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  1. Well my knobs are fine; they light up (mine's a Launch Edition).
  2. Just found this whilst surfing the internet: Colin, was this your second Esprit? Looks like it's now a Cat D and is up in the Newark area. The cosmetic damage doesn't look too bad from the photos (shame about the black alloys and Lotus laurel leaf decals) but the lisitng stated the engine doesn't run so that could be expensive. Let's hope it doesn't end up with a certain breakers in Northumberland!
  3. Is this the point where Harry Hill enters stage right? On a sensible note though, and bringing the thread back on track about increasing power of the NA Evora, it was interesting to note the mention about the engine bay heat. It got me wondering about the manifold configs (the two options on the market I’ve seen are 3-1 or 3-2-1). Which is better or is there not a lot in it in the real world? I guess gas flow efficiency is key (lots of variables to play with like pipe length and diameter etc.). To me my engineering gut feeling (and I'm no expert) says 3-1 if I ever had to change the exhaust manifolds and downpipes – it’s simpler compared to 3-2-1, which kind of follows the Chapman ethos. Also, in aviation there's the saying "if it looks right it is right" (the Hawker Hunter is a prime example) and to me a 3-1 looks right. Could be talking a load of hog wash, but maybe a worthwhile discussion point?
  4. I just dropped my Launch Edition into Bell & Colvill today for its annual service and MOT. One of the jobs is to sort the baulking driver's door exterior handle (I didn't want to take the door card off just in case I broke something!). It's probably caused by a similar thing; when I unlock the handle won't come up, but the door can be opened from the inside. Here's the link to a video I took on my mobile:
  5. You'll be lucky! I was going to ask Jamie for a test drive in the B&C 400 demonstrator when I dropped my Launch Edition off for its annual service and MOT, but didn't ask in the end as it was out on test with a potential buyer, with a couple waiting for it to come back so they could take it out! Looks like a lot of people want to drive the 400 (me included!). You might have to consider bribery
  6. Hi Tom. Okay, from memory I dealt with a lady called Asmah. I sent back directly to her the samples with completed colour bank form which explicitly said they needed retain the colour samples. I had bagged up and labelled the samples "Lotus Evora 2009 Oyster two tone interior" from what I can remember. Asmah mentioned that the colour will be added to the new Gliptone website that was being worked on, so it won't appear on the old one. I'm sure a member of the Lotus Evora Owners Group on Facebook ordered up an oyster Scuffmaster kit a day or so after Gliptone received the sample. I'll PM you his name. I hope that helps. I'll be majorly cheesed off if they've lost the samples!
  7. Having read the Service Notes again, the standalone sounder unit is on early vehicles, but was later incorporated into the instrument panel made by Pektron in Derby (see Item 5). I wonder when the change over occurred.
  8. Okay, I've just been onto Tyreleader again and they quote two versions of the Super Sport. Unless I've completely miss read it they have a "standard" compound listed for the 255/35 ZR 19 and one with a "MO" compound, (see the screenshot below - the second and fourth tyres listed) hence my original concern.
  9. An update to an old thread, this is a Launch Edition thing. My LE was apparently in the second batch of 200 (400 total I was told) and mine has the blank and the wiring. One theory I have is that the box for the reversing camera (I'm assuming that's what it is) is right behind where the light should be (see photo showing the two spare connectors). So to stop any fouling it looks like Lotus decided to put a blank in. I guess that later on they relocated the box as per the Service Parts List location. I'm going to have to leave mine as is for now. :-(
  10. I'd thought about it Eddie but chickened out of going down the Michelin Pilot Super Sport route in case it went wrong, as not only is my car due a tyre change but a service and an instrument pack change as well, now the driver's door handle is playing up so the budget has become tight! Also, I didn't have enough information on the spec of the Michelins. I know the Evora can be a bit particular with rubber compounds and the question to be asked is do Michelin use the same compound for the original Evora tyre sizes as they do the Evora 400 tyres? As well as that I had talked to Dunlop a few months back about their Sport Maxx RT tyres; bless the man from Fort Dunlop he said to me stick with the OEM rubber! Maybe once a few other people have gone down the Super Sport route on the standard tyre sizes with favourable outcomes I'll swap over to them for the next set.
  11. Just a quick digression; like the Europa S I had previously the protocol used is KWP2000. I've got a cheap VAG code reader I bought form Ebay that I use on my SEAT Leon and can read out codes from my Evora. I didn't know this until I read it in the Service Notes the other day that the reversing sensor beeps come from the instrument pack and not the ICE.
  12. Yep, excellent products from Gliptone - see the Oyster interior durability thread that I've made a comment on with before and after photos. I'm assuming that the centre console on yor car is the same colour as the seats, so I'd take a strip off from where there is a flappy bit under the rear seats. Also, make sure that Gliptone keep hold of the sample if you want to have more dye made up in future - tell them they need to retain it for their colour bank; they returned my oyster sample so I sent it back to them and told them to keep it.
  13. I use Gliptone GT12 cleaner and GT11 conditioner - excellent stuff and a nice smell too. As I have found out, it's best to keep the leather regularly maintained (clean and condition once every 3-6 months, but the Gliptone products goes a long way!). I've also used their Scuffmaster product; as I'm only about 45 miles away from their HQ in Redditch I took to them (in the Evora of course) a sample of the oyster trim from the back of the centre console under the rear seat. It was the only bit I could get to! I've attached before and after photos (if any of you are on the Lotus Evora Owners Group on Facebook you will already have seen them). I have to say even though I'm a bit cack handed the results are very good. As Sellman said back in April the kit comes with toners to match the exact colour of the leather. It is water based as well – if you mess up an initial application you can wipe/gently rub it away. Gliptone had returned the sample to me, but I've sent it back for them to keep in their colour bank, so it should be available to others and me when I need more, as no doubt the bolster will show signs of wear again over time. For about £32 for the cleaner, conditioner and Scuffmaster it's a very good value fix. In fact if anybody has watched Car SOS on TV, the guys on that programme use a company on the outskirts of Birmingham called Bespoke Leathering ( and they use and retail Gliptone products.
  14. I've just bought a full set of P Zeros (225/40 ZR18 MO and 255/35 ZR MO1) from Tyreleader for £383, just before the price went up today by about £5 for the set (it varies around the £/Euro exchange rate by the looks of things). I'm getting them delivered to my preferred Lotus dealer for fitting; it's the first time I've used them so I'll see how things pan out. But, that's after I had a bad experience with They decided to try to take the money from my credit card in two goes, because I was ordering two different sizes of tyre in the same order. I don't know why they did this instead of taking the full amount in the first place, because all it did was block my credit card as the security system saw this second transaction request as potential fraud. To cut a long story short, they were not going to resolve the situation to my satisfaction, so I cancelled the order with them. Has anybody else had this type of experience with that particular supplier?
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