy - please expand - I never thought there was an attraction, how ever you understood it........
  7. Dogging is when you drive to a local beauty spot to take your dog for a walk and end up getting your collar felt....
  8. I thought it would have happened quicker than that!
  9. One upside to the NHS being flat out with 'important' stuff - just been to pick up meds for my Mother in Law, even in a large village practice in the middle of no where you can't usually find anywhere to park, car park virtually empty and had to press an intercom button - (used my shirt so as not to touch it with my finger!) and they bought them to a window. Given the funding pressure on the NHS, when this is all over, why do we have to go back to the way it was before? Are all the people who spend their lives cluttering up Doctors clinics still coping? I appreciate that there a many people out there with long standing conditions who need support, but there are HUGE numbers who don't need to be there at all. If this isn't the biggest bloody wake up call ever then I don't know what is. Will we learn from it I wonder...........
  10. Bats are better protected in the UK than humans. Try renovating a barn hey @Barrykearley
  11. Don't waste your time with a Ford Focus in a dress - kame a proper car! Roger Moore cut outs available separately!
  12. I've been drinking thinking: 1. So small, medium and large companies can apply for emergency loans from the Govt (that will still have to be paid back). As yet, the self employed and sole traders haven't a clue what they can do with zero income. 2. Here's an idea: All the f**king Banks and credit card companies who WE bailed out in 2008 coz they were 'too big to fail', FREEZE or CANCEL interest costs NOW and for the next 6 months so that any existing debt can be nibbled away at without piling on the misery. 3. Give all the small people who are 'too many to fail' a f**king chance. If the lending businesses are then compromised let them get a f**king loan from the Govt - cheap rates and they can pay it back later. Why does it ALWAYS fall to the guys at the bottom??
  13. but I can't do that without the right tools and fixings and the shops are shut (don't tell her about screwfix!) Better hope no one tries it on - if they got hurt, no doubt the law would come after you!
  14. Vegans are going to be shitting themselves - now I understand the loo roll shortage! (sorry, couldn't resist that! Don't really wish to make light of this sorry state). Personally, none of the Politicians are really any wiser than the rest of us - these are extreme times and it has truly exposed the level of shit for brains that exists, not just here but the world over. Boris is a natural libertarian and I can appreciate that he has not taken easily to being authoritarian in style and attitude. He has also been taking advice and to some extent hoped the masses would follow suit. It is extremely difficult to look at this with a 'one size fits all' attitude. I'm lucky enough to live in an area with currently very limited exposure to this outbreak but as someone who's better half works in a Hospital, can appreciate, 1 the need to socially distance myself and family and 2. to accept that we will most likely get infected if my Mrs brings it home. We are doing what we can but I won't stop the kids taking the dogs for a walk. We rarely see another sole. I wish everyone on here all the best and look forward to normality (or whatever passes for normal amongst Lotus owners) returning forthwith. On a seperate (but related theme) - maybe this forum will act as more of a social lifeline than ever over the next 3-4 months. Pay your £24 and be happy. (is that ok @Bibs ?) going too be some bloody cheap cars about in the not too distant future.
  15. were you typing the international morse code distress signal but pegged it before you could finish?
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