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  1. ^^ Yes, that's correct (I've porabably got the same Evora DVD too). Here's a quote from page 3, Section JL, of the Evora Service notes: "A Bosch Antilock Brake System (ABS) is used to optimise brake performance in extreme conditions and reduce the tendency of any wheel to lock up."
  2. Yes, I thought that too. Looking on the DeRoure website it confirms that the GT410 doesn't have CF bumpers, but the federal GT does, along with the 430 of course.
  3. @Smithy111 The yellow Evora S Sports Racer at Paul Matty has had its engine replaced; it was discussed back on page 106 of this thread. Linky below will take you there - scroll two thirds down the page. Looking in detail at the photos of the Evora IPS in Gold Leaf colours for sale at the same dealer, is it me or is there a crack in the nearside corner of the front bumper on the lip below the oil cooler intake and a chunk missing off it at the bottom of the front left wheel arch?
  4. I've just seen this pop up on my mobile phone: It has "Auto Express Exclusive" images of a new Lotus. I suspect that they maybe not official as I see a lot of Evora bits on it, which makes me think it's a photoshopped image of the James Bond "The Spy Who Loved Me" Evora S1 (it's got the Jag X-Type door mirrors for a start!). Interesting article though.
  5. I just had a 2bular decat pipe fitted to my Launch Edition yesterday by PJS Lotus. As the Lotus Stage 1 backbox had to come off for a support rod weld repair, I had the third cat removed. I definitely think it was well worth the £170.
  6. Photos of the Kiddy Phoenixfix 3 Group 1 car seat. Its base is shared with the Group 1/2/3 Kiddy Guardianfix3 seat and the Group 2/3 Cruiserfix3 seat.
  7. 9FWIW Recaro did pull out of the market around 2 years ago, but sold the product line to an Italian baby car seat manufacturer, who has bought a licence off Recaro to use their name as well. The Milano does look to still be in production, but isn't sold in the UK with the exception of Amazon UK who is out of stock. There is a new Recaro group 2/3 i-size car seat that might be worth a look at that is sold at places like Uber Kids. I've got a Kiddy Phoenixfix 3, which has an impact shield, that my 2 year old daughter uses in my Evora. It has fold away Isofix connectors. I also have a Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 to use in the Evora when she grows out of the other one. Both seats use the same base and stick out about the same distance on the back seat as the Recaro Young Sport Hero I tried. Sadly Kiddy went bust about a year or so ago, but there is limited stocks of the car seats that can be found online.
  8. If it's any help, PJS Sports Cars not far from where I am in Burton open their workshop from next Monday. If the light comes on again. for peace of mind it might be worth speaking to them.
  9. Not having a sport button shouldn't make a difference. Changing the switch isn't too difficult. Resetting it can be done in situ. It involves pushing the plunger all the way in then pulling out 5 clicks, or as many as you can get before it reaches the brake pedal.
  10. Could be the brake light switch playing up. I know that when the one on my Launch Edition intermittently had a moment or few it put on the traction control light and disabled sport mode and cruise control. There is a reset procedure for the brake light switch in this thread. Ultimately I replaced my brake light switch and haven't had any problems since.
  11. Looks like you've got the Lotus stage 1 sports exhaust made by Janspeed. If it is it will have LOTAC 05504 and the Janspeed logo engraved on the silencer.
  12. I had a dodgy brake light switch on my Evora a few years back. The traction control light came on, and both sport mode and cruise control became inoperative. There is a method to reset the switch on this thread that which might work. It involves removing the switch, pushing the plunger all the way in, then pulling it out five clicks, followed by reinstalling it. I did a similar thing with the brake light switch but in situ, which seemed to work.
  13. IIRC the Evora dash facia badge was also fitted to the cars that followed the Launch Edition, MY 2010 possibly, and I think it was dropped during that model year. The Launch Edition cars also had a small plaque on the driver's door sill. @LOTUSMAN33 I've PM'ed you the details of my Launch Edition, with some additional info. By the way, I've just seen in the Evora Service Parts List the following quote "Evora Introduction: First deliveries commence June 2009 at ‘09 VIN serial number 0721". I've noticed too that if the 10th digit of the VIN in the format "SCCTx122xXxxxxxxx" is "9" then the car is a MY09, i.e. a Launch Edition, and if it's an "A" then it's a MY10 build and not a Launch Edition. To add to things, Lotus changed the VIN format from MY10 serial no. 0360 onwards to "SCCLMDxxxxxxxxxxx".
  14. ^^ 2nd recommendation for the Varta Silver Dynamic E38 74AH as a good alternative conventional battery. I had to have the OEM Varta Blue Dynamic battery changed in my NA about six month after I bought it. Touch wood the E38 battery, which is 5 1/2 years old now, is still holding up very well. My Evora is a weekend car too, but I keep it on a battery conditioner when it's at home in the garage. I learned my lesson one winter a few years back with a battery in a Europa S that I nearly killed due to the cold temperatures and parasitic battery drain, the latter which is a known for the Elige cars and the Evora. Here's a link regarding warranty on the Yuasa UK website. Unfortunately I think you might be out of luck with a claim/discount, but you could try.
  15. ^^ It's part no. A132M6113S. Go to here on the website
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