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  1. So the S4 chassis drops on an early G body without any mods? I was always trying to figure out which esprit was the best handling wise. Some have suggested it's the 2.0T gt3 Stevens esprit. A big thing for me is how to retain the deep dish look of the S1,2and 3s over the more modern offset of the Stevens cars. I wonder if there is any interest her for larger S1 wheels even though the S2 are my fav. Say like a 7-1/2x15, 9x15 rears? S1 wheels seem to be in demand and wheel lends its self for a 4 or 5 bolt pattern in which I can't do with gorgeous s2 speedlines.
  2. luv the idea of your project silverfrost. didnt you converted a 4lug turbo s3 to a 5 lug hub in the past? this was the reason i wanted those rare turbo 4 lug hub!
  3. i wouldnt be so sure that 308 airfoil was pointless... just because the ferrari didnt explain its function dosent mean it didnt work (big debate on fchat). pinninfarina built a new wind tunnel in the late 60's. the 74 boxer was the first production fcar to be extensively tested have one of these roof airfoils. in 77 a car called the aerodynimico based on the 308gtb was unveil in geneva featuring many areo add-on also had this roof airfoil. many of these features ended up on the 308qvs and 288gto. was it a fad or a styling gimmick? most likely yes. did it worked? most likely yes. many station wagons had similar airfoils to guide the are around the back-light as well as rallye cars right up to the modern ages that were wind tunnel developed. lotus did have a habit of posting all sorts of numbers and spec that nobody can ever replicate back then. if its anywhere near .32 cd its still amongst the slipperiest car of the 70's. porsche 924 and the Renault Fuego went to great lengths to boast to the public when they got their cars down to .32-.35 cd
  4. will a SE/S4 chassis bolt right up to a S1-S2-S3 body? that would be the preferred way but much more work? Im not sure if "saggitarius" ever finished his car but seems to you just need a lower A arm, upright, new pickup point and a reinforce triangulation beam.
  5. there a fellow who adapted the lower wide base post 85 lower arm to an early S3. i recall he added another pickup point further forward on the existing subframe. im not sure what upright he used, im assuming its was the later S3's. ive driven and later S3 turbo, compared to my early 83, i would agree the front end is much better.
  6. I wouldn't think there would be a space problem. I've seen hewlands and Audi transaxles back there. Btw rob at singer used to be a lotus designer. they about a half dozen of them there under construction. Up close they are stunning under the skin Pics don't do them justice
  7. gee... might thoughts exactly! same s1 body, same 250hp NA, same HC s3 (toyota front end) chassis, same size 15inch wheels (wolfrace style even though i luv the speedlines and think they are the best of all esprits). i paid a visted to the singer shop were my ex college roommate works in creating the cars. he introduced to rob, the owner of singers and it confirm to me the esprit would be the perfect car for a similar transformation that i had in the back of my head for decades. unfortunately there is nothing i can use on my 81 s3 NA even though its in fantastic shape. it just has the wrong components. minor difference is integrated roll cage, updated pedal assembly, bigger brakes, 225 50 15f 245 50 15r (silver proto had 265 in back). carbon lightweight hood, doors, deck-lid otherwise stock S1 looking body. big question for me is keep the Citroen transaxle or not? like the inboard brakes hate the slow shifting. having a lighting quick change modern box with proper gear-set to keep the high rpm motor spinning would ad immense smiles over the stock box.
  8. Great to hear you haven't abandon this project! Looking forward to more of your post... cheers pp
  9. stunning! what a fantastic resto job....
  10. very interesting mod... i would like to have that myself on my early S3 im no suspension expert but i can tell you most modern production car have the the A-arm converging (in side veiw) towards the center of the car below the CG. this point which is referred as the instant center gives it an anti-dive effect under hard braking to conteract sprung weight transfer. for instance the early 308 didnt have very much or any anti-dive while the 328 they did add this feature in. adding too much will cause the suspension to bind on ecessive travel if as i recall. can any suspension expert chime in? regards pp
  11. nice pics... i was always curious what mine looks like underneath. once u get it all back together please let us know how your coil overs work out. there has been some debate on using them on the front. cheers pp
  12. here you go.... please post up a pic once you are finished? btw i hate sunroofs also, especially on the flat top stunning esprit best of luck PP
  13. i guess i was excited and confused since i still see the normally aspirated S3 rocker sills on the car. cheers pp
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