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  1. Yes, for some of them Phil. According to the build spec letter I received with my Certificate of Proevenance, Andy Graham said that there were 8 press cars, then 17 dealer demos, then Evora VIN ending 0864 that went to Christopher Neil as a stock car (so not a demo or customer order), then the 1st retail car (AU59ACY / 0868) and then mine 0869, which made it the 28th UK Evora (and 75th production Evora - all markets) by VIN, but whilst my car was the 2nd Evora by chassis number to be customer ordered, it wasn't the 2nd customer delivery. Andy pointed out in an e-mail to me that "including the ‘date the car was signed from production’ & ‘date of sale’ as well in my workings makes things too complicated as cars do not go down the production line in serial number order as the VIN is determined before the car even starts on the line, but presenting the statistics in serial number sequence is a clear sequence people can follow".
  2. 🆒 Paul I don't know how many burnt orange Launch Editions were made, but if you have/get a Certificate of Provenance, Andy Graham, the Lotus Archivist, will detail production numbers for MY09 in the Build Specification Letter.
  3. That's the one! I forgot that you were at Hethel on the day Bibs.
  4. @SCMTBCOACH was your Evora originally registered as E6ACL? If it was, then it was the second Evora customer delivery on the same day the first car (AU59ACY) was handed over to its owner at the factory (my car is the second customer car by VIN but not delivery date). There were photos on a website called but sadly it's no longer active.
  5. Thanks @electro_boy; much appreciated. I'll have a look into the wider PS4S tyres.
  6. @Whitey The PS4S in the 18" size as a 225/40 ZR18 (92Y) XL is now listed on the Michelin UK website..... ......but I can't find it on any of the UK online retailer websites at the moment ☹️. I assume it would be a special order right now. I am changing out my PZeros in the spring, so thinking of going with the PS4 rather than PS4S for fast road driving as I don't track my Evora, and already have 225 40 ZR18 PS4 tyres (which I'm really happy with) on my daily driver Leon FR. How is the S1 NA with PS4 all round? Any change in cold pressures compared to the ones quoted in the handbook for the PZeros?
  7. Another vote for the Airflow battery conditioner. I had one for my Europa S and have had one for the last 7 years for the Evora. No issues and a 6 year old Varta Silver battery still going strong.
  8. As has been said above, the dealer was asking questions on the Lotus Evora Owners Group on Facebook yesterday about this car regarding whether it was "fully loaded" and asking for opinions on pricing, with three photos. A couple of us think it looks very similar to the Evora that was for sale in Derby before Christmas. I know of one other early persian blue/oyster LE Evora, which is on the LE register thread. @jamesbilluk is this your Evora or have you still got it?
  9. Unfortunately, the exterior door handles are not available in the correct body colour Dave, so it will be a case of remove/prep/paint. According to the Evora service parts list, the door handles are only available as chrome finish or no finish (see ).
  10. Is it me or does this LHD Turbo Esprit advertised on the Car & Classic website at the moment look like it's brown metallic (or is it just bad lighting)? The Esprit brown looks like a darker shade (naff 007 decals though IMHO). I like the brown Evora too, but I wonder how easy it would be to move it on in the 2nd hand market. I think it's safe to say it's a Marmite colour (ooh there's a pun there!). Fire Red metallic would have been a far better choice (with black leather/silver stitching). I'm also with Techyd. The LOTUS decal on the rear transom is set too high. It needs to be lower down; back where it was on the S1, 400 & 410 Sport. Personally, for the GT look I'd also get rid of the shark fins too 🤓.
  11. I'm surprised that Lotus are not buying back the 414E for the factory museum. At £80k it seems to be an absolute bargain. I should think that an EV conversion for the Evora would be possibly in that region if you take into account buying a donor car as well. Plus with the 414E you get the range extender too.
  12. I've identified that the blue low profile jacks used as Hethel are Clarke 1.25 tonne jobbies. @philcool do you know what brand the red 25 tonne low profile jacks are in your photo?
  13. Yep, thumbs up for the E38 Varta Silver Dynamic battery. I've had one on my Launch Edition for 5 years now and it's still going strong (I keep it on a battery conditioner when not in use).
  14. Yes, there are a few around the Burton/Ashby/Swad area. I'm in Ashby with a Launch Edition, there's Brendan in Twycross who has an early N/A in red (I believe another Launch Edition?), then there's a laser blue S1 Evora in Castle Donington, and the white S1 you've mentioned I've seen at Swarkestone Bridge heading towards Derby during the morning commute when I was living in Burton (not far from Unit 4 and a few miles from PJS). I think there might be a yellow S1 Evora in Moira, but not sure, and I believe there might be one other Evora S1 in Burton. There was a 410 Sport in Etwall, but not sure if the guy still has it as one remarkably similar to his popped up for sale at Sytner Select Leicester a couple of months ago. Both his car and mine appeared in Absolute Lotus magazine last year for the Evora Evaluation feature.
  15. Try . Here's a link to the door trim page: Is it item #17 you are after? New ones are quite expensive. Alternatively try Elise-Spares in Norfolk. They might have good condition second hand ones available. Their telephone number is 01508 498 899.
  16. @jamesbilluk yes, the blue one in Derby definitely has the premium pack (as previously mentioned it's probably a Launch Edition); additional identifiers of the premium pack are the rear seat, door cards, lower dashboard (glove box door etc.), centre console sides and door sill covers will be all leather. From one of the interior photos I can tell the sill covers and centre console are of the all leather variety. It might also have a "Launch Edition" plaque on the driver's door sill near the B pillar.
  17. Just some details I noticed with the red Evora AU10BHN. The indicator repeaters are the wrong way round on front clam, i.e. trailing edge forwards. Looks like they have been off/replaced at some point. The leather is missing from top half of the gear knob and the spare key looks like it's just a transponder key with no buttons, hence why the key fob is covering it in the photo. I also noticed the aforementioned rear seat wear; looks like a baby elephant has been in the back!
  18. Passed a silver Evora S1 with black pack (reg KS10TUS?) on the bend just after the Hepworth Road traffic lights in Woodville heading towards the Clock Garage. I was in my Leon DD driving the other way towards Ashby De La Zouch. Was it the silver N/A IPS that had been for sale at Acorn Group Burntwood around April 2020 site?
  19. "The modern cars vanishing from our roads. We reveal the cars most in danger of going extinct, going from most models left in existence, to least We’re not even two decades in and already there are some 21st century cars that are heading towards extinction. When did you last see a Renault Vel Satis, a Suzuki Kizashi or an MG Rover CitiRover? And how many times is Cadillac going to try and relaunch its range in Europe? Here are the desperate last rolls of the dice, half-baked segment busters hoping to snare indulgent middle class whims, tentative ventures into alternative propulsion systems, children of unfortunate alliances and plain old turkeys – all populate our gallery of 21st century misfits: 37: Lotus Evora Launched: 2009 Total sales: c850 Numbers left: 718 It’s not been a huge seller, despite its many merits. Its big problem is Porsche, and a price that has risen, in real terms, over the years. Its 100% apparent survival rate is impressive." All I can say is what a truly meaningless article, but there again it is from Autocar. The VX220 is also included at #38.
  20. The Elise Shop ones are Autel MX sensors, which cost in the region of about £25ish, but need programming (hence why they are £60 a corner from there). I guess it depends if you want to faff with the programming or just "fit and forget". The Huf ones are pre-programmed. I've done quite a few searches (and had read the above thread) and the best price I've come up with for pre-programmed sensors is about £23.50 per unit. Anyone able to source programmed TPMS sensors/sensors+programmer for less?
  21. @SCMTBCOACH I'm planning to change the TPMS sensors on my Lauch edition next year when I get a set of PS4 tyres fitted all round, so did some research and found these OEM TPMS sensors on Ebay from a supplier in Leicestershire, UK: And non-OE source as well (from Germany), which are cheaper and will proabably do the job for under £100: Elise Shop also has a non-OE alternative that is the most expensive option at £60 per corner + P&P:
  22. Yes, not all GT410s have the ducktail. The one on Strictly is a "Phil's spec" GT410 and not a GT410 Sport, so it has a conventional tailgate/spoiler & body colour roof, along with a softer suspension. Interestingly, the press car is devoid of the "shark fin" decals ahead of the rear wheels, so makes it look even more like a 400 without a black pack, so I can see why you thought it was an older model Evora. If I had the money, I'd have one in that colour to go with my blue S1 Launch Edition. 😍 @C8RKH yes I did mention Fire Red 😀. Your car is sheer automotive pornography!
  23. I think it's the GT410 press car HL66LCL by the looks of things; it's likely Lotus got hold of the reg as it reads "HetheL '66 Lotus Cars Limited" so not the usual Norfolk "AU" plate and is a nice touch I think. I lust after that car as I really like the Evora in fire red.
  24. Well that didn't hang around for long, it's sold already according to Pistonheads. Someone has bagged an absolute bargain! 👍
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