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  1. If you look closely at photograph number 8, the whole top of the dashboard looks wrecked and in need of completely being recovered. That's not going to be cheap.
  2. @Phaeton91 very interesting write up. I'm booked in with the Lotus Drivers Club to do a 1 hour session on the Thruxton skid pan in early August. It only cost me £44. I won't be taking my Evora though, my Elise will go instead.
  3. Just published in the last few hours here in the UK.
  4. Just published.
  5. Hopefully these are better quality of the previous.
  6. Yes, sorry, they're a bit fuzzy because I had to resize them when I sent them from my phone from the venue. I think I used the wrong option in the app I used.
  7. Two Esprit spotted at the Collecting Cars "Coffee Run" at Bicester Heritage today (20 May 23).
  8. Good turn out of Emira First Editions at the Collecting Cars "Coffee Run" today at Bicester Heritage. Out numbered Evoras by one!
  9. Collecting Cars "Coffee Run" at Bicester Heritage. MC'ed by Chris Harris. Evoras outnumbered by one by the Emira First Editions. Good turn out of Lotus at the meet.
  10. a.k.a. the Bell & Colvill Parts Shop. Prices plus VAT & carriage. It looks like the reflectors with grey base are available and are at "B" level, e.g. A132U4851F has been replaced by B132U4851F etc. The black base ones are available with the exception of the left hand rear one apparently. Links to the reflectors:
  11. Positive review by Pedro Ped of Vintage Voltage TV programme fame. Shame he bottled out of ordering an Emira, but I think he realises that he should have ordered one.
  12. Access to replace the switch is the tricky bit. I've not done it myself on my 2ZZ powered S3. The gearbox is on the passenger's side and the switch is on the top next to the gearbox mounting bracket. You might be able to access the switch from the top of the engine, otherwise I think it's the undertray off because I'm not sure you would be able to access the top of the gearbox by removing the nearside rear wheel arch liner as I think the rear subframe might be in the way. Happy to be corrected on that though. The image below is of an EC60 gearbox that is presently for sale on eBay. The arrow shows where the reversing switch is located. You might be able to get at the switch from here, but pipework etc might get in the way.
  13. The switch is located on the gearbox. A replacement switch costs £48+VAT from Bell & Colvill. The seal (A120F6043S) is £1.61+VAT.
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