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  1. HELP !! LOL Had the clutch replaced. Missed the vacume line to the gate valve. Heated up the exhaust manifold, and MELTED THE SHIFTER CABLES! LOL Oh fess up! Who is got some? I need two. Oh, and some parking brake cables as well. com mon guys! Help me get this thing FINALLY on the road!! LOL FOR: 1991 Lotus Esprit Trubo WANTED: shifter cables - parking brake cables.
  2. Hey Guys. I got a 1991 Esprit. The clutch is starting to slip. If I feed it easy I think I can nurse it a long way, but I dont have the hoist or tools to change it. Is there anyone out there that wants to make some extra money and help me change this clutch? Let me know. [email protected]
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