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  1. Anyone know the thread size for both tranny and motor oil plugs off the top of their heads? Thanks! Great find..
  2. Does anyone know how to obtain the Renault Magnetic Transmission Drain Plug # R77 03 075 012 in the US?? (Or any magnetic drain plug for my Esprit for that matter). I've searched everywhere and can't seem to locate a vendor, etc.. for this part. While I'm at it I'd also like to purchase a magnetic motor oil drain plug. Any ideas for US purchase. If I need to, I'd ship it from the UK. Thanks in advance...
  3. Just wondering if anyone has Dave Simpkin's email address. He's the Lotus Rep here in the USA...
  4. No valve jobs needed on the V8s..
  5. Does anyone have any knowledge of the Delorean Engine? I wanted to buy magnetic transmission drain plug and magnetic oil plug for an Esprit V8. Thanks in advance for any info
  6. You seem to be talking about the Audi R8. That is quite old news... Seen some on the streets already... The new esprit pics that have been going around are about two years later than the first showings of the Audi R8. By the time the new esprit is out, the there will already be an Audi R8-S, R8-RS, R9, etc...
  7. I'm quite concerned with the pricing... I know that the Esprit new is around $85K-$90K(US dollars) or 45K(GBP) and the news out there is it will now cost $130K(USD) or $65K (GBP).... Is this true?? The amazing thing about Lotus is that the regular guy can afford one new or maybe used but once you play the $130K game... then even used it will be at Lambo prices.. One can buy a used Modena or Gallardo for that price. Should they rethink the pricing so that it has Noble pricing instead of Gallardo pricing...???
  8. I know this might sound bad but.... I'm afraid an "expert" owner will walk into my car, listen to the noise and say, "dude... what you hear is normal" and then I go onto learn that this is the normal sound of the toothed timing belt that carries the whining sound.... I just know that my older 4cyl Esprits did not have this loud of a whine... I am in california and I will try some local folks. I can always just take it to get checked by a dealership. Thanks
  9. The first thing I checked was the stereo (OEM), and then checked other electronics too... The alternator sounds suspicious but then again I'm not too sure. I drove in an '02 last year for several days and it did not have that same sound (quieter cabin).
  10. Does the whining go away when you let off the throttle? YES.. It goes away until I either rev the engine or speed up. If I'm driving at 40 and put it in neutral, then the whining decreases significantly, buy as soon as I engage a gear and the rev goes up the sound increases. I will check my belts... the car is still quite new and the belts seem fine by visual and touch. I'll have to take it in for an inspection. I'll try to take a sound bite but that might be difficult. It is not a super loud whine... It's a consistant whine (bit of a buzz to it).. It reminds me of an old aftermarket stereo amp I had in my Honda... When ever I had my headlights on and increased speed, it would buzz and whine.... That's as close as I can describe it.. Thanks guys for the info.
  11. I have owned 4cyl Esprits before but never encountered a whine that I hear from the passenger
  12. Does anyone know how to obtain the Renault Transmission Drain Plug # R77 03 075 012 in the US?? I've searched everywhere and can't seem to locate a vendor, etc.. for this part. While I'm at it I'd also like to purchase a magnetic motor oil drain plug. Any ideas for US purchase. If I need to, I'd ship it from the UK. Thanks, Ed-
  13. I remember someone several years ago purchasing some weather strip that was a bit thicker and greatly reduced the wind/road noise when driving at higher speeds... I'll try and search for that info...
  14. My estimate is looking better and better..... What was the prize again...??
  15. Thanks for the information guys. My next step is to actually talk to PUK about my S4s situation, and to see if it is worth it.
  16. Anyone make the conversion yet? PUK sells these, and was thinking about it for my S4s. How much of a difference will changing our stock .82 : 1 to PUK's 0.75 : 1 ? I like to do lots of long distance travels, and when at speed, my RPM's settle around 3K for much of the trip... not sure if that is good for the engine. Was hoping to drop that down, but not sure if there would be side effects to the conversion.. Any thoughts? Ed-
  17. Is there a complete car (prototype) already in existence? I think I missed that if it was discussed on a previous thread. I've seen the Esprit with modified body that housed the "new" engine, but that's it. Ed-
  18. Tony- Congratulations on the new position! Ed-
  19. Kimbers, I also have tried to reply to you on the PM section, and it says your mail is full.. Not sure if that went kaput also.. Ed Gomes On my way to Hethel from the US....
  20. Kimbers- I REALLY hope it is on the 8th of JULY, as I'll be at the factory on that day. I'm visiting from the US. At this point I was looking at staying at the Old Thorn Barn... Oh... by the way... did I tell you that I REALLY REALLY hope it falls on the 8th of July!! If it's the 7th, I can make that date too. Man it would be great to meet all of you in the flesh.. Ed-
  21. Friend and I are booked for July 8th for the Lotus Factory tour and track. If anyone else wants to book, here are the details... Lisa Hartgrove Track Co-ordinator Lotus Sport +44 (0)1953 608254 [email protected] She will ask for the following: * Your address * Your contact number * Name of the driver * are over the age of 21 years * hold a valid driving licence * Credit/debit card details for the payment of
  22. I'll be in the UK from the 5th through the 9th. I'm booking the following: Scare Yourself Sensible for just
  23. "It's a glum day for Lotus fans. It seems Lotus's reevaluation of the M250 for global markets has resulted in the project being binned. According to a letter sent to those who have deposits on the car, the M250 wouldn't have satisfied the needs of the global marketplace and therefore won't go into production." Let's hope the new Esprit does not end with the above statement.... I wish they would have sold a few of those M250's...
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