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  1. There are also other ones of this type available on fleabay. I would advise you ring and check bore etc but I'm pretty sure that the Land rovers used the same type 38 supervac servo. Not sure what you consider a sensible price but less than £40 didn't seem so bad IMO - obviously expensive if this isn't the right size but these are designed for a LWB series landrover (OK historically not great brakes!) but they would still have had quite some way to push
  2. Apologies if this is a noob/stupid question but can someone explain 'nip' and the need to check? I've just had an early Elite Workshop manual turn up (total bargain at £3.77 - yes, you see I am serious lol) and it gives the appropriate clearance measurement of 0.1016-0.1524mm (or 0.004-0.006in). If the cylinder liners are stock and they slide into the block, I am at a loss to understand how they would need adjusting? Surely when the head is tightened down it would clamp them into place? If they were put in, how could they be outside of these tolerance measurements? Many thank
  3. I'd seen a number of dashes with the mask removed, exposing the 'stickle bricks' - I thought they were a styling feature LOL Now I know..........
  4. Richard - loving the interior mods on your car, looks great - must shift fairly as well with the 4.9 engine (buick?) Was your Buick engine similar to the Rover V8 3.5lt? I believe Rover used the Buick engine as a starting point. All the best Ant
  5. Mark Not being daft (I hope) but is it possible to refit the mask with self adhesive Velcro - I've used that to good effect in the past. Comes on a small roll and you just cut off as much as you want (bit like Elastoplast), remove the backing on both sides and Bob's your Mother's Brother.... Just an idea
  6. With regards to the AC - losing it will save a bit of weight and it'll be one less thing to go wrong. However, is it as simple as just taking it off - what holes/connections need to be sealed as I assume it connects into the rest of the heater matrix somehow? Whilst I'm keen on retaining originality to a point (in that it is supposed to help with future values) if it makes the car lighter and more reliable (and increases access!) - is that a bad thing? You could always keep it bagged up as a possible future refit if someone wanted it?
  7. "if you're careful and methodical" Mmmmmmmmm! - I'll be booking myself on that course then!
  8. Mark Quite like the start button but why the washer? Did the PO make the dash hole too big?
  9. Hi Dan - when you did the new cam belt, was it out by 1 tooth as you thought? If so, is it just a case of moving one cam back by a tooth (or the other one forward?). Sorry if this is a daft question but no experience of overhead cams, especially not double!
  10. Paul - you're not helping! Clive - agreed not far indeed, but careful what you wish for There's already one poster on here with a 'black ops' garage, not sure I want to be the one that gets caught. My wife is good with a scalpel
  11. you could be right - but in reality it is all about perspective.... I renovated a 1932 Rover 10 Special about 2 years ago - now that's hard work finding parts for!! Thank Sir Tim Berners Lee for the internet - it would been impossible otherwise. From my point of view (and maybe I'm unusual*), that is part the challenge/fun. If you could just go to Halfords then how depressing would that be? (no offence to Halfords intended ) *OK - scrub 'maybe'
  12. I've been looking around for an Elite or Éclat for about 3 months. This sold on Ebay within that period (can't remember the price) but is now being sold again via an Essex scrappy (on behalf of owner). I've spoken to them and the price is negotiable but you have to wonder why the original seller has decided to move it on so quickly? Maybe a few beers involved in the bidding process Anyway, I'll keep looking but I have not seen the car in the flesh so it might be worth a look to someone
  13. I had to look that up 3 seats across the front - cool, just like my landy!!
  14. Thanks - Perhaps we should be on commission lol Still think I prefer original spec but someone has obviously put in some effort here.
  15. Tim, Just received an old copy of a Brooklands book about the Elite/Éclat. It is basically a collection of motoring magazine articles from the period. In one, from MOTOR week ending April 12 1980, there is a feature from a chap who had run his Élite for 12,000 miles and was detailing his experience. I quote: "for the remainder of its first 12000 miles, however, the car was essentially trouble free, though the engine does fall out of tune towards the end of each service interval, tending to hesitate and run rough at around 2000 rpm on part throttle". Having just read your post, thi
  16. Hi everyone Noticed this Elite for sale and wondering about the unusual finish to the bumpers and centre line trim. Does anyone know this car - has it been modified or was this an early elite that left the factory like this? Thanks Ant
  17. Buddsy - thanks, looking in more detail, there are loads out there at a varying degrees of cost. I'll get one if and when I need it! Need to find the right car first...
  18. I'm guessing something like this would suffice?
  19. Sorry, as an aside, how many people who have done this in the past have had access to the special tool TOOOT0003A? How critical is this?
  20. Ebay has 300ml of Hylomar 3400 for £55.85 - not sure how this compares to other places? I've checked out Hylomar site and they do other 'anaerobic' products in smaller quantities - not sure how much is required for the job but 300ml seems excessive. However frustrating it is, is it worth the risk for £50? Buy a tube and then reseal it and sell what you don't use on here for £30 - just a thought?
  21. Dan I've been watching your car but I'm undecided on a minter (or as close to as possible) or a project. I know everyone will tell me to buy the best I can afford (and they are probably right!) but I love a project. Part of the reason I am attracted to the Éclat/Elite is the separate chassis body shell. I've done a nut and bolt rebuild of a s3 Landrover which has probably cost £7k+ and I may be lucky and get over £3500 when I sell so I already fit into the mad bast**d category, but I reckon that means a Lotus should suit me fine If your car is still available when I am in a posi
  22. Hi folks - first post from wannabee Elite/Éclat owner. I've just been to see a 1978 Éclat which is just up the road from me and at 6ft 5in, I can confirm that I can get in OK - not loads of room obviously so won't be swinging any cats but where there's a will etc... Really not sure why they bothered with rear seats but they look cool even if they won't be used by passengers!! Car is great - a truly unmolested gem it seems but at just north of £6k, I think I'll keep looking. Still looking at how I might move the seat rails back a bit - I was surprised at how comfy the seats are - n
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