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  1. Thanks for the above guide! Fitted a replacement to mine today (although got mine from eliseparts). Simply required swapping the pins over in the new connector. I also managed to fit the new repeater without removing the wheel. Turned the wheel full lock to the left and then pulled back part of the wheel arch lining to find the connector (annoyingly the connector for the old repeater was zip tied down so was a bit fiddly to cut). Pasting a pic here of the connector in case it helps anyone locate it.
  2. That moment when someone has had a few to drink and moves closer to your Evora. Nerves ensue. IMG_6615.MOV
  3. I’ve used them a few times before, they are now a Lookers (happened 1-2 yrs ago). Last time I took my car there they said they were still a Lotus authorised service centre. That was a few months back, and I always see a couple of other Lotuses getting serviced there. They are only 10 mins from me, so convenient to get jobs done plus their mechanics are Lotus factory trained.
  4. Updating this thread: as mentioned I had an issue with the Vanssi bulbs as a replacement for my rear indicators. I have now ordered the below, only 7.99 and they work perfectly with no issues!
  5. Hey @Del Lardo - off topic but where have you mounted your camera? It's a good shot. Suction cup off the rear window?
  6. I have the BOE on my N/A as well and I followed @Bobsy Racer's handy tip and used a small alu pipe with a hose clamp - I have the whistling noise at low throttle as well. However, I have always assumed this is just a characteristic of the BOE sucking in tons of air. In terms of performance I'm not sure how much of a difference it has made - I have done about 3k miles on it since getting it and it seems to have got a bit punchier over time (ECU learning...or maybe just placebo effect?!). Anyways the top end roar is worth every penny! Az
  7. Saw a nice persian blue Evora parked up at a house on Gregories Rd...anyone on here? Az
  8. It's the turn signal that's not working. Not sure what the dealer did - they were working fine before they touched them. They might have done something silly when they were plugging it back it causing it turn signal LEDs to blow.
  9. Hi all, Looking for some advice. Basically my AC condenser went and I asked my local Lotus service centre to replace it. In doing so they needed to remove the clam and subsequently the headlights. I called them to check when the car would be ready and they said it's all back together just the indicator in the headlamp isn't on "could just be a cable not plugged in". 1 hour later I get a call saying that they've checked the wiring it's fine but the indicator is still not working - they said they will call Lotus on Monday, and that potentially I would need a new headlight. I'm not keen on forking out £800 when my headlight was perfectly ok when I dropped it off - in fact they MOT'd it a few days back so they know it was all in working order. My questions are what do you think they could have done to cause the LED indicator to go? And whose liability is it now? Many thanks in advance, Az
  10. No, unfortunately the same issue as before Same link as above - they are white, don't need to be coloured as the lens is coloured Let me know how you get on.
  11. Nice find - when my OEM replacement starts flaking again I"ll be sure to buy that one!
  12. Thanks guys - I'll try again. The ones I previously bought from Amazon came from China and took a while to arrive (from a different seller I think). The ones I can see on there will come next day, fingers crossed.
  13. But the LEDs look soooo good! @JayEmm - thanks again for the youtube upload, didn't realise the switch to LEDs was so easy. I think I bought the ones you bought: I don't mind spending a bit more if I need to get ones with a higher resistance to trick the car into thinking I have the original bulbs in (I'm not the best when it comes to electrics so I could be talking complete crap!) Thanks!
  14. Hi All - hoping someone can help me here. I installed some LEDs for the rear indicators of my Evora (following JayEmm's really useful how to video), literally only took a couple of mins. They look awesome, much brighter. However, I have come across an issue - for example, when I indicate left, on the binnacle the green left arrow flashes but so does the right arrow. On the outside all is well as the correct side indicates and at a normal rate. When I put in the original bulb on one side and an LED on the other the binnacle is back to normal. So something to do with the LEDs for sure - but I find it weird all is okay on the outside, it's just on the binnacle where things look strange. Also surprised it works for a 400 but not the S1 Evora. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks! Az
  15. That's great - yeah that's a good call, may go for a more robust one! Thanks a lot for your help mate!
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