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  1. @C8RKH Why do you think we now live in Norfolk (although to be fair I was born and grew up locally!). Parts of the North are just as bonkers. We moved from the Ilkley area as we couldn't afford to locally upgrade. Life without motorways and Cities full of people has much to recommend it.

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  2. 3 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Ant, as you may noticed though I admit it was probably just subtle indicators, I am a great believer in the power of a good old "rant" to ease the burden of the mind! So you just rant away buddy. I'm listening :)

    I do disagree with a couple of points:

    1. If I've worked my nuts off for 50 years, paid my taxes and NICs, saved into my pension and made the sacrifices to buy a home for me and my family, why the fook should I lose the lot to fund the care I need in my later life when some lazy fooking useless scrote, who has taken from the system all his life will get his care needs fully funded?  How the hell ca that be fair for someone who has contributed nothing, to get MORE, than somebody who contributed significantly?  People should not need to sell their homes to pay for care. 

    If you read what I said, I was arguing against giving people something for nothing on mass but to try and encourage people to put something away. You seem to be contradicting yourself as I thought you were advocating an elderly care system for all?

    I categorically do not agree that we shouldn't be responsible for ourselves in old age. Why is it the Gov't responsibility? I totally agree that scotes get everything for nowt and complain when they can't afford life (that applies to all areas of welfare not just elderly care) but unless we sterilise everyone with a low IQ that ain't ever going to change regardless of how much the welfare state hands out.

    2. It has been proven many times over, that it is better for the individual, and cheaper for the state, for people to STAY IN THEIR HOMES and receive care at home, than to be put into a care home. Obviously, there are some medical/health conditions that make this impossible, but this is the generally accepted truth. The irony though is that to pay for the care at home people need, they need to sell their homes so have to go into a care home anyway! 

    This is exactly why we kept MiL at (our) home. The fact that she makes it 100 times more painful than it needs to be is neither here nor there!

    3. The young people who cannot get on the housing ladder now are no different to the young people of other generations who could not get on the housing ladder. Why do we treat this young generation with such kid gloves?  There are plenty of examples of young people out there who have done it. I work with apprentices who are 20 - 26 years old, many of them (mostly the girls truth be told) work hard, are careful with their money and bought 1 bed flats / 2 up 2 down terraced houses as "do me uppers" to get on the ladder.  It can be, and it is, done often.  The problem is that kids today want 3 bedrooms, a big garden, all mod cons, 2 holidays a year and a nice car but many of them can;t be arsed to get off their arses to easrn the money, through graft, to get there. In 1984 when I bought my first house, a 2 up, 2 down fix me upper, it cost me £22k, my salary was £4.5k a year - so almost 5 times salary to value with interest rates also peaking at around 16%. Yeah, wow, that was fooking easy wasn't it! :)

    Buying a house used to be a lot more affordable - my father's first house cost the same as his annual salary. That goes back to my argument about that generation having it easier but it is all relative and never seems 'easy' at the time - I know my folks worked bloody hard and sacrificed much along the way but salaries have not kept up with house price inflation so that argument falls down as well. I totally agree that people should get of their arses, do some bloody work but using your analogy if I earned £25k today (and many earn a lot less), even around here, you ain't buying bugger all for £100k


  3. On 04/04/2020 at 21:31, march said:

    Milk prices collapsing to 15ppl (farmers are now dumping milk), beef prices crashing and Sainsbury's putting Polish beef on the shelves - Way to go Britain, thanks for supporting the British farmer who will be working whether or not they have the virus. None of this is necessary.

    Seriously unimpressed guys!

    Bonkers! Doing my bit to support local. I am using local small shops and producers as much as possible. We still have doorstep delivery of milk - have done all my adult life wherever I have lived. Last week we were given a free gift of some local Bigod Brie (fantastic product) - we always buy it anyway but I guess they are struggling to get rid as they supply most of the local restaurants.

    Is going to the local Deli/wet fish shop/veg shop etc ESSENTIAL - you're damn right it is - once they are gone they won't be back any time soon. Get out there safely, maintain your distance and support local

  4. 1 hour ago, scotty435 said:


    Almost makes it worthwhile! If anyone wants to know what it means to be British - this is it. Love it

    Just a good job there are no speed bumps around.......

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  5. As Tom says, it seems to me that it is about management of the outbreak in a timely fashion that the NHS and other services can cope with. One would kind of hope that by May/June time any flu virus wouldn't stand as much chance. A lot of people have slagged off the 'herd immunity' approach as being callous and uncaring - at face value, for Boris to say that people would die was shocking but to be fair, 1. He was stating the FACTS - that's what a pandemic is and 2. People needed bloody shocking or they probably would have taken even less notice in the first days.

    I guess we may see a tick up in cases when everyone is let out again but hopefully a combination of built up immunity in the general population and a seasonal effect will mean that any impact is minimal.

    Stay safe all

  6. One upside to the NHS being flat out with 'important' stuff - just been to pick up meds for my Mother in Law, even in a large village practice in the middle of no where you can't usually find anywhere to park, car park virtually empty and had to press an intercom button - (used my shirt so as not to touch it with my finger!) and they bought them to a window.

    Given the funding pressure on the NHS, when this is all over, why do we have to go back to the way it was before? Are all the people who spend their lives cluttering up Doctors clinics still coping? I appreciate that there a many people out there with long standing conditions who need support, but there are HUGE numbers who don't need to be there at all.

    If this isn't the biggest bloody wake up call ever then I don't know what is. Will we learn from it I wonder...........

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