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  1. Interesting - thank you Jeff. The Ti add-ons have a 60mm bore - larger than the Y-collector pipe. So a bit of expansion and the gas-speed is slowed down - that helps with noise control. If you combine both add-on dimensions together, it's a reasonably large silencer - it all helps. John's stainless add-ons have a 57mm bore - same diameter as the Y-collector pipe. Faster gas-speed but I used a bigger silencer - and those downward tips help too. It's ok static-testing but it's the drive-by which is important to staying out on track.
  2. Ach, I think my throwaway remark that the new guy "didn't like Lotus" got blown out of all proportion. I try not to post on forums these days as I get e-mails/txts telling me to "get my order done - stop posting on .......... wherever!" 2bular will ALWAYS have a range of Lotus exhausts - couldn't leave the market to the numpties! Who's going to design/build a manifold that achieves those gains? New batch of the 2ZR 4-1's already underway.
  3. That carpet cracks me up! What was it - a St Bernard? Glad the bigger diameter stainless add-ons did the job for you John - I know they're a bit fiddly to fit but a good spring-puller helps. Will find a supplier for those methinks. Snipe-nosed pliers are too awkward. Shorter/lighter stainless add-ons would probably be enough for a "noisy" day elsewhere - the downward tips are important though. Not sure if they'd be acceptable as a permanent fixture on a Road system? In the Evo-world, they're practically a necessity now - 500bhp is LOUD.
  4. Final dyno runs show a 32bhp gain over standard on the 220Cup car -
  5. 2bular's a profitable business. No debt, pays its suppliers and its taxes but I've taken it as far as one man can go. I'm INSANELY competitive and need to spread my wings. Be in no doubt - there will ALWAYS be a range of 2bular exhausts for the Lotus market. Demand worldwide is through the roof and this move will reduce the long lead times which is the only complaint I hear again and again. It can only be good for all concerned. I think the "no more Lotus exhausts" came about because I mentioned the new guy didn't like Lotus - but you don't turn your back on your current revenue stream! PS: Aston Martin is not in our thoughts.
  6. Had a 220 Cup fitted with the full 2bular system (4-1 + HJS catalyser + 8"dia system) on the Komo-tec dyno today to let Daniel do his stuff. I need a tune which can be e-mailed to clients anywhere - Komo-tec can do this. Available soon. Initial power gain - 227ps to 259ps - more details to follow.
  7. ummm, that's why I threw £400 of Titanium add-ons at you Jeff - get on with it man!
  8. It's the drive-by which gets you - and the valve will open below 5000rpm anyway. Bolt-ons? - ridiculous - but we'll see how they get on shortly.
  9. He He - one week to clear the order back-log, then I'm outta here!
  10. Can we knock the adoration for the 400 exhaust on the head please? With a 3" bore when the valve is "open", the boost drops so much, you lose 40bhp on the supercharged motor. Fitting it to the N/A motor is laughable. N/A's need to keep the gas-speed up right through the system for best performance - and a 3" bore isn't going to do that. Stupid Lotus dealers fit the Stg1 exhaust from the supercharged 2ZZ motor, to the Elise S 1.6, (because it has twin-tips!) losing all the torque (such as it is) - don't go down the same road.
  11. 63.5mm "track" systems have been sold all over the World for months now - first one was here - track add-ons were the problem for you - and as I say, R&D on them was just a PITA.
  12. It's different Chris - tooooooooootally different. The "Road" system (like yours), once the exhaust valve is "open" has ZERO silencing effect. I wanted this system to be the LOUDEST it could be - but with the option of quieter operation with the exhaust valve closed. The "Track" system was designed to remove all the extra weight of the exhaust valve and it's associated pipework - saved some 5Kgs. The silencing comes from using a different core-pipe - and .................. other features. There are NO packing materials to worry about. Anyone familiar with the supercharged 2ZZ-GE cars will know all about burning/blowing out the silencer packing under track abuse. The silencer "works" better the more sound energy it has to deal with. Feedback I had was, "it does get LOUD up to 4500rpm but when you increase the revs further, it seems to settle down and doesn't get any louder at all!" Any after-market system being sold for "Track" use and using packing materials inside the silencer ................................ if it's not re-packable - you'll be in trouble soon enough. Warranty is voided anyway with track usage - the warranty on your CAR is void with track usage. Everything on a "track" car is consumable - including you. Now, although I have had a system noise-tested on some European tracks with encouraging results, I have increased the size of the silencer and also moved it around the exhaust bay to try and push those add-on silencers further back and under the main silencer. I am conscious of race regs and they should be ok for them. They're not road-legal in the UK as far as I'm aware. R&D time can be long given the demand for production of other 2bular exhausts(!), so gestation of this system has been somewhat prolonged. I despair of UK tracks these days when it comes to noise limits and tbh, I have my doubts this system will be good for all tracks at all times. I will only jump through so many hoops. I can fit another silencer (getting ridiculous now) where the old "3rd catalyser" used to fit - but meeting Bedford's drive-by of 87.5dbs? Probably not. I made a pair of 100mm diameter Stainless add-ons but they are too heavy to hang off the rear of the car. I had nightmares thinking about them! Titanium designs are a LOT lighter - and a LOT more expensive. The big Carbon tips are not conducive to best noise-control(!) - but I've seen those static test figures before and I knew the smaller Ti add-ons would help reduce dbs. They do NOT restrict gas-flow, like some designs I've seen used - that way is disaster, especially on a supercharged motor. Helper springs are wound so that the end-hoops can articulate - does help with stresses - but I would recommend some stainless wire-locking for best safety. I will develop a pair of 90mm diameter stainless add-ons to keep costs down - and will probably use 45deg downward tips to disperse some sound energy into the tarmac. There are cheaper mild-steel add-ons I believe - just make sure they have 57mm bore. Thank you Jeff!
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