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  1. Wearing seat belts only became compulsory in 1983 - another example of how far ahead of the game Lotus were in the safety dept
  2. Some of you may be aware of the total s***fest that putting the rear suspension back on my Elite has become. I originally bought SJ replacement 'original' metalastic rubber bushes for the rear lower links but after virtually ruining the first one trying to install it I opted to try poly bushes from SJs. I have replaced the lower threaded studs that go through the hub carriers and after 5 bushes which all failed to fit (not even close) I gave up and contacted SJs. To be fair, SJs have now been supplied me (FOC) with the ONLY bush out of their entire stock that is the right size - apparently they have had previous issues with their supplier sending the wrong size and had thought it was sorted. I can't believe I'm the only person to have had a problem? Anyway, the new bush fits a treat but I now have to await supplies of the new stock as I still need a further bush for the passenger side. I have to admit, this issue which has been dragging on for months has really made me fall out of love with the project at the moment!! I have to remember that most of this is not down to the car and she still makes me smile when I go into the garage. However, fear not, I have taken a slight diversion into an additional vehicle (non Lotus ) which has cheered my up (it drives and is road legal ) so normal service will be resumed asap. Just posting this as a warning to make sure that if ordering lower link bushes from SJs - ask them to ENSURE that the bushes fit the studs before dispatch.
  3. oilmagnet477

    elite 504

    Difficult to tell from the photos but I wouldn't say that your respray is Monaco White - it almost looks to have a cream tint to it - this supports your 'only in 81' view?
  4. oilmagnet477

    elite 504

    Any problems with that - give me a shout - check out my Elite resto thread for details if you are feeling brave Welcome to the forum and good luck. Another S1 Elite in white - a growing but exclusive group. @clivef38 has a 504 in white. Whereabouts are you? Loving your headlining - someone has obviously done some of the TLC for you
  5. oilmagnet477

    June meeting

    Sorry guys - looks like I'm going to miss this one. Mrs away so on Homefront duties. Sorry for the late notice. Should be around next month.
  6. oilmagnet477

    Quick help required to save my village!

    Black ops situation. Get some Great Crested Newts into the old quarry and job done!
  7. oilmagnet477

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Never had this problem when holidaying abroad........ Assuming Scotland now counts as 'abroad'?
  8. oilmagnet477

    Top Gear - New Series

    So, I can't see that anyone else has mentioned it? Does no one give a shite that Matt LePlonk has left Top Gear? I certainly don't as I think the format is long past it's sell by date (even with Clarkson and co on board). Also: Meet Filipino Women - 2 Million+ Filipino Women @Bibs Not sure my algebra is up to this advert? "Meet Filipino Women minus 2 million plus Filipino Women" I can't compute that! Help...........
  9. oilmagnet477

    Proof if ever it were needed...........

    Nice to see that we can rise above good old generalisations lol On the whole, I agree that mass produced lager style beers are piss poor and not for me (except if I'm really hot - then I don't really give a toss!) I think large scale production over here is better (thinks Adnams or Woodfordes) but then again - surely it's mostly a case of what you are used to? I am however, largely in agreement with Kimbers - a decent bottle of full bodied red does it for me every time without fail. I need to go to the loo less when I'm on wine (it's an age thing I guess!)
  10. oilmagnet477

    Bird problem

    Bibs - you made a big mistake by asking! If the birds should mysteriously disappear now, we all know what happened.................
  11. oilmagnet477

    1975 Lotus Elite renovation

    Steve - I'm a little confused? The clutch on these cars is cable from the pedal to the clutch fork on the gearbox. If you have undone the cable from the fork, then the cable can remain on the body I think, without further bother. The engine and gearbox should then be free to come out (lol, if only it were that simple...) As John says, ensure the gearbox is in gear before removing the lever or you will need to have the box apart! Cheers Ant
  12. oilmagnet477

    return of the red panther

    LOL - I had exactly the same thought!! @Stuart Monument, come on fess up......and if you have, I look forward to seeing it at the BiH
  13. oilmagnet477

    1979 Yellow Lotus Eclat: My project thread

    These spacers are only required if there is a gap to fill. They control lateral movement away from the rear chassis 'hanger' towards the forward chassis/diff mounts. As your diff is already attached at the front (I assume) then you only need as many (or none?) to fill any resulting gap. As I stated earlier, as long as both sides are equal, the diff should end up square, which IMO is the important element. Any forward or backward movement of the chassis only impacts on the propshaft going into the gearbox and there is a good bit of flexibility at that end.
  14. oilmagnet477

    1979 Yellow Lotus Eclat: My project thread

    If it were me, I'd get 4 new ones and do both sides the same. At least then you will know it should be square...
  15. oilmagnet477

    1979 Yellow Lotus Eclat: My project thread

    Dave - You may not need new lower link bushes or diff mounting bushes (unless they are shot?) The lower link ones look like top hat poly so could be re-usable. It is the washers that I suggest you might need - they are cheap. I would seriously try this first. I have had my drivers side lower link off more times than I care to think about courtesy of the sodding bolt not fitting through the hub end bush. If you support the diff, you should be able to extract the bolt far enough to drop the lower link and washers. As long as you end up with balance on each side, you should be fine. Good luck and hope that works! Ant