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  1. Don't want to rock the boat but I simply can't believe how busy the BiH was last night - a damp Monday night in Sept and the pub was packed.

    Sadly not by many Lotus folk but probably just as well if we are going to struggle to get a table booked for those that do turn up.

    If @Buddsy 'Dad taxi' is going to cause regular interference and get in the way of him turning up, do we need to consider a different night (would that make any difference?) I don't know the pub well enough to have a feel for popularity on other nights. BTW I am definitely not having a pop at the pub here, it is great to see a place so busy - I just think that if we can't get ourselves organised to know in advance how many folk might turn up, maybe we need to be somewhere with less competition? Using the forum isn't really working out - only 3-4 people confirmed attendance, for which it would be pointless booking a table IMO, especially if 8 + people then turn up. I know not everyone was eating last night but I still think we need to help the pub out a bit here

    I'm not saying more people isn't great coz is absolutely is - just think we need to work on comms a bit more?

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