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  1. The photos for the Sports Racer that Will have just advertised look to be the ones Bell and Colvill took to sell the car previously. They used the Thatchers Hotel just up the road from their West Horsely premises as a backdrop before the corporate background came in. As Will has written in the ad, an up to date set of photos are on their way.
  2. I find hiding the number plate frustrating too. I found the registration of the World Championship homage Evora on the trader's website. It's 111JPS and registered with the DVLA as an Evora S ๐Ÿคจ. That registration would better suit an Elise Type 79 in my humble opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰.
  3. I had a booking for the bronze (ยฃ400) in the summer of 2020 that got cancelled due to covid. I had to rebook for July 2021 and the price had gone up by ยฃ100 to ยฃ500! Looks like the introduction to sports cars day is another ยฃ220 on top of what I paid. Based on my experience of the bronze Lotus Licence I'd say save up for the intro course Clive - it will definitely be worth it, especially driving in an Emira. For me the next level experience day is out of my budget at nearly ยฃ1000, but I do have my Elise to track this year (bought as a result of doing bronze day! It's all Martin Donnelly's fault ๐Ÿ˜„).
  4. Looks like the first two packages offered are roughly equivalent to the scare your self sensible experience and bronze level Lotus Licence offered by the previous incarnation of the LDA. The tailor made advanced seems to include mainly elements from the old silver level Lotus Licence, but assume elements of the gold level can be included. I did my bronze last year, so am tempted to book the half day "taste of Lotus" just to have a blat in an Emira for now then maybe do the tailored made advanced session next year ๐Ÿ˜
  5. Nearly 3 hours labour to change the passenger airbag cover. The cover (C132U4248J) is ยฃ379.24 incl VAT and hopefully not on back order!
  6. Not bad for the money. It's got its original gear knob as well (good for originality - never had a problem with the leather one and have never needed to change to the "Elise knob", I just bought an Elise instead of the aforementioned knob ๐Ÿ˜„), but needs a new passenger airbag cover though. I've not seen one quite as bad as that, bent up towards the windscreen. I wonder what condition the centre join at the front of the dash top is like?
  7. Found another Launch Edition on Facebook. This Evora was at the Club Lotus track day at Castle Coombe last month.
  8. @windymiller good spot! I missed the fact that the red one was a 2+0. Like you I thought all the Launch Edition cars were 2+2s. Either it's not a LE car or someone has converted it to 2+0 spec (can be done 2+2 to 2+0 I seem to recall, but not the other way around because the 2+0 doesn't have the prerequisite bits for things like rear seat belt anchor points etc.). Or it's a "Hethelism"!
  9. That's interesting info @Bibs ๐Ÿ‘. The certificate of provenance for my LE (75th production Evora) mentions colour coded door handles as a selected option as well as paint colour. I was led to believe that the forged 18"/19" wheels, wheel finish in silver or stealth grey and choice of interior colour were the other options available to customers when ordering a Launch Edition early on. Anyone out there know any different?
  10. At the Lotus 60th Anniversary, Hethel 2008. ๐Ÿ‘ The road going version at the Lotus Festival, Snetterton in 2011.
  11. James Martin released a video last year on YouTube about the Nichols N1A. ๐Ÿ‘
  12. @exeterjeep I think this is the new parts business.
  13. Not good news for anyone in the UK wanting to run PS4S's on 18" fronts. Looks like Michelin are not supplying to the UK at the moment. That's either going to be a covid/brexit supply issue or they've decided to discontinue them I guess. Screenshot from the Michelin UK website.
  14. @Cooperman103 here are the wiring diagrams for the MY12 Elise that I have if that's any help. It could be a wiring issue between fuse C8 on sheet A4 and the DRLs on sheet D1 maybe?
  15. I don't think so. I've got a 2ZZ powered S3 (one of the early S3s). The ECU on mine is a T4e and not a T6. Having looked at the wiring diagrams the connections are different comparing the two ECUs.
  16. Link to the live stream that was broadcast on YouTube for Round 1 of the British GT Championship. The Emira led the cars round the circuit for a rolling start. And the link to the Round 2 stream:
  17. Easter Saturday 2022: Out of winter hibernation. The fleet reunited. Here's to a great spring and summer.
  18. Passing Hethel on Good Friday.
  19. Whilst on the Companies House website I noticed that a new company called Classic Lotus Parts Ltd has been registered (West Midlands based near Alvechurch, south of Birmingham). Would be good if it's going to be a source for supply of parts for our "heritage" Lotus vehicles (pre Emira in other words). Anyone know about this new entity? I know that parts supply has been a concern for a while, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I tried to order a rear grille that goes between the bumper and rear diffusefor my Elise S3 via PJS near Burton. You'd think that parts like that would be in plentiful supply, but apparently the grilles are on "long term back order", which sounds like maybe never. That's very concerning considering the Elise has only just gone out of production. Heaven help anyone who needs to repair the back of their Elise S3 in the event of being rear ended!
  20. The front end looked interesting. There seems to be some kind of blank in the radiator grille.
  21. It's been hanging around for a couple of weeks now @Mellow Yellow Pretty tidy LE. Badge on the rear bumper is in the wrong place though.
  22. Mine is SORN until the end of March, so sadly I wasn't in it. I was in my Leon daily driver.
  23. Yes it was Brendonian's Evora. I saw it a couple of times driving through Ashby.
  24. Another possible LE, just been advertised in the forum's classified, but looks like it has now been sold by Guy Munday. He didn't advertise it as a Launch Edition though so could just be a NA with all three packs. Liquid blue/grey interior, reg. RX59AXY, so a car sold by Bell & Colvill. First registered 01/01/2010.
  25. The ad for RX59AXY is no longer available, so looks like Guy might had had a very quick sale.
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