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  1. It's not got the premium pack as far as I can see because in addition to no armrest, the centre console sides and the lower half of the dashboard are fabric covered. I did notice though that the sill covers are all leather. I bet that they were retrofitted to replace the part fabric/part leather covers, no doubt as part of the interior mod including covering the dash switch panels, which wasn't exactly well executed hence why the sport and traction control buttons are indented. The button module probably isn't properly attached to the right hand switch panel.
  2. The dash has been modified to look like it has the later panels, but I'm wondering if they are the original alu finished panels with a dark kind of wrap over the top. The fit isn't great especially around the buttons for the lights, fuel filler and sport mode. The LOTUS badging on the rear has also been changed out for decals that are in the higher position on the rear transom as per the GT410/430. Nice car though in canyon red that I feel just needs a little spruce up in a couple of areas.
  3. Here it is from the first series - the red Edmonds Turbo Esprit. I came across it a couple of days ago so have popped on my YT channel. Until finding the title sequence again my only memory was of this red Esprit with LOTUS embossed on the rear bumper being diven by Noel. Enjoy 🙂
  4. Red B reg Excel waiting to turn out of the Esso petrol station on Ashby Road, Burton On Trent at 6pm 15th Dec 2021. I was driving towards Ashby in the Eurobox daily driver.
  5. The midnight blue Stratton Elise disappeared from Autotrader not long after my previous post in November 2021, but the car has reappeared at Castle Sportscars in Essex. The description confirms what had previously been mentioned about a project to put an automatic gearbox into the Elise and this car was one of the vehicles from that project.
  6. @Peekirby-S3 ta da...... sn_mp14h_circuits_2012MY Elise_Elise_S.pdf
  7. Donington Park and Mallory Park are only 19 miles away from each other here in Leicestershire and only about 40 minutes travelling time between the two as well, so they could be done within an hour. 😀
  8. Other than the Seriously Lotus forged alloys that are around £2000 a set, I've found two sets of alloys offered by Revolution Wheels (they advertise in Absolute Lotus Magazine). Their cast TC5 and CR10 wheels are about half the money. Prices and specifications Revloution Wheels sent to me for the Elise S3: CR10 Flow-Formed in matt black all over or with bright lip (photo of the CR10 fitted to a 250 Cup sent to me by Revolution Wheels attached). 16 x 7.0 ET 28 17 x 8.0 ET 35 £876.00 TC5 Flow-Formed in mystic silver all over 16 x 7.0 ET 31 17 x 8.0 ET 38 £876.00 I've just pre ordered set of TC5s for using on track days next year. I chose them over the CR10s becaue I wanted rims in silver and to Lotus specified offsets as I'll be interchanging the wheels with the OEM rims so won't want to be messing around with 3mm spacers. My first preference was in fact for a set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 rims, but Rimstock say that they have no intention to manufacture those for the foreseeable future and I have a budget of less than £1000 GBP, which means that the Seriously Lotus forged rims are not an option for me. I think the TC5 rims will look good in the flesh on my S3 and remind me of the cast silver wheels I have on my early Evora. Expected delivery February 2022 - can't wait!
  9. Here's the wheels specs from the Service Notes for the Toyota drivetrain Elise and Exige. Lotus Elise S2-S3_Exige S2 Toyota Drive Train Service Notes Wheel Specs.pdfLotus Elise S2-S3_Exige S2 Toyota Drive Train Service Notes Wheel Specs.pdfLotus Elise S2-S3_Exige S2 Toyota Drive Train Service Notes Wheel Specs.pdfLotus Elise S2-S3_Exige S2 Toyota Drive Train Service Notes Wheel Specs.pdfLotus Elise S2-S3_Exige S2 Toyota Drive Train Service Notes Wheel Specs.pdf
  10. No worries. I've just found that the engine number is on the invoice shown in image no.7 in the advert. Zooming in it looks like it starts with 1ZR. I also see that the invoice calls the car a Stratton Motorsport Elise 1.6Ltr, so the ad on Autotrader is incorrect listing it as a 1.8 S.
  11. My recall of how long ago the car was up for sale and where the dealer was in Essex is out, but that is the Elise I remember. It think it was up for £24k at the time back in 2018. From the photos on Autotrader, that looks to me like a 1ZR engine with the cover missing, confirming it's a 1.6, and not a 2ZR with a supercharger.
  12. It was previously sold by Jon Seal (he had it up for sale in April 2016) Originally sold by Bell & Colvill. Its registration is two letters away from my LE's original reg. YouTube vid link from 5 years ago:
  13. I have a vague recollection that Stratton got hold of some cars from the factory that had been used for automatic gearbox testing (or something along those lines relating to the fitment of an auto box) and had been rebuilt back to standard manual spec then sold on. I recall one being up for sale at a non-Lotus used car dealership in Colchester about 5 years ago. I think it was a 1.6 and might have been midnight blue or similar; it was a few thousand pounds cheaper than equivalent S3s on the market at the time. I was planning to go and have a look at it, but it had already moved on by the time I could firm up a trip to see it.
  14. My guess is that the reg is a reference to Lotus moving to Hethel in 1966. To me the plate reads HetheL '66 Lotus Cars Ltd. A nice touch I think.
  15. Yes, I confirm that TPMS is part of the tech pack. My Launch Edition has it (2009 vintage). I replaced all the TPMS sensors earlier this year when I had new tyres fitted. Due to a shortage of the OEM sensors at the time, the garage tried Herth & Buss HER70699443 sensors, which had been recommended to them by a reliable source, but they were a disaster. They never worked, so OEM sensors went in when they became available.
  16. Passed an Emira mule going northbound on the A11 near the Elveden war memorial at about 7pm Saturday 30th Oct. Dark at the time and the rear number plate was filthy. Reg looked like it was AU70CNY or similar.
  17. I thought the Emira, like the Evora before it, has coilovers all round already due to the double wishbone setup on all four corners. Do you mean adjustable coilovers?
  18. I use normal unleaded in my NA and have no issues at all. So fill your boots, or should that be your tank? I will however be filling up the Evora's tank with super unleaded for its lay up over the winter, especially so as super is still E5, therefore slightly less hygroscopic I guess, and will do the same when I put my 2ZZ powered Elise S3 into winter hibernation as well. Hopefully by then I won't need to play petrol pump roulette anymore at the filling station!
  19. @thebartman here's a link that might also help you:
  20. BTW these are the gloves I bought and they are really good (am breaking them in at the moment and they feel great).
  21. As Bibs said, try before you buy. I've just bought an Elise S3 to track and had researched several helmets, full and open face, on the Internet as possible options. I decided to go for FIA approved kit (which is also Snell approved) as there's a bit of fire protection (I have FIA approved gloves and boots too). I visited GSM Performance as that outlet is fairly close to where I live, but they didn't have one of the helmets I wanted to try and some of the ones I did want to try were not in the correct size. I also went to GP Racewear at Silverstone a few days ago and they had a better range of helmets and corresponding sizes. I ended up with an Arai GP-Jet 3 open-face helmet, which is likw what I think I wore at the Lotus Driving Academy in July just gone when I did my Bronze Licence. It was the ideal compromise because as I wear glasses I was having trouble finding a suitable full-face helmet (although the OMP GP-R helmet came close), plus I felt I didn’t need HANS posts as I have no plans to fit a four or five point harness to the Elise, negating the need for a HANS device. The only downside of going for an open-face helmet is the reduction in lower jaw protection. To try to partially negate this the Arai helmet I chose has more pronounced “jowls” than some of the other open-face helmets I was considering like the Bell Mag Titanium helmet. Here are links to the websites of the two outlets. Links:
  22. If the above doesn't work then the connector can be soldered back on but it necessitates removal of the tailgate. The first attempt to reattach one of the connectors on the rear window of my Evora using electrically conductive glue failed, so I had PJS Lotus take the tailgate off and resolder the connector back on, which has done the trick. It was about 2 hours labour from memory. The alternative would have been either leave it & do without rear window heating or replace the window glass, which would have been very expensive .
  23. An alternative view on the flight data recorders comments though. Yes Alan, you are correct that flight data recorders do not make pilots safer. However, in very brief terms (I could write a whole book on the topic of flight data recording and use of the data but would bore everyone on this forum thread to death! ) the data from these recorders does help in reducing the risk of serious incidents and accidents in commercial aviation through routine analysis and feedback. This is part of a more holistic airline "safety management" approach, which is all about learning, looking at things from reactive, proactive and predictive stand points. As you mention, pilots are constantly monitored. Along with other components of the safety management system, one of the inputs is from "Flight Data Monitoring" (FDM for short). The way this is done is by using a parallel feed from the "black box" (which is orange - I love that fact). There are protocols etc. in place for protection of individuals and the data but this is not the appropriate forum to go into these aspects. I think there is a distinction to be drawn here between the mandatory EU Regs "Car Data Recorders" (I see "big data" as an influence here, but on an "autopsy approach" basis) and the insurance companies' telemetrics "black boxes" to assess the day to day risks with the policy holders by monitoring the way they drive. It will be interesting to see how things pan out with the EU regulation. The subject of monitoring has been and is an emotive topic. I cannot see continuous monitoring of all drivers being a thing right now. Setting out the EU regulations is one thing, but implementation when it comes to processes and procedures for where, when and how to acquire/process/analyse the car data recorder data will be another thing. Just my two pennies of thought there...
  24. Sounds quite Orwellian, 1984 and all that, but I don't think that will happen in the UK & EU because there is a clause in the EU Regulation that says the data is "anonymised and protected against manipulation and misuse". It goes on to say that "an event recorder shall not be capable of recording and storing the last four digits of the vehicle identification section of the vehicle identification number or any other information which could allow the individual vehicle, its owner or holder, to be identified." When these recorders come in I am going to assume that for a major prang, i.e. life threatening injuries or fatalities involved, only then will the police download the information. According to EU 2019/2144 parameters recorded include vehicle speed, braking (manual/automatic application & force I assume), position and tilt of the vehicle on the road, state and rate of all safety system activations, 112 (999 in UK) based e-Call in vehicle system activation, brake activation and relevant input parameters of the on-board active safety and accident avoidance systems". I wouldn't be surprised if Aurstralia carbon copied the legislation (I believe that ANCAP is based on Euro NCAP so there is precedence). Recorders will be mandatory on all automated, which seems sensible to me.
  25. I'm not sure, but quite a lot of the tech mentioned in the regulation already exists. It's just going to be more advanced for the most part. I've read that rear collision sensors will also be mandatory for instance. Good news (I think) regarding the data recorders; advice in the reg states "event data recorder’ means a system with the only purpose of recording and storing critical crash-related parameters and information shortly before, during and immediately after a collision". I've not yet found a definition for the amount of time "shortly before" means. My interpretation is that routine data monitoring (like what I do for a living with commercial jet airliners) is not going to happen. Also I don't think the recorder data will be accessed by the insurance company in the event of a claim. The regulation quotes that the recorders will collect de-identified data only. It goes on to say that "the data that they are capable of recording can be made available to national authorities, on the basis of Union or national law, only for the purpose of accident research and analysis, including for the purposes of type approval of systems and components".
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