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  1. Your Excel Purchase? (looks great BTW)

    anything to do with turning 50? lol

    Just done the same (17th Feb) and bought myself (or Son if talking to the Mrs!) an Éclat restoration project.

    Happy Birthday :animier:

    1. RichardJGC


      Many thanks!! ?

      It could be something to do with turning 50....but as much to do with scratching an itch I've had for a while.

      Always liked the Excel but most of the ones I've seen have been a bit gave up on the idea. Am having my 82 Turbo nut/bolt restored and my restorer acquired this Excel which was too good to miss out on. Went out in it and loved it.

      I really like the Eclat too but one restoration project is enough ?

    2. oilmagnet477


      Good luck with them both.

      Not sure what you mean about only having 1 restoration project - I've 2 hands.....B-)

  2. How pissed off would you be if you spent 2600 euros (plus delivery) on a lift that you couldn't use! I suppose he can use it on his other cars.

    Last time I jacked up the Toledo, the front jacking point disintegrated :) so much for metal cars. Had to lift the car off the jack lol (still got a bad back!)

    Nice looking bit of kit though - shame it is 3 phase only, that said, a 4 post is way cheaper (not portable though)

    1. Dunc


      I've been looking at them also. There are some good looking 2 post ones that have adjustable arms.

      New Garage and Workshop is on the agenda.

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