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  1. AC- compressors are so much cheaper In the States than In Europe. When I replaced mine, the prize of 150 dollars In US changed to 300 euros In here.
  2. Sure. They do not have the suitable adapter, but the Ford Focus one supplied with the wheel is suitable basis, if You take the splines from original steering wheel. Subcategory :ratit. Subcategory : sisusta, ratit
  3. Now the new steering wheel is installed. It is not the model that would be most wanted, but still much better than the original. Adapter was custom made by my friend. These steering wheels are still available from one automotive spare parts store in Finland and the prize is little less 300 euros. Old stock I supposed. That prize includes one adapter which can be used as basis of modifications. If anybody is interested, I can provide the contact information of the shop. I have no part of the business and do not profit any of it, but I consider every hideous looking original steering wheel removed is favor to the everybody...
  4. Before I brought my Esprit I was very interested to buy DB7. I would have preferred 6-cylinder model, because I strongly believe, that more cylinders mean more problems. At the time those cars were much cheaoer than now, but so were the Esprits which is the reason I have it now. Maserati 3200GT:s somehow appeal to me too. They are cheap, but I supposed that there is a reason for this.
  5. I must admit that I have developed a bit hooligan habit. About half mile from my home is a roundabout when coming from a motorway and after that is the gas station where old geezers are sitting and talkin shite with the friends. This place is near but not visible from the roundabout. So, when I am heading home, I just can not resist the urge to do little power slide In the roundabout on the second gear or on third if it is wet weather. It is childlish I know, but so rewarding... The current tyres, Kumho Ecsta sports make quite a sound and when coming to the sight of the old men sitting outside the gas station, I just pass them In the fourth gear and near idle revs... I guess that next I will buy some tyres with better grip.
  6. As v8 owner I have not even though possibility it blowing. It seems so easy going and the possibilities of exploiting it's full potential is not really possible In our road enviroment. I am plannanning to attend a track day on next summer, so I might think different after that... I have done many with motorbike and they take that easily, but Lotus might be different thing.
  7. Lhd esprit would be highly desirable In mainland Europe...
  8. Is It possible to buy obd-scanner that can reset airbag light? I have nearly finished the steering wheel replacement procedure and the nearest Lotus dealers are located Sweden, so that is not viable option. If it is same system like Opel/Gm has it would make things easier. Any advice appreciated.
  9. How about Volkswagen W12? It is supposed to be shorter. Mercedes 5.5amg engine might be possible too.
  10. Sounds interesting. I have been on that track 2 times before with motorcycle. It is very fine track with smooth surface. There is also inexpensive accomodation In the hostel less than 20kms from the track.
  11. Strange looking carburettors? This car is advertised as JPS model. Imported in the nineties from the United States and the current owner has had it since 1996.
  12. I would be interested to know, what is this "gentleman's" preferred car?
  13. I have an opportunity to buy cheap and new Raid-steering wheel with airbag. However, I have to find suitable adapter for 1998 Esprit V8. Does anybody make these anymore? I could have one custom made here, but it takes some time to design, so It would be easier to buy one ready to fit.
  14. You have much more sympathy around the Europe than You might think. This European version of the democrasy where man can not have any affect of the policies by voting will come to the end sooner or later.
  15. Yes, I understood that You are concerned about the classic car prizes dropping because of the uncertain economical situation caused by Brexit. I am glad that You are not reading what the media in here writes about it. Bloodthirsty politicians and press wants to make it as costly as possible to You Brits, bacause You dare to leave this wonderfull Euro-socialist system behind. It is interesting that the Guardian and Daily mail seems to be the only source that our media relies when talking about Britain. I am sure that there are different opinions available there too? About the Esprit prizes, they seem to be more reasonable than here, but You must have the biggest market of the brand there, so it might be vunerable. In our market the best classic cars are usually sold abroad to the Germany or Sweden, because the prize level is better there. Applies to the motorcycles too. PS. I think that Your Isles are such a big market close to the mainland Europe that It would be foolish to not trade and do it with reasonable terms. With germans the agreement is likely to be easy, but the french are difficult.
  16. I doubt that the Brexit affects much of the Esprit prices, if You consider export sales to the mainland Europe. There are simply not much of the market for the cars with steering on the wrong side. Getting the spare parts here might get more expensive though.
  17. Looks very nice indeed, but I kind of hope that I will not have to see that sight in my garage in any time soon...
  18. It seems that the problem was like many of You suggested the sticking thermostat. With the new one I have not managed to get temperature above 105C. There was however a little problem to get the air out of the system. We drained the engine too by using the turbo coolant feed pipes. After the fill up and test running the engine in garage I did the proper test drive. The temperature was fine on the highway, but rose to the 115 in the city. I did cool the car by driving on the higway and then parked the car to my garage. I was really pissed off and started to think worst. The next day after the engine had cooled off I checked the coolant level and was quite surprised to see that it took about 1.5 litres more to get the coolant on the max level. After that me and my mate plugged in the OBD-reader and headed to the test drive. The temperature was now ok in all driving conditions. We even measured the temperatures from the pipes of the thermostat housing with the infrared thermometer to make sure that coolant coming from the radiator is really cooler than the one coming from the engine. I was kind of worried that there might be some blockage in the radiator. It looks like that there was air trapped in the system under the thermostat and maybe it prevented it opening as it should. Everything fine now. I was allready having nightmares of head gasket replacementa and the complete engine overhaul... PS. the alternator was easy fix. The bearings were dry. We dismantled it, cleaned, changed the other end bearing which is common type available everywhere and greased the other one which seems to be more special and not easy to find. Rotates very nicely and silently now and even produces current.
  19. Steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car...
  20. Thank You for answer. My car is running fine with no problems considering poor running etc. I do not know when the spark plugs are changed, so it seems to be reasonable change them. I did order Denso spark plugs from UK and did not check if they are similar to the original Ngk:s. Type is Denso K20TT 4604 Originals cost here 55 euros set, so the prize is not a problem itself. It sound funny to order spark plugs abroad, but these did cost 20.59£ delivered to my door.
  21. My trusted pal, aging mechanic would be thrilled If I had one of those. It looks like though it costs more than Esprit...
  22. Is there any tecnical reason not to use Denso iridium spark plugs instead the original Ngk?
  23. There is a difference if the DSG is in Porsche or in VW Some of the VW dsg-gearboxes are 7-speed and some of them are 6-speed. Those 7-speed ones are best avoided. Lots of trouble on low kilometers and some of them behaving badly since new. PS. The bad experiences here in Finland are mostly from the diesel engined cars. I do not know if they work better with the petrol engines.
  24. This coolant on the picture is G-12 type, which is used by Wolkswagen. It is longlife type suitable for aluminium engines.
  25. How easy it is to change The engine mounts? On My Esprit they seem to be ok when visually inspected, nyt it does make quite a lot vibration to the dash and cabin when idling. My mechanic putting the alternator back after bearing change.
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