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  1. oilmagnet477

    Euro question - 23rd June

    I wish the Political classes and to a large extent the media would stop referring to this as Teresa May's deal. IT IS THE EU's deal - end of. and the only one they will EVER agree to. If Parliament cannot come together for the good of the Country and pass this deal (never looks likely!), then come the 29th March, the only option on the table (if the result of the referendum is to be respected) is to leave on WTO terms and be done with it - yes it will be painful for the UK BUT it will also cause the EU a nightmare. If the EU can't see this (and behave pragmatically regarding the Irish Border) then we should stick it to them once and for all. I actually feel sorry for the PM - she (and her team) have at least stepped up to the plate and come up with something - however unpalatable it seems to be, NO ONE ELSE has offered a viable alternative (other than 'No Deal'). This sideshow of a leadership vote is an absolute disgrace - seems to me that there are some in the Tory party who are determined to kill off any remaining hope of ever being electable again. The alternative of a Corbyn Govt depresses me hugely but God help me, is the current shower worthy of my vote? NO!
  2. oilmagnet477

    How Much

    Sorry Rob @Straker, missed this (been off-line for a while!) I reckon Dunc isn't far out. I paid £2500 for my Elite back in 2015 in similar sounding nick - interior good and overall exterior is very good (when clean!). Needs a replacement windscreen - £350 for a new one from LB plus the grief of refitting (exterior trim horrors to come no doubt). It was last on the road in 1999 and I've yet to get her running (plan developing for the New Year ) but she does turn over by hand. 39k from new and replacement Galv chassis. Everything has been in good nick at face value but when you scratch below the surface - 40 years of even minor decay takes its toll! Has dragged on into a much longer than anticipated project (not completely the car's fault!) but I still love going into the shed and looking at her. Maybe I need to do a little less looking and more doing lol Good Luck Ant
  3. oilmagnet477

    The world is a confusing place

    Couple of things jump out to me...... "Suicideality" - that's not a real word???? Half the problem with the whole issue of Racism, sexism, transgenderism, veganism, ageism etc etc (pick any topic you like) is that every one IS allowed to draw their own conclusions on themselves or others but then should keep those opinions PRIVATE. If you want to be Vegan or feel the need to change you gender - carry on happily but I don't need to know about it - just as if I have a particular preference for some choice - I really don't care if anyone else has an opinion. If my choice impacts on someone else - say for example I am a Vegan (I'm not and never will be) and that demands that a (non vegan) restaurant has to adapt its offering to suit my needs - I would ask politely if they can accommodate my needs but would not then feel aggrieved if it were not possible - that's life - suck it up.
  4. oilmagnet477

    Classic Team Lotus Tour Tuesday 20th November

    @Stuart Monument - paid. See you Tuesday at 19.00. Cheers Ant
  5. oilmagnet477

    Classic Team Lotus Tour Tuesday 20th November

    Sorry - only just picked up on this - been a little pre-occupied! @Stuart Monument - would love to join in if not too late? Let me know and I'll sort out payment Cheers Ant
  6. oilmagnet477

    Work shysters

    Gareth, Sorry to read of your troubles - hope you get sorted soon. Having been in the same position, all I can add is make sure you enjoy the time - you'll be back to the grindstone soon enough! BTW, how about some photos of the Elite, now you've joined the right club
  7. oilmagnet477

    1979 Yellow Lotus Eclat: My project thread

    Dave, You are making some good progress! I posted this on my project thread some while back - hope it might help as I was in the same situation as you..... Also made myself a new handbrake connecting rod as the old one was kaput. Pretty happy with the result. 6mm bar with threads cut either end and a clevis bracket screwed on the end. Hopefully it should do a good job at replacing the very rough original. You might want to search out a slightly bigger hole in the clevis fixing as I had to drill mine a little. See item below View order details Protected by Clevis Fork - Steel BZP Various Sizes Available Thread Size: M6 Item ID: 162430341726 Quantity: 2 Estimated delivery: Tue. 25 Apr. - Wed. 26 Apr. Paid: £5.09 with PayPal You could have collected 5 Nectar points . Start earning Nectar points on eBay now! Seller: gaguk57. Shop for more items from similar sellers.
  8. oilmagnet477

    Speeding tickets

    My 81 yr old Father last year got his first ever speeding ticket doing 36 in a 30 around Norwich on the way to the Airport at 5.00am in the Morning. He 'got away' with a speed awareness course but I said he really ought to wear the 3 points as a badge of honour at his age lol I remember him being a complete speed freak in his Rover 3.5lt SD1 back in 1977 - he was just lucky that the camera era had yet to kick in.....
  9. oilmagnet477

    October meet

    should be along all being well
  10. oilmagnet477

    Fuel pipe replacement As Mike says. He was lucky as he did his with the body off. If, like me, your car is in one piece (ish!!) then prepare yourself for a world of grief....... My thread above (from the bottom of page 2) provides some detail and ask anything if you want any specific help. Good luck Ant
  11. oilmagnet477

    Useless Facts about anything

    That maybe helps to explain why most Norfolk residents never leave Norfolk..........
  12. oilmagnet477

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Sorry - I meant that we only just voted in June 2016! Although I'm sort of right coz I didn't vote in 1975 being only 8.
  13. oilmagnet477

    September meet

    Yep - good catch up and you are welcome
  14. oilmagnet477

    Euro question - 23rd June

    We actually ONLY voted in June 2016 - one of, if not the largest, popular votes in modern history - sadly, the result was deeply unpopular within the establishment. That doesn't mean we need another vote - what happens then if the result is the same? I suspect the minority will say again that it the result is somehow wrong. As someone said above - what would a second vote ask? If it is "do you want to leave on these terms or accept a no deal' I wouldn't necessarily care but it would be a massive waste of public money. We could have (and should have IMO) left 2 years ago with an immediate 'no deal'. The last 2 years could then have been spent doing something constructive like reconstituting trade deals based on 'need' not 'politics'. If, however, a second vote is an attempt to weedle out of leaving at all, all bets are off. I voted to remain but the result was what it was - the sooner we leave now the better. The 'shock' of the result has exposed the EU Bureaucrats and a large % of UK Politicians as useless expensive w**kers. The last 2 years has cost the UK a large fortune, never mind the economy, how much has all the legal wrangling cost? Why do we need another vote? If we say no to any approved deal, that IMO will largely be down to those who voted to leave not feeling that the deal goes far enough. Any deal that is agreed between the PM and Brussels will be so watered down that it can't possibly get any better for the re-moaners?
  15. oilmagnet477

    September meet

    Bit late responding but I'll be along to celebrate the sale of the Éclat (Cash is in the bank) - I might even buy a round!