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  1. "The modern cars vanishing from our roads. We reveal the cars most in danger of going extinct, going from most models left in existence, to least We’re not even two decades in and already there are some 21st century cars that are heading towards extinction. When did you last see a Renault Vel Satis, a Suzuki Kizashi or an MG Rover CitiRover? And how many times is Cadillac going to try and relaunch its range in Europe? Here are the desperate last rolls of the dice, half-baked segment busters hoping to
  2. The Elise Shop ones are Autel MX sensors, which cost in the region of about £25ish, but need programming (hence why they are £60 a corner from there). I guess it depends if you want to faff with the programming or just "fit and forget". The Huf ones are pre-programmed. I've done quite a few searches (and had read the above thread) and the best price I've come up with for pre-programmed sensors is about £23.50 per unit. Anyone able to source programmed TPMS sensors/sensors+programmer for less?
  3. @SCMTBCOACH I'm planning to change the TPMS sensors on my Lauch edition next year when I get a set of PS4 tyres fitted all round, so did some research and found these OEM TPMS sensors on Ebay from a supplier in Leicestershire, UK: And non-OE source as well (from Germany), which are cheaper and will proabably do the job for under £100: Elise Shop also has a non-OE alternative that is the most expensive option at £60 per corner + P&P:
  4. Yes, not all GT410s have the ducktail. The one on Strictly is a "Phil's spec" GT410 and not a GT410 Sport, so it has a conventional tailgate/spoiler & body colour roof, along with a softer suspension. Interestingly, the press car is devoid of the "shark fin" decals ahead of the rear wheels, so makes it look even more like a 400 without a black pack, so I can see why you thought it was an older model Evora. If I had the money, I'd have one in that colour to go with my blue S1 Launch Edition. @C8RKH yes I did mention Fire Red . Your car is sheer automotive pornography!
  5. I think it's the GT410 press car HL66LCL by the looks of things; it's likely Lotus got hold of the reg as it reads "HetheL '66 Lotus Cars Limited" so not the usual Norfolk "AU" plate and is a nice touch I think. I lust after that car as I really like the Evora in fire red.
  6. Well that didn't hang around for long, it's sold already according to Pistonheads. Someone has bagged an absolute bargain!
  7. ^^ Yes, that's correct (I've porabably got the same Evora DVD too). Here's a quote from page 3, Section JL, of the Evora Service notes: "A Bosch Antilock Brake System (ABS) is used to optimise brake performance in extreme conditions and reduce the tendency of any wheel to lock up."
  8. Yes, I thought that too. Looking on the DeRoure website it confirms that the GT410 doesn't have CF bumpers, but the federal GT does, along with the 430 of course.
  9. @Smithy111 The yellow Evora S Sports Racer at Paul Matty has had its engine replaced; it was discussed back on page 106 of this thread. Linky below will take you there - scroll two thirds down the page. Looking in detail at the photos of the Evora IPS in Gold Leaf colours for sale at the same dealer, is it me or is there a crack in the nearside corner of the front bumper on the lip below the oil cooler intake and a chunk missing off it at the bottom of the front left wheel arch?
  10. I've just seen this pop up on my mobile phone: It has "Auto Express Exclusive" images of a new Lotus. I suspect that they maybe not official as I see a lot of Evora bits on it, which makes me think it's a photoshopped image of the James Bond "The Spy Who Loved Me" Evora S1 (it's got the Jag X-Type door mirrors for a start!). Interesting article though.
  11. I just had a 2bular decat pipe fitted to my Launch Edition yesterday by PJS Lotus. As the Lotus Stage 1 backbox had to come off for a support rod weld repair, I had the third cat removed. I definitely think it was well worth the £170.
  12. Photos of the Kiddy Phoenixfix 3 Group 1 car seat. Its base is shared with the Group 1/2/3 Kiddy Guardianfix3 seat and the Group 2/3 Cruiserfix3 seat.
  13. 9FWIW Recaro did pull out of the market around 2 years ago, but sold the product line to an Italian baby car seat manufacturer, who has bought a licence off Recaro to use their name as well. The Milano does look to still be in production, but isn't sold in the UK with the exception of Amazon UK who is out of stock. There is a new Recaro group 2/3 i-size car seat that might be worth a look at that is sold at places like Uber Kids. I've got a Kiddy Phoenix
  14. If it's any help, PJS Sports Cars not far from where I am in Burton open their workshop from next Monday. If the light comes on again. for peace of mind it might be worth speaking to them.
  15. Not having a sport button shouldn't make a difference. Changing the switch isn't too difficult. Resetting it can be done in situ. It involves pushing the plunger all the way in then pulling out 5 clicks, or as many as you can get before it reaches the brake pedal.
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