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  1. I noticed this Evora S on Autotrader. Low mileage and looks fairly tidy save for the airbag cover that's had the clips go, but something doesn't look quite right with the rev counter 🤔.
  2. It's a reversing camera just above the rear number plate. 🙂
  3. Videos I took of the Emira on the first day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed on the 8th of July 2021.
  4. For anyone concerned about the public parking if they didn't get a Performance Parking slot, just to let you know that I had no problem with the Evora in Public Car Park S today (Thursday). Fortunately I was getting things out of the boot when the car pulled up behind so the didn't get too close!
  5. It's got two windscreen wipers and not just the one! 😲 The UK version will definitely have built in sat nav. The front passenger seat might have Isofix on the prodcution cars, but Lotus will e-mail me to confirm.
  6. From the "Lotus Moment " in front of Goodwood House 8th July 2021....
  7. @cdco I went to Goodwood today as well, and my mind says the same too; it's Evora "rebooted". The Evora layout was a good formula (how many of us Evora owners have used the back seat of the 2+2 as if it was a 2+0 - quite a few I think including me), so has always been quite practical. Thing is my belief is that Lotus really couldn't call it Evora because the whole Lotus brand has had a refresh and a reboot under the new owners. My feeling is that this way helps to do away with any stigma/preconceptions from what has gone before, e.g. Lots Of Trouble..., perceived build quality etc. and will broaden the appeal of the brand. I like the car very much and it could be a worthy replacement for my Evora. I now have to make the man maths work! That might be easier when the new finance deals are announced (iirc this September).
  8. Sorry, I don't know of a fix on the earlier HVAC units (I notice that they are now "E" spec and cost around £1600). With the evaporator icing on my Evora, it usually has quite a bit of a wee-wee after a run of over half an hour with the aircron on. By the way could be worth checking when you look at the drain tubes that you have the SB 2010/03 drain tube routing/length modification embodied.
  9. @cdco is the fan stopping or is it that you get no airflow through any of the vents after a bit with the aircon on? If the fan is stopping on speeds 1 to 3 it could be the fan speed resistors. They are cooled by the incoming airflow stream according to the Service Notes; I cannot see a separate resistor pack listed in the Service Parts so I take it that the resistors are integral to the HVAC housing, unlike on the Elise/Exige/Europa S where the fan speed resistor pack is external. If not, then it sounds like the fan motor could be the problem (overheating possibly?). Or it could be a combination of both on the settings below full pelt. If it is a case of no airflow through the vents after about an hour it could be evaporator icing. My Launch Edition is prone to evaporator icing particularly when the aircon is set to full cold/recirc. I seem to recall a tech at a dealership I used to take the car to some years back telling me that it could be the thermistor positioning against the outlet side of the evaporator finning that is the problem (if it was U/S then there would be a fault code). I tend now not to use recirc unless I really must. Hope that helps.
  10. The quartz silver Evora N/A reg NJ59BHU with 6600 miles on the clock went for £29000 in the end accroidng to the Automotive Auctions website. 🤨
  11. @Daveb99 I can confirm that my Evora Launch Edition only has the one plaque on the driver's side door sill as per Windymiller's photo earlier in the thread.
  12. I received a certificate from PJS as well for a service my Evora had in September. I was pleased too. I like the personal touch, and always enjoy having a natter with Paul Shipley. It's always a pleasant experience unlike where I used to go to get my Spanish Golf serviced. The service people I got on with and built a rapport with at that dealership had either left/moved, and the new lot didn't jell with me and I felt like I was a just a the end I felt more like I was a number 2 so took my Leon elsewhere! Looking forward to taking the Evora back to PJS at the end of April for new tyres and some other minor work. 👍
  13. @Spanky3 I didn't pay any import duty or VAT when I got my sunshade from GRP that got shipped via FedEx. I think the shipping cost I paid covered that.
  14. I've also bought the UVS100. I got mine in early February directly from Greg's Race Parts and it cost me £85.72 including shipping ($61.00 USD + Postage: $51.00 USD).
  15. Yes, it started off as an aquamarine blue N/A like mine. The owner is down in New Zealand and has lots of post on the Facebook Lotus Evora Owners Group page. First, he modified it with a black pack then had the power uprated iirc, and added a GT4 wing along with 410 Sport type decals.
  16. Yes, for some of them Phil. According to the build spec letter I received with my Certificate of Proevenance, Andy Graham said that there were 8 press cars, then 17 dealer demos, then Evora VIN ending 0864 that went to Christopher Neil as a stock car (so not a demo or customer order), then the 1st retail car (AU59ACY / 0868) and then mine 0869, which made it the 28th UK Evora (and 75th production Evora - all markets) by VIN, but whilst my car was the 2nd Evora by chassis number to be customer ordered, it wasn't the 2nd customer delivery. Andy pointed out in an e-mail to me that "including the ‘date the car was signed from production’ & ‘date of sale’ as well in my workings makes things too complicated as cars do not go down the production line in serial number order as the VIN is determined before the car even starts on the line, but presenting the statistics in serial number sequence is a clear sequence people can follow".
  17. 🆒 Paul I don't know how many burnt orange Launch Editions were made, but if you have/get a Certificate of Provenance, Andy Graham, the Lotus Archivist, will detail production numbers for MY09 in the Build Specification Letter.
  18. That's the one! I forgot that you were at Hethel on the day Bibs.
  19. @SCMTBCOACH was your Evora originally registered as E6ACL? If it was, then it was the second Evora customer delivery on the same day the first car (AU59ACY) was handed over to its owner at the factory (my car is the second customer car by VIN but not delivery date). There were photos on a website called but sadly it's no longer active.
  20. Thanks @electro_boy; much appreciated. I'll have a look into the wider PS4S tyres.
  21. @Whitey The PS4S in the 18" size as a 225/40 ZR18 (92Y) XL is now listed on the Michelin UK website..... ......but I can't find it on any of the UK online retailer websites at the moment ☹️. I assume it would be a special order right now. I am changing out my PZeros in the spring, so thinking of going with the PS4 rather than PS4S for fast road driving as I don't track my Evora, and already have 225 40 ZR18 PS4 tyres (which I'm really happy with) on my daily driver Leon FR. How is the S1 NA with PS4 all round? Any change in cold pressures compared to the ones quoted in the handbook for the PZeros?
  22. Another vote for the Airflow battery conditioner. I had one for my Europa S and have had one for the last 7 years for the Evora. No issues and a 6 year old Varta Silver battery still going strong.
  23. As has been said above, the dealer was asking questions on the Lotus Evora Owners Group on Facebook yesterday about this car regarding whether it was "fully loaded" and asking for opinions on pricing, with three photos. A couple of us think it looks very similar to the Evora that was for sale in Derby before Christmas. I know of one other early persian blue/oyster LE Evora, which is on the LE register thread. @jamesbilluk is this your Evora or have you still got it?
  24. Unfortunately, the exterior door handles are not available in the correct body colour Dave, so it will be a case of remove/prep/paint. According to the Evora service parts list, the door handles are only available as chrome finish or no finish (see ).
  25. Is it me or does this LHD Turbo Esprit advertised on the Car & Classic website at the moment look like it's brown metallic (or is it just bad lighting)? The Esprit brown looks like a darker shade (naff 007 decals though IMHO). I like the brown Evora too, but I wonder how easy it would be to move it on in the 2nd hand market. I think it's safe to say it's a Marmite colour (ooh there's a pun there!). Fire Red metallic would have been a far better choice (with black leather/silver stitching). I'm also with Techyd. The LOTUS decal on the rear transom is set too high. It needs to be lower down; back where it was on the S1, 400 & 410 Sport. Personally, for the GT look I'd also get rid of the shark fins too 🤓.
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