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  1. but I can't do that without the right tools and fixings and the shops are shut (don't tell her about screwfix!) Better hope no one tries it on - if they got hurt, no doubt the law would come after you!
  2. Vegans are going to be shitting themselves - now I understand the loo roll shortage! (sorry, couldn't resist that! Don't really wish to make light of this sorry state). Personally, none of the Politicians are really any wiser than the rest of us - these are extreme times and it has truly exposed the level of shit for brains that exists, not just here but the world over. Boris is a natural libertarian and I can appreciate that he has not taken easily to being authoritarian in style and attitude. He has also been taking advice and to some extent hoped the masses would follow suit.
  3. were you typing the international morse code distress signal but pegged it before you could finish?
  4. That was OK in the old days when you went for a dump over a bucket in the privy but DO NOT flush newspaper down your loo! The consequences are unthinkable 💩💩💩💩
  5. Won't be able to move in Southwold i'll bet - here's a free tip for everyone - buy Adnams Brewery shares!!
  6. So, you want to know why so many people in Italy are dying? Speaking to a well informed Dr (who is a very very close friend.....) 61% of old people in Italy still smoke. It is tragic to see the numbers but rocket science it aint! There are SO many reasons why this disease doesn't have a 'one size fits all' solution. Many issues are going to come home to roost and maybe change Govt attitudes for decades to come - maybe for the rest of our lives.... Cuts in Policing budgets - see looting in certain areas - not a Bobby to be seen. NHS spending is a really difficult o
  7. Doing what I can to keep morale high!!
  8. Exactly my thoughts Barry. We went out tonight as a family (Me, Wife and kids 16/18) to our local restaurant. Was this risky/irresponsible? Well, I suppose, yes it has increased risk slightly (We do live in Norfolk!) but I'd far rather take that risk and show support for local business (who have become great friends over the last 15 yrs). If we don't support them, when all this is over, will they still be in business? Why not give every business a chunk of real cash with the proviso that it is there to provide salaries to existing staff - keeping them in jobs and able to pay their mortgag
  9. That would convert into a seriously cool pickup truck!
  10. Too late already 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Well, there's a win already!! Who said it was all doom and gloom.
  12. Not wishing the disease on anyone in particular but you have to recognise the irony in this. WOnder how many she will have passed it on to? Will it affect Govt Policy?
  13. @C8RKH You make me believe in a life before death. I thought I alone drank wine from a tumbler 🤣🤣🤣 If I go, she's fooked. I do her shopping, cooking and cleaning!!!
  14. Don't know how lambasted I'll get for this post (especially as I'm 2/3rds down a bottle of wine!!) but: we're over populated, my decrepit MiL lives in my garden (83), we can't afford the pension or the on going social/health care situation (in this Country alone). The demise of 'high risk' groups of people will only reduce the burden which have only resulted from the technical/health benefits of keeping people alive way beyond the point where we should. Apart from the individual/personal impacts involved, I'm struggling to see a down side. If I'm a casualty of fat
  15. A recent Artist - called 'BORIS'???? Surely not...............
  16. It never ceases to amaze me, when you look at EVs - everything is powered. If you want to extend range then use wind up windows and get rid of all unnecessary add ons.
  17. Yee haa - Norfolk based! Would seem to be a great tie in to Lotus then and they could re-introduce an old strap line - 'adding lightness'
  18. I once worked with a woman (at least I think she was?) As I sat with a room full of others waiting for a meeting to start, she came in and casually asked if anyone could smell bacon. Someone told her to sit down and cross her legs. Now, you couldn't get away with that today!!!
  19. You MUST NOT put your arms around a work colleague these days - you'll be had for sexual harrassment
  20. Just read that Eddie Izzard is set on giving up comedy and try to become a Labour MP. I have total respect for what charity work/marathons have been achieved but I'm sorry, if this is the best hope for Labour then Boris is set for decades in power.
  21. read some interesting reviews of the Mitsubishi PHEV recently. A few years ago I took an outlander for a test drive (the diesel) just before the PHEV was released. It wasn't a great car even then! Claims are some where around 100-147mpg equivalent for the PHEV I really don't know how they work these figures out? Car is reported to do about 25 miles on the car's batteries - so fine if you only drive 10 or so miles to work and back everyday. I guess there are probably quite a few who do that so it COULD work.. In the real world, however, if you put the heater on in cold weather to
  22. Sorry about that Mark. I was made redundant in 2011. Went on my own for a couple of years (IT consultancy) but, like you, it was up and down. Maybe we should go into the hydraulics business together? Good luck
  23. I worked in the Civil Service for 21 years - I came across quite a number of Very Senior Civil Servants who were bombastic bullies. I'm not a huge fan of Priti Patel either but I don't believe either side comes out of this well (or believe everything that is said).
  24. He'd just kill the rest of them - game over
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