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  1. WLTP? Is that TLF speak for 'would like to poke?'
  2. If an MP defects, how come that doesn't immediately trigger a bi-election? If my MP moved to another party, I wouldn't vote for them again............
  3. Go @GTK - would love this to top 1m views. 668k and counting (+25k subscribers now!) I've only watched the video about 854 times - come on the rest of you, try harder!
  4. @theelanman ostentatious or not, an estate it ain't!
  5. I don't doubt any of what Greg says as being correct in procedural terms but it doesn't get away from the fact that over the last 3 years a majority of elected MPs have acted un-democratically. They are there to represent the will of the people. However you cut it, 52%, 17.something million and 60% of constituencies voted to LEAVE the EU. There was no question about leaving with a deal or without one. The fact is that MPs DO NOT WANT Brexit to happen. All Boris is doing is to try and deliver that. If he has made the wrong call and he loses a General Election on the back of it, IMO that is
  6. Ten quid says it'll never swim Love it though, I'm beginning to wonder what these machines will allow the 'older car' enthusiast to recreate without necessarily spending a fortune.... Keep it up and keep us posted
  7. 5lt supercharged v8 version should keep you happy Gareth!
  9. Now 533k views and an uplift from 9,800 subscribers to over 21k! It must have been my tweet to my 45 followers wot done it 😂 Seriously though - good stuff @GTK - just hope this doesn't start a pattern of you disappearing for months at a time, coming back with a monster episode on a quarterly basis!! GL
  10. For the love of God @Buddsy, if only we didn't have to rely on George F'king Galloway for support. He happens to be talking sense (for once) but I'll never get the image of him in a cat suit out of my head. He has to die just for that alone!
  11. Everyone complaining about the 'unconstitutional' behaviour of our new PM MUST be a COMPLETE FU**WIT! How long ago were the EU stating as FACT that the negotiation was FINISHED and the Negotiators had been sent home. Now we hear that Boris's people are having round the clock meetings to try and thrash out a deal. WHY? Because the EU believe we will leave without a deal. If the 'remoaning' and or clueless wankers that sit in Governement cannot see this they are not fit to be in charge. As for John Major - bit fucking late mate - you had your chance and royally fucked it up!
  12. I wish I could go back to 1977/78. At least my childhood dreams were based around (then) one of the most captivating, beautiful and above all talented women ever to have graced this planet. I pity the poor bastards who have to grow up thinking 'she' is a role model..............
  13. Even in a 'United Kingdom' (), can someone remind me why Scotland and Wales have devolved Government and yet England doesn't? THAT is not Democratic in my humble opinion.....
  14. If we were to leave without a deal and Scotland then got independence (Cheerio and good luck), Imagine how big Boris's majority would become......... SNP = 35 Lab = 07 Lib Dem = 04 = total of 46 less opposition MPs. Tory's lose 13 - overall gain of Majority by 33 dum dee dum
  15. This is all total horsesh*t. EVERYONE moaning about what Boris has done fails to understand exactly what he has done. In reality, after taking into account the ridiculous and self serving conference season that would normally see MPs returning to Parliament in Mid September, MPs are actually going to lose about 4 working days out of Parliament. BIG DEAL. As IDS said yesterday wtf is left to debate. The Anti-Brexit mob have had 3 years to agree an alternative and have failed to do so - is a month of further debate going to achieve anything more than simply confirming how divided every
  16. @GTK I've been watching you progress since day one. Even without all the other 'side projects' (🤣!!), what you have achieved here is nothing short of amazing and truly inspirational. I can't believe you did what you did with such a shite welder lol To see all the Range Rover work condensed into 1.5hrs of Video must make you wonder where nearly 3 years has gone. Given my own personal battles with my project and knowing how low you can get - I WILL come to Ireland before I die and buy you a lot of Guinness. I'm really glad you've taken some time recently for your own personal stuff - i
  17. My Wife's Aunt (who happens to be Irish) and her 2 Sisters went to see 'Once upon a Time in Hollywood' Reported disappointment afterwards as they had expected a 'documentary style' romp through the ages and development of Hollywood......... I kid you not! Makes me wonder why film producers don't make trailers.........
  18. Dave - you seriously need to make sure that the cat isn't getting squashed under the car when you are testing the suspension! 1 Year old? That's f**king huge. I thought my cat was big but your's casts a massive shadow! Don't wish to argue with previous advice but in my experience, I used silicone spray on my creaking P83a RR suspension and after a short time (and repeated applications) the noise stopped. WD40 is good at dispersing water but it evaporates quickly leaving little behind. Car looks great btw
  19. I doubt it! George has made a couple of recent Patreon posts in more recent times (given that they pay for the hard work he puts in that seems fair enough). I unfortunately had to call a halt to my patronage (for purely personal reasons) but I hope George is just taking a well deserved rest. After 48 videos of some of the best produced, quality youtube material I have ever seen, I'm continually staggered that the channel has yet to break 10k subscribers. If my personal circs change any time soon, I will re-contribute via Patreon (personally, and for a number of reasons, I detest the platf
  20. I have quite an email trail as evidence!! lol
  21. Allen, Check out my Elite resto thread for more (painful details) but I bought mine from SJ Sportscars (Devon) I assume you are talking the lower link bushes? I originally bought rubber/metal (metalastic?) but found them nigh on impossible to fit without distorting. I then went for poly bushes which are much easier to fit into the lower link arm but for the love of God MAKE SURE SJs check the internal diameter of the metal insert BEFORE sending them to you. They have had batches of bushes where the ID was too small and didn't fit over the respective bolts. Don't ask how I know!!
  22. And there was me thinking we agreed about everything. I didn't realise you were a softy Liberal after all!
  23. Tom - spot on I reckon. Had EXACTLY the same problem with an old ride on mower (no offence intended lol). Could start with a spanner (Sparky!!). Put in new solenoid and problem solved!
  24. I don't think Police being armed will lead to a US situation simply because your average person in the street (or anywhere else) simply doesn't have ready access to guns. We do not (thank God) have the same culture. Villains and Druggists already have access to illegal firearms so why not stamp hard on the bastards? We achieve nothing by locking anyone up. I personally think that anyone who commits crimes outside of the sphere of harming another human physically should be dealt with outside of the Prison system. Depriving someone of their liberty, who for example, commits fraud probably m
  25. Not sure it isn't already too late to save 'reason' in this Country. I absolutely applaud the Driver for not killing everyone around him with their own Bike! F**k me - how did we get here?
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