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  1. Tom tom

    Tom tom

  2. Hi Trevor thanks for the reply no probs
  3. Hi mike I have a 5 speed box in it and it seems to be ok I need the front seats bit they are cream thanks for the post tho
  4. Thanks dan I appreciate it will be nice to take it out once done
  5. Hi Paul don't bin it lol if you don't want it I will have it can you pm me please mate thanks
  6. Hi dan thanks are they the same?does it have the chrome strip on it like the s1 thanks Hi Ian I need the actual service beek you stamp for records thanks
  7. Hi Paul thanks appreciate it don't suppose you have anything else kicking about do you?thanks tom
  8. Hi to everyone I'm in need of a few bits for the s1 éclat need pass side skirt dash tops pass electric window motor boot badge and most of all if any one has got a service book service pack thanks in advance tom 07514782203 NEED TO GET IT OUT ON THE ROAD
  9. Hi Trevor I might be selling mine soon as something has come up if your still on the hunt pm me I will send you sime pics thanks tom
  10. Hi I could do with a few parts if he's breaking it,would probably make more if he does,if you can give the owner my number I'd appreciate it thanks tom 07514782203
  11. Hi dunc I appreciate the message and advice the seat belt mounting point is very good on this car I am surprised of its overall condition,I will possibly reaping those bits to freshen it up however they ain't too bad thanks again tom
  12. Hi dunc appreciate the post yes a pretty tidy car I must admit,do you no the chap who had it when it got featured?id be interested in talking with him to see what he had done and if he has any paper work for it also if he's still got the skirt wish full thinking I no. It you never no,if you do manage to talk to him I can be contacted on here or on my mob 07514782203.the sunroof looks like it's factory if it isn't then some one has done a very very good job looks like it's ment to be there
  13. Hi elite 4.9 thanks for the post how rare is it???barry I will take a look,esprit s2 I will get some pics up once she's ready and no I'm in Bedford,buddsy yes it's a twin sunroof is it rare to find????
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