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  1. Hi Ant, Thanks for the attention. I'll give you further information about my Lotus Elite. It was built in 1977, registered in Italy in 1981; model 501, all the interiors (not just the seats) trimmed in Connolly leather ; colour gray, driver seat on the left, kilometers traveled 30.000, original chassis not galvanized, not rusty, chassis number 79/070226C; kept always in box, perfect conditions, equal to a new,no race. Cheers.Vito


    HI Ant,

    I can finally send you some pictures of the Lotus Elite mirror.

    Let me know if they are good.





    2017-08-22-PHOTO-00000002 (1).jpg

    2017-08-22-PHOTO-00000003 (3).jpg

    1. oilmagnet477


      Are they powered mirrors? Not seen any like that before.

      Electric ones (usually on S2) are pretty rare!

      Nice pictures by the way

    2. Vito Desimoni

      Vito Desimoni

      Hi Ant, 

      I confirm that they are powered mirrors. I think that they  were only mounted on cars exported to Italy, or anyway to the export market. At this point, if you could find a copy of mirrors (both Left and Right)  that fits my Lotus Elite  , I would  change them both .

      I  look forward to hearing from you.



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