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    1976 S1 Lotus Elite, 1977 Lotus Eclat
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  1. What made you happy today?

    So I guess they are picking up the tab for the wedding then? Bang goes the Lotus fund.........
  2. Bird In Hand 19th Feb

    I'll do my best to get along.
  3. Kia Stinger!

    You've just knocked a grand off the value by doing that!
  4. No more totty at darts!! And now F1!!

    10 minutes freeview - what does this mean Barry?
  5. The Beast is home...Let the fun start!

    @Hawaiis0 and @GTK I think you are getting confused. I've an 18" tongue and I can breathe through my ears!! Just call me Mr Popular!
  6. The Beast is home...Let the fun start!

    well I finally got back out in the shed - I have been delayed owing to deciding to replace the propshaft UJs (well it seemed to make sense whilst it was out). Bit of a mare with the original (?) circlips breaking but finally got them sorted with new items - with some longer grease nipples. Should be OK although it seems a bit stiff at the diff end in one direction - I've given it a good grease up - I wonder if I've over 'cramped' the caps to get the circlips back in? Hopefully it will be OK after a bit of use. Prop shaft back in the car - surprisingly easy although the wobbly end of the shaft that fits onto the output shaft of the gearbox was a little tricky to navigate through the chassis - doesn't help having ape sized hands! Diff to go in next but I'll need another pair of hands for that one.... Onwards
  7. Random Pictures & Videos

    well bugger me - you learn something new every day. Thanks
  8. No more totty at darts!! And now F1!!

    Neil, which one of those lovelies is your Mrs?
  9. Random Pictures & Videos

    takes you back that although I could never understand why the emergency services were '999' Surely 111 would have been MUCH quicker in an emergency?
  10. Another great watch George - metal brake is awesome and very simple (no offence intended lol). Once again you have inspired me back out there - just refitted the UJs on my propshaft so I can get the diff back in the Elite. It has reminded me how much I hate UJs!! Keep it up - you're making me poorer but richer
  11. No more totty at darts!! And now F1!!

    A couple of worrying observations of this photo: 1. why has the guy on the left still got his hospital ID bracelet on? 2. What has the guy on the right done with Mary Poppins ?
  12. No more totty at darts!! And now F1!!

    Big LOL - as the originator of this topic - I spent the last few hours expecting a rap on the knuckles for posting something inappropriate, hence the removal of topic. Good to see that the mods on here are just as capable of making a f*ck up as the rest of us mortals
  13. No more totty at darts!! And now F1!!

    A light has just come on in my head! So the Burkha is used to cover womens beards........... Full overall will be worn for this activity from now on.
  14. No more totty at darts!! And now F1!!

    If we were twins, you'd already have an Elite So, in future - going to the cinema is going to become really dull - no more scantily clad good looking men or women as surely if the rules apply to one area of life then they have to be adopted across the board? It has always struck me as odd - the human race might think of itself as highly evolved but men and women have always gone out 'done up to the nines' or dressed provocatively to attract attention - to find a mate or whatever. Take various wildlife courting rituals - if Mother nature determined that all such activity was inappropriate then every single species would be doomed. Mind you, I've thought more and more recently that us humans are doomed anyway - just hoping to get the Lotus on the road before it happens - knowing my luck, I'll get wiped out on the way back from the MOT station (should I choose to have one!)........
  15. No more totty at darts!! And now F1!!

    @silverfrost have you been stalking me?