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  1. £6.99 for a 50p piece! Who makes them? Porsche perhaps....
  2. I started to compile a list on paper and realised that I've had some really epic cars and sold them silly cheap as they usually needed major welding. Looking at them now, I couldn't afford to buy them anymore Got depressed and gave up - why do cars only every go up in value AFTER I've sold them? Hoping my current crop of 76 Elite (still minus rear end!!!!!) and 2000 P38 Range Rover (Hi Filip!!) are the cars that reverse that trend...........
  3. Sorry for your Neighbours Phil, that's a complete bastard. Given all the rain we've had lately, it isn't hard to imagine the smoke - the thatch must have been sodden! Glad everyone was unhurt.
  4. @C8RKH, I do know about the cash spent on 'free' insulation, just that whenever I have made inquiries, I never hear anything back. Everything that we have done to our house (increased insulation, timber framed double glazing, GSHP (in 2006!) we have paid for ourselves.
  5. just like Govt changed pensions to benefit those taking pensions? BOLLOCKS - it is ALWAYS about raising costs in a stealthy way. IF smart meters were simply about saving energy then they don't work. I've said before, I don't need a smart meter to tell me that my f'king kids can't turn off a light when they leave an empty room or learn to shut a f'king door!! 90% of the energy used in old and new houses alike is spent on HEATING. Yet building regs are woefully pathetic when it comes to ramping up effective insulation on new homes and why not spend the billions that SMs have
  6. Tony, I'm near Loddon - just off the A146 out of Norwich - here most of the time so just drop me a message Cheers Ant
  7. Welcome, Another Norfolk 'Tony/Elite combo' Good luck!
  8. saw this whilst taking the dog out for his late night widdle. Somewhat weird!
  9. This nearly made me pmsl. Sorry but the Greta thread has been closed....
  10. Can you please tell me where Wales is migrating to? If you can persuade Scotland to go as well that would be terrific - thanks!
  11. last I heard, Maggie is dead! Stuart, It isn't that I don't (unlike some) believe in climate change, but (and seriously) the climate has been changing for millions of years (since the last Ice age in fact). What we are now experiencing is the impact of that change. Humans have without doubt had an impact on the acceleration of that change, but all we are doing now (in my humble opinion) is to try and slow down that acceleration. It is a bit like telling people we need to spend 10 years sorting out the govt spending deficit and ignoring the trillions of debt that we can never repay.
  12. Thatcher did wonders for this Country (UK) from 1979 but in the end she lost the plot. Power corrupts everyone in the end irrespective of handbag ownership.
  13. MPs who lost their seats get compensated (£18k average - some get £40k) Total bill for 71 MPs to be £2m They haven't been made redundant - their ex job still exists! They have been sacked........ Poor buggers - must be really tricky for them
  14. Makes me laugh that already the opposition are complaining about Boris trying to pass a law to prevent transition period going beyond 31st Dec 2020. These people must be a thick as very thick shit! Why don't they have the ability of understanding that the EU have been forced to sit up and take notice - by stating that now Boris is sending a clear message to them to get a fucking move on. Failure to do this will only lead them to think they can string it out forever and a day. Go Boris go - get brexit done. If wanker Gove hadn't stabbed him in the back 3 years ago where would we
  15. Parliament have already debated a change in the way we vote and it was rejected. Is this another case of having more and more votes until the loudest protesters win? My point regarding the % for leave v remain was actually more related to the fact that I voted remain in the referendum but voted for Boris and I know that there will have been Corbyn voters who voted leave but could never bring themselves to vote Tory. At the end of the day - it matters not one jot. 'We' voted to leave in 2016 and hopefully now we have a Govt with a big enough majority to ensure that at least in some fo
  16. She retained her seat (albeit with a slightly reduced % of the vote) but STILL 39k people voted for her. WTF!!!!! Is she dishing out free drugs at her Constituency Clinics? but how much % did remain parties poll? Must have been significantly less so I don't see their point. The key to losing is losing with style!
  17. Trouble is, without being funny! I really am! I could never vote for a Marxist Communist like Corbyn and personally I like the voting record of my long standing Conservative MP (and have communicated with him on a number of issues and always received a professional (if not always satisfactory) reply. I detest much of what the Tory party has become. I have come from what many would consider to be a privileged background - having been privately educated and grown up with a hard working Private Business Owner father and a (mostly) stay at home Mum (through the 70s and 80s). My fath
  18. Fuck Baz - now I'm really conflicted!
  19. or even 'Beer Hag Grunt' all weirdly appropriate......
  20. Interestingly 'Greta Thunberg' is an anagram of: 'The Rant Bugger'
  21. "Happy memories of sliding down Connie Banks" I hope her mother doesn't read this!
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