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  1. ^^ It's part no. A132M6113S. Go to here on the website
  2. 2 keys (alarm and immobilser arm/disarm functions are integrated into the key), handbook, service history book, manual for the ICE. Check that there's a can of tyre foam in the right hand side of the boot behind the carpet. Also the tool pouch that has the towing eye in and locking wheel bolt adaptor if fitted. If the car doesn't come with the alarm/immobiliser PIN, it can be obtained from Lotus After sales (ASO). Hope you get your Evora today; it's an awesome bit of kit.
  3. My LE has the separate nav unit. It's mounted behind the glovebox next to the footwell light.
  4. Defo a Bosch unit; I recall from the Evora DVD the testing and calibration being done using the Esprit test mule at one of the Bosch test facilities. For the S1 there are two versions of the unit. One for the early cars without DPM (like my Launch Edition) and one for those with DPM from chassis BH_11178. Other than software I wonder what hardware differences there are? Also, in theory (because it's a bloomimg expensive unit) can the later version with DPM be retrofitted (and correctly programmed using Tech Centre) to the T/C only cars? FWIW if it is a VW Golf unit and the same as the one in the 2007 Mk2 SEAT Leon I used to own, a service kit was available to repair it when it failed.
  5. ^^ I recall that the aquamarine blue Evora was for sale a couple of months back at Lotus Silverstone for a similar price. I notice that it has been modified with parking sensors half way up the rear bumper; much prefer them on the diffuser myself.
  6. Ooooo! I gather that the PS4S is a different tyre compared to the PS4 (hadn't realised ). Looking at a full set of PS4 tyres we are talking about £440 plus fitting; the PZeros are about £50 cheaper. No brainer to me - if I was going to change my tyres it's the PS4 for my 18/19 wheels as it's a newer tyre design compared to the PZero. When I got my Evora I had PZeros on the front and Bridgestones on the back. Fortunately, even though the fronts had plenty of tread left they were beginning to crack between the treads block (especially being about 6 year old rubber), so I could justify replacing them as well as the rears, and satisfy one of my OCDs in having the same brand of tyre front and back! . I guess there won't be a problem changing the fronts to PS4 tyres first, and then doing the rears later on in a few month if you are just driving the Evora on the road, but maybe someone else out there has some pearls of wisdom on this.
  7. I'm still running P Zeros 18"/19" that I got from Tyre Leader in 2015. The PZero 225/40 ZR18 92Y M0 on their website is £88.48 at the moment, but I found a PS4 in the same size at £89.29.
  8. I think the Type 124 is one of the race car versions of the Evora (correct me if I'm wrong). I've got a Launch Edition and it's a Type 122. In fact the Type number was included in the VIN of the early cars like mine. The VIN format changed from S/N 0360 of the MY 2010 cars.
  9. Not really; I too received the e--mail from PJS Sports Cars. I think it's great that this dealer is being proactive. The message states that Lotus have recently added two additional operations to the vehicle maintenance schedules for Evora and Exige V6; changing the aux belt every 4 years/every 36k miles instead of on condition and the TMPS sensors every 5 years/45000 miles instead of when faulty. My Launch Edition is coming up to 10 years old in September and the aux belt and TMPS sensors are okay (touch wood). I see this as preventative maintenance, just like changing a timing belt every 5 years regardless of condition (I'm glad that the 2GR-FE has timing chains).
  10. Yes Phil, Pektron are in Derby. I had two lines of dead pixels in the opposite display (photo in the Evora niggles/faults thread) that was not doing my OCD any good so I contacted Pektron direct. They told me that for contractural reasons they couldn't repair the instrument pack or sell me a replacement and pointed me in back in the direction of Lotus. In the end Isaved up and had a new one fitted, although back in 2015 it cost me less than a bag of sand. Somebody else had an issue with one of the digital displays in the instrument pack of their S1 back in August last year. Pat (Relic222) tried to repair his instrument pack by swapping left and right screen modules, but that fix didn't appear work and I haven't seen an update since. Maybe there is a repairer out there that could fix the instrument pack, but it depends if a repairer is a) willing to do it and b) is able to source replacement parts, especially if they happen to be Pektron proprietary. If any one does find a repairer it will definitely be worth posting on here.
  11. I know them as scissor doors. I agree with Steffen; the hinges will probably add weight. Looks very cool on the M250 though (technically it appears to have butterfly doors).
  12. Cheers Bibs! That will make my other half happy as her geography isn't great; will pass the info on to her. :-).
  13. My missus and little one will have to use the Park & Ride at the Norfolk Showground as they will be arriving later in the daily driver and I'll already be at Hethel. Will it be sign posted off the A47 junction at Longwater?
  14. Sometimes it's the web browser. I use Firefox, but on the odd occasion have had to use either Chrome or Edge. Generally Gliptone are pretty good, although they did lose the first sample I gave them. I now keep my leather swatch.
  15. I've had no sproblems with Gliptone's Liquid Leather cleaner or conditioner. The Scuffmaster dyes have built-in sealant, but I recommend the Liquid Leather sealant lacquer spray for extra protection.
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