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  1. Love to see this with Corbyn doing a stint as the Christmas Fairy
  2. got so fed up with sonos constantly dropping out, I sold the lot and with the proceeds bought a yamaha receiver amp with bluetooth and a pair of wharfdale diamond 11s. Got those in the kitchen now and use old mk1 Ipad which is still going strong (just won't do anything else on line because of Apple built in obsolescence!). It holds all my music (or enough at least 64gb). The whole music round the house thing sounds cool but I never really used it. I also bought (with the same funds from selling Sonos) a Denon AV receiver amp which is in the Sitting room and we use that for projector/cinema but
  3. If, God forbid, the boat should get into trouble during the voyage to Portugal, I assume the Coastguard/lifeguards would be rowing out to the rescue? What will I have to exhale to become 'Carbon Zero'?
  4. My Wife was talking to a Gynecologist at the hospital the other day. Apparently, Corbyn is a Cunt. As it goes, a Gynecologist is the right person to ask...
  5. Healthy or not - the way we fish (globally) is a disgrace. However much anyone criticises modern farming techniques, eating meat is at least self sustaining - by that I mean that what we (re)produce, we eat (in one form or another). Fishing has (historically) massively taken from the sea with little thought about replacing what is taken. Over fishing and industrialised trawling has had a massively negative impact on the environment. On the whole, I believe the UK has responded in a better way to control fishing and protect areas for fish to re-generate. Farmed fish have also had a be
  6. Dan - not having a go. Seriously, as I said, I'm happy to let anyone do whatever they want. As Kimbers' says though, if we all go veggie, there will be massive implications. Excluding Vegans (who I'm sorry, I think are just plain nuts!), most veggies would admit to prefer keeping dairy products and eggs (to name but a few things) in their diet. However for example, cows only produce milk by virtue of breeding - that offspring generally supplies the rest of the food chain - I have worked in Agriculture and very specifically to increase animal welfare standards. Is what we do perfect - no!
  7. I don't exclude the possibility that these products taste good - if they didn't MacD would be dead. But why pretend to be something they aren't - surely that is simply designed to play on people's psychology? meat is already good enough that we haven't seen the a piece of steak disguised as a carrot
  8. I rest my case! Veggie burgers? I don't understand the need to eat processed food (as a meat eater, I refuse McD etc) so why replicate it with vegetables. If you want to eat veg - chew on a carrot
  9. Dan, you are entirely at liberty to try what ever you want, good or bad and it will be interesting to observe the results - Not sure 1 week would be considered a long enough test though? I am a dyed in the wool meatist and will probably never change my mind but I don't have an issue with anyone of an opposite view as long as they don't ram it down my throat (Not accusing you there) I have 3 immediate observations: 1. As the primary food provider in our house I have more recently attempted to introduce a 'meat free night' in order to satisfy the younger element - I will not put a
  10. Couldn't agree more but I didn't want to come across as a total misogynist! However, in my defense there are plenty of women on R4 I can quite happily listen to all day long - so it comes down to quality not quantity. I only wish jobs were awarded on the basis of merit instead of having to meet some PC quota for gender equality. No wonder Mayo left!
  11. Why, when I use this facility online, am I bombarded with photos of people I don't recognise (or even care to?) The whole point of radio is that you LISTEN to it and don't give a shit about what they look like. The fact I detest Zoe Ball and Sarah Cox has NOTHING to do with their looks. It is the fact that they talk BOLLOCKS God how I miss Wogan!
  12. Not seen anywhere since 1999 and the rate I'm going it's going to be a good while longer!
  13. @Barrykearley You know, it's bloody tragic! A 1300 Mk4 Spitfire was my first car (I had a works car as well but not owned by me) back in the day 1988. I just used your Reg number to check out insurance quotes for my son on a 6000 mile policy - cheapest £1999 fully comp. Is it any wonder that young kids are going into Citroen Dealerships and buying the latest crock of shite with a year's free insurance! I remember my Spit very fondly - it led me to buying a 'grown up!' GT6 (which I sadly sold 20 years ago for £350 (DOH DOH DOH!!!). I'm 6'5" and with the 'laying down' ability
  14. With regards to getting a deal (any deal) done, it really strikes me that everyone is utterly clueless. IF the UK leaves the EU with NO DEAL then the Border between Eire and Northern Ireland will HAVE to have border controls - just as there will be between England and France. Why can they not see (ignoring the Remoaners!) that any solution, be-it Boris's or Teresa May's, is going to result in a compromise if we are in actual fact going to do anything that looks like leaving. The backstop was rejected because it wasn't 'leave' enough. I actually think BoJo may have pulled this one out of t
  15. Good to see her at last. Looking forward to seeing her in on the road. At least that will be one of us!
  16. Listening to some of the 'talk' from the Labour Party Conference! Do these deluded fools think that referring to each other as 'Comrades' is ever going to make them more appealing to the mainstream human beings. Have none of them read 1984 or Animal Farm?. Perhaps they have and they yearn for it!
  17. Andy, I'd normally agree 100% - except that economically it makes better sense to spend £200m (with the hope of seeing a ROI) than spending £600m to bring people home with ZERO gain. If all holiday makers are covered by ATOL insurance then why the need for the Govt to spend £600m to bring people home in the first place - maybe that is what the question should be? My point was simply about economics - but then, Govt's are never very good at that....
  18. Can any one explain the logic of the Govt not coming to the rescue here? I appreciate that TC's problems are many and varied but on the face of it, I have little doubt that Brexit uncertainty (rather than us leaving the UK period) can probably be blamed for contributing to making a bad situation worse. In this case, a very large finger has to be pointed to all Politicians (not just the Govt). It seems daft to me that the Govt could (and it appears are happy to) fork out £600m to get everyone home but that would still result in the demise of TC and the loss of 000s of jobs, with no ch
  19. I have, possibly and justified(?), the most conflicted view here? Having re-chassised 3 x series 3s (88 and 110) I find myself in a difficult place.... I LOVE the old design BUT Dinosaurs don't rule the world for their inability to adapt. Both of the new cars are amazing in some respects but don't necessarily meet the needs (and never will) of the 'die hards'. However, given the piss poor sales of the final Defender to the 'Die hards', and, in reality, their very limited appeal, you'd have to forgive JLR for moving in the direction of profitability, sales and *POTENTIALLY* improved p
  20. Greg, as before, there's little point in arguing with your obvious knowledge of the system and I don't think we will ever agree. However I'm sorry, but I have to have one more go! - there is SO definitely a 'them and us' at play here. Whips aside, how can you not see that we have to put up with a voting system where the absolute majority wins, irrespective of the number of people who vote, versus a Parliamentary system that doesn't follow the same convention. If Labour were going to vote against the Govt, therefore clearly killing off the 2/3rd majority rule (a rule which doesn't apply to
  21. Sorry, I'd have thought it was obvious! They may both be enshrined in Law, it's just their law is different, or interpreted differently to us. Is an 'abstention' a vote? It isn't in my book, you appear to imply differently. Abstention is a term in election procedure for when a participant in a vote either does not go to vote (on election day) or, in parliamentary procedure, is present during the vote, but does not cast a ballot. so therefore tonight's vote was won by more than 2/3rd of those who voted. That is how public elections in the UK work so for Parliament to insist on a diffe
  22. A large percentage of the population 'abstain' during most voting opportunities in this United Kingdom. I am however reminded that the BEST turnout in a recent vote was for leaving the EU. Fat lot of fucking good that did!
  23. In a General Election, irrespective of turnout, the majority wins, assuming the winning party wins over 50% of seats (ie a clear majority over everyone else.) So within Parliament, to call a GE (under the Fixed Term Parliament Act) a majority of 2/3rds is required. Pardon me for not understanding how yet again it is one set of rules for us and another complete set of rules for those in Parliament but how is 298 v 56 not a significant amount over 2/3rds of those who bothered to vote? Christ on a bike, we need some MASSIVE reform of our political system in this Country!!!!!!!
  24. @Steve V8 I've had a 2000 P38a 4.0lt petrol V8 for 18 months as a backup/weekend runabout. We all absolutely adore it and it consumes people and dogs as well as it does petrol. They have an awful reputation (largely justified) However, they are very cheap! I bought mine, W reg, 109k miles in overall really good nick (I looked at 8 before buying) £1650. They don't seem to corrode badly (on the whole) unlike their predecessor but the engines/gearboxes can cause problems. In my experience, this is usually down to lack of previous owner maintenance (Lotus.....sound familiar).
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