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  1. Robvx


  2. Hi all, I will be making the trip over tomorrow and looking forward to it how many cars normally turn up? Rob
  3. Robvx

    First lotus

    Thanks for the very friendly welcome, I will post some more pics and my thoughts after I have used it a bit more its booked in to have venture shield fitted next week Rob
  4. Hi what are your thoughts on tracker? I am insured with Aviva using CCI as my broker and have just done a change of vehicle to insure my new evora because of the jump in value.(40k and above)they insist on having a tracker being fitted to be insured for theft after 28 days Not really sure I want one fitted but looks like I may have to.. Has anybody else had one fitted and what make and model did you go for? Thanks Rob
  5. Robvx

    First lotus

    Thanks for the welcome everybody Yes like you both I have come from a vx220 but the evora is on a different level I can't stop looking at it My vx220 is for sale although it may be looked on as expensive Also my grinall I can't really see my self driving these much now
  6. Just wanted to say hi, I have been reading this forum since Monday night after seeing the silver evora on piston heads for sale at westover sports cars. I brought it without looking, sitting or driving one and picked it up yeasterday. Chris is the best sales man I have brought a car off in the way that he is relaxed and just genuinely help fun and made me feel at home with the car during hand over. I have done 400 miles in it now and it's better to drive than I could of imagined wow......... Just need to get it run in and it's first service done Rob
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