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  1. That's a shame. Mine goes into Lotus Silverstone for its annual service on Friday and the evaporator icing problem was going to be looked at. It's begining to sound like it's a feature/quirk (a case of TADTS?). Looking at the airflow diagram I wonder if anything can be done beyond the drain pipe SB and removal of the two one way valves? Could the ECU software be tweaked by Lotus to better regulate refrigerant flow to prevent the air temperature getting too low? I know that there is now a modified HVAC housing but it probably wouldn't make a difference; the parts list states "the D level assembly is wider than previous levels fitted at SOP. If replacing an assembly prior to 10MY vin AH_10901 also change the RH steering rack mounting bracket with the lastest level bracket see 32.03."
  2. Yep, definitely looked like a scam to me; there was significant lack of detail in the advert and the selling price was too good to be true at £20k for a 23k miles motor with no mention of it being a repaired write-off. I reported it to Pistonheads on Friday night. Glad the ad has been removed.
  3. No problem Gav. Here's the excerpt from Page 52 of Section EMR in the Service Notes:- A/C Evaporator temperature sensor P0537 A/C Evaporator temperature sensor circuit low P0538 A/C Evaporator temperature sensor circuit high Description The A/C system incorporates an evaporator temperature sensor for system control. This is a thermistor device that changes resistance with temperature. As the evaporator temperature decreases the thermistor resistance value increases, and conversely as the evaporator temperature increases so the thermistor resistance value decreases. Sensor connections Sensor Connector Description ECU Pin ECU Connector 1 Sensor signal A3 48 Way (Right) 1 Sensor ground K3 48 Way (Right) Monitor: • Continuous Enable Criteria: • Vehicle Running Disable Criteria: • None Malfunction Criteria: • P0537 – Signal voltage < 0.049V for 1.5 seconds • P0538 – Signal voltage > 4.399V for 1.5 seconds Potential failure modes: • Thermistor wiring open circuit or shorted • Thermistor fault Diagnostic Mask: • The service light will be illuminated for 30 seconds after engine start if the fault has been present for the previous two trips.
  4. My Launch Edition has evaporator freezing a few times. It normally happens when the AC is on full cold/blower is on 3 or 4 and the outside air temperature is above 20°C. I have confimred this using my borescope (see link below as I've just about used my attachement quota). Some have mentioned in other threads that water is backing up the drain pipe from the heater/AC box due to a blocked one way valve, causing the water to freeze, so have had it removed.It's something I'm going to have looked at at the next service, but it could be soemthing else. EDIT: I know the thermistor isn't boken because there would be an ODB code and the spanner light would be on (the Service Notes quote that "A thermostat, using a thermistor positioned against the outlet side of the evaporator finning, monitors the temperature of the refrigerated air and signals the ECU to regulate refrigerant flow in order to provide an output air temperature just above that at which ice may form on the evaporator.") niggles%2Ffaults - Evora Chat - The Lotus Forums&txt=
  5. Maybe, but if the code is stamped on the webbing next to the left hand mounting as per illustration there is a chance to see it. EDIT: the web is visible just under the airbox, but if a cold air intake is fitted it will probably be much easier to see. Mine doesn't have the code as per the photo as it's a long box LE. But, yes by far the easiest way is to look at the revs at a particular speed. Mine does 70mph just under 2000 RPM.
  6. The Evora is the Type 122. I previously owned a Type 121 a.k.a. the Europa S. The SR box can be identified as per the Service Notes description below.
  7. Hoping to be at Brands by 9am on Saturday M42/M40/M25 permitting. The Launch Edition (#2 customer Evora by VIN) can be reserve/16th/wherever there's space or whatever if needed (I see there are 16 cars on Sunday :-) ).
  8. @62dave sorry to see the damage to your Evora. Maybe the fella over at the playground who has Evora S/400 hybrid is willing to sell his S1 front bumper to you? Might be tempted to buy it as a spare myself for mine thinking about it if the original bumpers are on long term back order! Specialised Paintwork have a couple more photos of the S/400 hybrid.
  9. If you have an Alpine W505 without the removable Blackbird unit but with the separate NVE-M300P it's fairly easy, but can be a faff. I updated mine last year. First you need to prepare the M300P with the Text-To-Speech (TTS) Management update tool which loads onto a USB stick. Once the sat nav has received the TTS update (this only has to be done once), prepare the USB stick with the map update tool (it puts the relevant files onto the USB stick to enable the sat nav to upload updates). See Once the map update tool in on the USB stick (the "M3" folder") you need to purchase updated map(s) at You will need to register with Alpine before purchase and will have to install a Naviextras Toolbox app onto you computer to load the map updates onto the USB stick. Once you've bought the updates and loaded them onto the USB stick via the Naviextra toolbox, follow the instructions back on the webpage and the sat nav should then be updated. I think that the USB stick needs to FAT 32 format rather than NTFS otherwise the sat nav unit won't pick it up.
  10. Do you mean the Berlin one is unofficial Alan? I thought the Leipzig dealership was pucker and listed on the Lotus dealer locator. Loving it with Lotus on Porsche's doorstep.
  11. Very very nice. Porsche test track Leipzig? I was suprised to find out a couple of months ago that there is a Lotus dealership in Leipzig (I was just checking in case I have to relocate in case of a Brexit - the company I work for has it's main European air hub next door at the airport - you can't miss it because the buidings and aeroplanes are very yellow!).
  12. Yesterday (Thursday) I tried the RainX windscreen repair kit to at least reduce the visible impact of the stone chip the Evora's windscreen received on Monday (due to a prat in a Vauxhall Astra on the A50 Groby bypass). My insurer charges £25 for windscreen chip repairs and according to the Autoglass website the chip in the Evora windscreen was too small for them to repair (about 2mm across). For the sake of spending a tenner in Halfords it was worth a go, even just to reduce the noticeable white bit of the chip as part of the outer ply of glass had flaked. Here are the photos: And now the magic begins...... Resin applied. Curing strip placed on the windsceen once the air bubble removal procedure has been completed. The resin is very runny so needs to be used sparingly. The curing strip procedure might need to be repeated, so I found it best to use a smaller bit (I cut a smaller section out from one of the spare trips to make it eaiser). Once the excess has been removed with the supplied razor blade (and after a little bit of polishing) this is the result........ It's not perfect, but not bad for a DIY job that cost a tenner!
  13. Nearly seven year old 2009 (59) Launch Edition owned since March 2014. March 2014 (12300 miles) - faded bonnet badge Replaced by dealer as part of purchase deal May 2014 (12800 miles) - Intermittent cruise control Fixed by dealer under used car warranty - clutch position sensor adjusted May 2014 (12800 miles) - Rear bumper paintwork issues and rear badge badly repaired Fixed by dealer as a gesture of goodwill - paintwork refinished and Evora badge replaced September 2014 (13500 miles) - Leaking air conditioning condenser Fixed by dealer under used car warranty - condenser replaced September 2014 (13500 miles) - Free play in steering column (vertically) - same "popping" type behaviour as mentioned by a previous poster Fixed by dealer at owner's expense - spacer B132U0523F added to steeing column September 2015 (14900 miles) - driver's door handle baulking; only able to open the door from the inside. Fixed by dealer at owner's expense - door lock mechanism lubricated and release cable adjusted September 2015 (14900 miles) - replace instrument panel due to dead pixels in right hand digital display Fixed by dealer at customer's expense Instrument cluster digital display dead pixels. Previous owner history (I'm sure they won't be listing any of them): 800 miles - car recovered as a non-starter Fixed under warranty - open circuit fixed - investigate driver and passenger doors not unlocking with remote Fixed under warranty - Thatcham covers fettled 4400 miles - renew glove box check strap Fixed under warranty - item replaced - Investigate front clamshell rubbing against offside A pillar trim Fixed under warranty - A pillar trim replaced - water ingress in boot Fixed under warranty - SB carried out - rusted nuts and washers in boot area Fixed under warranty - items replaced 7400 miles - investigate sat nav issues Fixed under warranty - Alpine IVA-W505R with blackbird unit replaced with a non-blackbird one and M300 sat nav fitted - headlights not fitting flush with body Fixed under warranty - headlights adjusted - clutch squeak Fixed under warranty - clutch pivot arm lubricated - paint issue on front corner (which one isn't documented) Fixed under warranty - paintwork refinished - rattle from black panel under windscreen when idling Fixed under warranty - trim packed out and new fixings used - both drivers and passenger door handles broken Fixed under warranty - items replaced post painting - reverse gate collar stuck up Fixed under warranty - attend to nearside A pillar seal Fixed under warranty - replace cracked A pillar trim Fixed under warranty - item replaced - nearside door seal distorted Fixed under warranty - item replaced 9800 miles - both headlamps peeling Fixed under warranty - headlamps refinished 12200 miles - difficulty closing boot Fixed by dealer at customer's expense - boot striker adjusted and latch lubricated FAULT CURRENTLY BEING ASSESSED 15200 miles - aircon evaporator icing with setting full cold/full fan speed in ambient temperatures of 20-25 degrees C (the evaporator is supposed to be kept just above freezing point). Will report back after investigation at next convenient opportunity. Borescope of evaorator freezing My car has a little wee wee after a journey on a hot day (once the evaporator has warmed up and the ice has melted)! Apparently SB 2010/03 has been embodied.
  14. ^^ This. Probably worth just a visual check of the plugs given the low mileage of 25k and replace if required @Jmanji. The manual possibly assumes an average mileage of 10-12k miles per annum. If the car had done say 50-60k then if it was me, yes I'd get the plugs done. Mine had its 6 year service last September and with only about 14.5k on the clock I decided not to change the plugs (second opinion from the Service Manager of the dealership I took it to was that he thought my reasoning was sound). I'm all for precautionary maintenance (once I had a set of plugs replaced after a misfire due to a dodgy coil pack on the Europa S I used to have) but on that occassion with the Evora it did not appear to be worth it, especially given my vehicle's history. In the end though it's what you feel most comfortable with.
  15. Any updates on when the magazine will come out Bibs?
  16. Would love an Evora Launch Edition one with my car's original registration, epsecially as mine is production Evora #75/UK production car #28 and the 2nd UK Evora with a customer as first owner by VIN (though not by delivery date; second delivery was to Andrew Laing at Hethel after Matt Melling picked up "Evora #1" - my car is the next chassis number on from that one).
  17. Back to photos of Evoras; here's mine today after a quick jaunt into Derby before it rained. Can somebody tell the clouds and rain to go away!
  18. Impressed with 36kg total so far (save for the temporary de-modifcation). Wasn't far off then with my man maths guestimate of 9 Multi-mighties in the Feb 2016 - Best Evora Battery Replacement thread when I attempted to compare the equivalent lithium set up with a Varta lead acid battery.
  19. @JayEmm Looks good to me - not chavvy at all. I'd not class that as a diddy numberplate - just a not as wide one due to the aforementioned reduction in digits. @Danelaw Did you get a light weight battery in the end to help with all these marginal gains in weight saving you are making? The aerospace engineer in me is curious to know how much weight you've saved so far on your S.
  20. To be honest, I'd rather be reffered to as a passionate Lotus enthusiast, but I admit to being a total car nerd and I need to get out more (in the Evora of course!). Wasn't wishing to offend, just trying to be helpful. @JayEmm I watched you first video diary (which I loved by the way) on Thursday night and yes your plate looks perfectly legal - didn't notice anything wrong with it at all. EDIT: sorry forgot you are getting private plates - was it the latter you were referring to? Point taken on the less letters bit and as @CocoPops also mentioned with the spacing so the plate doesn't need to be so wide. I got the wrong end of the stick; it's the really small ones, with the smaller lettering I was thinking of (maybe I have small numberplate OCD). There was a guy not far from me in Leicester who I seem to recall had a Europa S with a very small front number (used to see it every so often when he drove through Ashby to and from work) - could hardly read it until that car was just about passing me. I'm sure the front plate on the Europa of the guy I'm referring to was too small, as I recollect the last time I saw the car it had a normal sized front number plate on it. It might not just be Plod (who probaly couldn't be bothered unless was a slow crime day), but any overzealous MOT tester. Some of the comments on MOTs I've had done on some cars have been downright silly like corrosion on the brake discs; the car had been standing in the rain for a couple days and hadn't been driven! Please don't get me started on MOT failures for light bulbs that break between me parking up at the MOT station and the MOT tester getting in the car and not noticing the blown light bulb indicator lit up in the instrument cluster). Off now to hide behind the sofa .
  21. Hate to be a party pooper, but aren't the diddy number plates illegal? The lettering has to be a specific size acording to DVLA document INF104 Vehicle registration numbers and number plates. I've got a private plate on mine so I don't want small lettering anyway. Plates with the black background and silver/white lettering are also illegal on any motor registered from 1973 onwards; I always find it strange when people put that type of plate on a modern car because I think it looks silly.
  22. Good luck @CocoPops! I'm seriously lusting after fire red metallic Evora 400 at Lotus Silverstone, but am resisting even a test drive in a 400 (especially as the man maths isn't working out the way I want it to!) because it will only go one way.
  23. Been in a similar situation with a now defunct Lotus dealership in Leicester. I went to look at a low mileage, keenly priced laser blue LE in July 2013 (8000 miles car originally from Stratton Motor Company). It was advertised on line on the Friday/Saturday and I went to view it on the Sunday. I had a good look over it, but it hadn't been prepped so was refused a test drive. I was told by the sales lady that someone else was going to view the car later, but it would be in the workshop until at least Tuesday. I said I was interested, but needed to organise the finance and would really prefer to test drive it, so held off slapping down a deposit there and then. The finance was sorted on the Monday afternoon (a bit tight but do-able) so I rang the dealership only to be told that it had been sold. I wasn't pelased. I think it had been promised to the other person because it felt to me that the sales lady was not exactly wanting to sell me the car. . My advice is don't buy unseen unless you have a deep wallet or you are good at gambling. Hang on in there; your Evora will be waiting for you (mine was), it just might take some time to find it. Put your name down with several dealers and give them your spec EDIT: if you have already done this. You might have to travel - I bought mine form B&C which is a 300 mile round trip from Ashby. That way you get to know about Evoras before they are advertised. Hope that helps.
  24. I like my killer attack dog/old sofa with a boot big enough for all my cat food requirements (and I don't own a cat or a tiger).
  25. I think it might possibly be a pre-production car as the Certificate of Vehicle Provenance for mine states that production started in April 2009. B&C had the first production car as a demonstrator; an aqaumarine blue/oyster with silver forged wheels, reg RX09CYS according to the Lotus Enthusiast website. Still a bargain though if anyone is looking for an Evora left hooker. By the way what's with the few NA cars on Auto Trader all being quoted as having 345bhp?
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