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  1. Alan you cheeky sod! Very much looking forward to handing the car over on Thursday, sadly the detailer we use is in high demand and we won't use anyone else as his work is beautiful, but only a couple of days to go now! As others have said lots of great ways getting into track days. I personally started by doing a novice day at Bedford Autodrome, and have had plenty of instruction. With Exige S350s being so capable out the box just take your time, get used to the car and above all enjoy it! See you Thursday!
  2. Apologies for the amount of Pork currently here - we look like 911 Turbo hoarders at the minute! Alan - you've been here enough to know how to spell our name! Hofmanns!
  3. Well the weather was looking pretty ropey but its getting better and better - current forecast is for a sunny morning with showers in the afternoon! Looking forward to it!
  4. Less than a week now ladies and gents - don't forget all are welcome! Fingers crossed for some good weather!
  5. Thanks Lee, thats very kind. I don't want this thread to turn into a marketing exercise, but if people are happy I'll post up about new cars. I'm actually getting another lovely 2011 Evora S in px against one of my 400s on Friday. Carbon grey with red leather, 1 female owner (yes, genuinely!), FLSH, 19k. Lovely, properly cared for car. If anyone is interested drop me a message!
  6. The Evora market place in my eyes is the same as Elise and Exige - in that for the RIGHT car it is extremely strong. 3 of the last 4 used Evora's we've sold have all been bought within 2 days of going online, the other selling quickly too however they have all genuinely been lovely examples. At the other end of the scale we are seeing a few cars that haven't been looked after. I was offered to buy an NA car recently (2 owners, 33k) and was appalled when the owner brought it down. I did some very quick numbers and it needed at least 10k spending to get it anywhere close to being saleable, and even then it wouldn't of been a patch on our other cars. We've just bought a 203k mile S1 Elise to restore that is in better condition! As with any Lotus condition is key, and if anything more important than the model. The red S I spoke about was top money for a 2011 car at £40k, yet sold instantly - I probably could have put it up for a touch more in hindsight. Its definitely a sellers market, with prices extremely strong and in some cases appreciating slightly. Whilst its still early days on the 400s with residuals being so strong on the earlier cars I can only personally see this keeping the used 400 values high - in a similar way to the V6 Exiges now being stable at £40k for the earliest/high mileage cars thanks to S2's appreciating to high 30s for the right car. All of this is purely my opinion of course, but I'm sure the other dealers would agree a nicely spec'd, good condition, full history Evora is a very sellable car.
  7. Early Evora's have been fantastic for us recently. Not sure if anyone saw a red Evora S ( we had recently but that sold the day after I advertised it, and I had several people waiting to see if my original buyer backed out.
  8. Just to let everyone know (as promised) I performed a routine check up of the bacon van on Saturday and found everything to be in good order.
  9. Looking forward to seeing you all - I'll make regular checks on the bacon van in the coming months to ensure he is at 100%
  10. Whilst I can't give you any concrete numbers yet we are the UK distributors for SSC and have a customer with a TVS1900 Supercharger. We fitted the kit a while ago but gave the car straight back to our customer as he had a few trackdays booked. We've now got the car back in for some further work (racelogic equipment, harnesses etc) and will be getting the car on a dyno asap for some numbers. If anyone would like any more information on the TVS1900 you are more than welcome to call me or Chris Randall on - 01491 848800. Pat
  11. @NW76 it all depends how much adjustment you want! 1 ways are 'easier' to adjust with the single rebound/compression adjuster, however you will get a much wider range of adjustment with a 3 way kit so can be tailored to different usages better than 1 way. The 1 way will be a huge improvement over the standard dampers, but if you can justify the price increase of the 3 way they are absolutely fantastic.
  12. Sadly not yet, although I keep pestering Chris that one would look fantastic on his drive...
  13. Well we've got the weather on side this week? Hopefully it lasts for the weekend! First of all an apology (donning fireproof jacket here..) THERE WILL BE NO BBQ! Our man here with said BBQ is on Holiday, something I have only today been made aware of. Believe me when I say I am more disappointed than you are. Humblest apologies. Of course, the rather excellent bacon/sausage/egg roll van on our road will be open. Anyone who wishes to drive an Evora is more than welcome, however I do have people already booked in so please contact me (01491 848800) before the day to make sure we have space. As with previous meets - ALL lotus are welcome, and I'll try my best to wander around for the day saying hello to as many people as possible.
  14. Once again thank-you Martin, best bit of my job is dealing with true car enthusiasts such as yourself! Look forward to seeing you get some miles on it.
  15. @CocoPops if I drive this any harder than I already am I have a feeling my employment may well be a shorter one than I planned !
  16. As Martin has said the car will be leaving us on Wednesday (as long as he gets back from Le Mans ok!). Haven't seen you in for a little while Mark? Saw you in the Esprit near Shiplake a couple of weeks ago, and funnily enough saw your Mustang in Henley petrol station!
  17. I must admit when Martin arrived in his 991 my initial thoughts were this is going to be quite a test for the little Lotus, but to say it passed with flying colours (in this case orange..) is clearly an understatement! @Bibs it has been fantastic the last couple of months, on Elise Exige and Evora! People outside of the Lotus community are really taking note of the fantastic cars Lotus are building.
  18. Thanks @Bibs for tagging me in. Chris is this for your Exige? Chris developed his own valving in conjunction with Nitron. There is nothing 'wrong' with the standard Nitron kit, Chris just wanted something a little different! The main difference you will feel on the road is that the Hofmanns valving is designed to be a little more supple on minor bumps/compressions, we also tailor the spring choice exactly to you rather than offering a 'fast road' spring rate etc. More than happy to answer any questions you may have on either setup, feel free to call on 01491 848800. Pat
  19. @CocoPops you are right, 400 has got some real traction this year now which is fantastic - infact our only issue across the whole range has been replacing stock fast enough.. A wonderful problem to have as we are busy, but several customers have asked where all our cars are recently! @mcx lovely to meet you at the weekend, and thank-you for the kind words. There is nothing wrong with talking about cars and trackdays and it definitely does not count as rambling! @JayEmm its not that we 'like' ordering cast wheels, its just that several customers have commented on the fact that they wouldn't spec them if they were to place a factory order. Great work with the videos by the way!
  20. Sorry I have failed on the weather front for this, its clear here and the roads seem ok - please take care if you are planning on coming!
  21. Spot on Dean, we do have a different spec with valving a piston use to the standard Nitron kits. Nathan, I'll PM you my number - more than happy to talk you through options and explain any questions you may have (and no I won't just try and sell you a Hofmanns kit!).
  22. Not limited to Esprits in any way Imran, you'd be more than welcome down. Alan originally contacted me last year as there were no Esprit meets in the area hence the Esprit bias. Last year we had Esprits, Exiges, Europas, Evoras, Elises and even a Carlton!
  23. Thanks for the kind words chaps, I know Chris is ontop of this but if anyone ever needs to talk through suspension just drop me or Chris a message!
  24. I'm not actually sure which model it is he has, he's got a V6 Exige that he brought in for service and mentioned that he had an Esprit too. I told him about Saturday but I'm not sure he is much of a forum user sadly. Weathers looking better for the weekend!
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