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  1. Bugger! I may as well be dead already.......
  2. Given that my Elite's registration is THD 666R, that would seem somewhat appropriate! @Bibs can you do something so I can't get any more please?
  3. Massive problem with population on the Planet 1bn in 1900 - 7.8bn in 2020 Let nature do its thing. One way to shut up the Climate Change whinge bags
  4. If Trials are to start in April - I assume: - 1. They need a number of (willing?) subjects to test out the vaccine and 2. There is a risk that it could all go horribly wrong and the 'testees' (no, not your balls!) could get the disease and possibly die? If my assumptions are right, then we need a show of leadership to promote and inspire confidence in the general population. Therefore I happily nominate as the first test group: 1. Boris Johnson 2. Jeremy Corbyn 3. Nicola Sturgeon 4. Donald Trump 5. Harry and Megan 6. Phillip Schofield 7. B
  5. Just seen this from the Telegraph on youtube. Puts things into perspective somewhat. Couple diagnosed with 3 diseases - 1 of which was CV - NO ANTIBIOTIC treatment, just let the body's immune system take care of it (all be it in a controlled environment). I obviously don't want to diminish the impact of suffering from this disease or worse still dying from it but don't we all need to get a grip. I won't be surprised, after the hysteria dies down if CV doesn't just become another 'normal' disease and risk, much like flu is today. Surely, on a global scale, we need expo
  6. Sorry to hear that Mark, best wishes and good luck
  7. oilmagnet477


    you know, I've been thinking this for a while. Everyone loves to bash the BBC these days but I can't honestly remember as a kid anything on the news (and that was pretty much just the BBC when I grew up!) that wasn't just a report of the facts. When did a Journalistic Organisation need to have teams of analysts to tell us their opinion of what has happened and then endlessly speculate on what might or might not happen next. I have actively avoided watching any broadcast news on TV for quite a while now - much happier on certain levels.
  8. oilmagnet477


    I see that the Chancellor also uses Waitrose Skimmed milk. Are Waitrose being similarly vilified because of someone else's life choices? Utterly ridiculous. Whilst social media can be extremely beneficial (assuming this site is an example of that?), it also exposes the reality of how broken our Society has become in many respects. I seem to remember Cameron getting massacred for suggesting that....seems he was bang on. Shame his judgement on some other issues was bollox!
  9. Peter, Check out my thread on my elite - sorry, didn't see your earlier question. I replaced my pipe which has lead to all sorts of fun - I used braided ethanol safe rubber hose but this was a larger diameter (not by much) than the original. Inside the main beam of the chassis there are two holes that the pipe has to feed through - this keeps it away from the prop shaft. I'd assume the OD of the copper pipe would be very similar to the original plastic pipe so it should be possible to fit but I have no idea about the rights and wrongs of using copper pipe in this situation.
  10. Will they be as much of a **** to refit in 40 years time as those on my 76 Elite?????
  11. The changes will mean: Sales of bagged traditional house coal will be phased out by February 2021, and the sale of loose coal direct to customers will end by 2023 Sales of wet wood in small units (less than 2m cube) will be phased out from February 2021. Wet wood in volumes greater than 2m cube will also have to be sold with advice on how to dry it before burning Makers of solid fuels will also need to show they have a very low sulphur content and only emit a small amount of smoke. It is not banning wood or coal burning stoves. As you were, back to sleep.........
  12. "Your point re autonomous vehicles is spot on and will be widespread in cities and large towns for a variety of reasons. Park and ride facilities will exist for those rural dwellers and before you know it no cars in the centres, massive air quality and congestion improvements etc." That'll be me never going into the City again then lol - only increasing the demise of the high street and encouraging agoraphobia and on line shopping!
  13. One of the criticisms I have heard regards hydrogen is the amount of electricity that it takes to produce. Assuming this is correct (I have to declare large scale ignorance!!) I don't necessarily understand the down side. EVs use batteries in numerous forms. These use metals that to produce in big enough quantities, have big time negative and costly impact on the planet. They also require charging - with electricity. When new EVs are supplied, those batteries come pre-charged (I assume) - which can be done remotely from the end user. Further re-charges are done by the end users from where
  14. The current role out of charging is so ad hoc as to be a joke. What we need is a 'national infrastructure project' to ensure, just like the National Grid, that there is an accepted standard. I would suggest that the majority of built up, urban or even semi-rural developments would struggle to embed home charging facilities - what % of homes have a private driveway? I said earlier about 'Harry's Garage' farmer bloke doing a 'current real life' on road experience with (admittedly high end) EVs - couldn't get charged at 3 places and more importantly, couldn't just turn up, tap his debit
  15. I could see the transition of the existing network of road-side filling stations to be able to provide hydrogen as being much easier than providing electric charging from the same. These locations are usually constrained in size and would not necessarily allow for many multiples of cars to be charged at once. The concept of hydrogen is so close to the way we already operate, it would be a much easier adoption imo. Sure, there are problems but there are with petrol, it is just that it has been around for so long, we no longer take any notice. I mean, petrol isn't exactly safe in its n
  16. Has anyone else been made aware of a change in policy by They will pay a premium your car if it has any light dents in it - apparently they now prefer things to be slightly bent
  17. Don't 'feel up your Esprit' in public. 1. It's probably illegal and 2. @Barrykearley might get aroused......
  18. Loads of real news, the main stream media bosses just choose to ignore...... Rioting and French Police brutality - BBC haven't picked up that at all......
  19. Well, I never knew E.T. stood for 'Extra Tan' ........
  20. Andy - not that I have much sympathy but the answer to that is simple... The 'media' of which he was a part, would have eaten him alive so he just tried to get in first (no pun intended!!!) The media are as much to blame for his need to do this as the voracious appetite of the 'masses' for this kind of crap news. Doesn't interest me one bit. I stopped taking a newspaper years ago and no longer watch the news. I do have the radio on in the car and it is somewhat impossible to avoid if you want to maintain even a passing interest in events - ie what's going to wipe us all out this
  21. Not that anyone really cares I guess but since when did 'what you are' define 'who you are? At the end of the day, what is more important? All we know now is that yet another celebrity is a self centered prick who, in order to 'find his own happiness' has given up on vows he made 27 years ago. 'For better or worse' anyone.............. I feel for his family. I mean, it isn't like 27 years ago (1993), men weren't afraid to come out of the closet. Mercury died in 91. Just sad
  22. Barry - Hitler was a massive Globalist - he must have been, he tried to invade most of it!
  23. having never spent much more than £10k on any car I've owned (save a yr 2000 Disco!), I really struggle to see how the 'average' joe can afford to go electric? My yr 2000 Mk2 Range Rover has done 120k miles and cost me £1650. I currently do 4-5k miles a year. Given that I am maxing out the production cost in carbon terms, the fact it does 18mpg is irrelevant. People seem to conveniently ignore the planetary impact of battery production (as well as all the other components of the new cars). In old days, people kept white goods going by whatever means - no one can persuade me that our
  24. Well done Ben. Have an Elite in the 'best' colour and had an Eclat in the same livery until a year ago - went abroad! Good Luck
  25. I personally think electric only is chasing a white rabbit down a hole... The only way to 'push' people away from fossil fuels is to deliver a solution that works as close to our current (no pun intended!) set up as possible. However you cut it, raping the world for battery minerals still has a massive downside and as I see it, we are just moving the problem to poorer Countries who are economically desperate to develop and will snatch at anything. City dwellers in rich developed Countries can then feel smug about their 'clean' cars. I also believe that the charging infrastructur
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