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  1. Here's another one for the register that's been mentioned on the Evora Market Watch thread. AU58AEK; aquamarine with paprika interior. One of the ten aquamarine LEs mentioned in the letter that came with my Certificate Of Provenance, and the only one with a paprika interior.




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  2. The blue Evora on Ebay is one of the 10 aquamarine Evora Launch Editions and the only one that was specified with a paprika interior. The other nine cars, including mine, have the oyster interior. I recall this car being for sale at Central Lotus a few years back, just as the advert says.

    It seems keenly priced at £26k. It's shame that the advert lacks interior photos. I wonder what condition the driver's seat bolster, passenger airbag and dash top centre seam are in.

  3. I had been thinking about the silent indicators on my Elise S3, then came across this thread from the Exige V6 part of the forum. Well, the mod works for the Elise S3 as well!

    I bought this flasher relay and swapped it out for the silent Perei module.

    Happy days! Clicky indicators and hazard lights. For the sake of £9 it is one of the best and cheapest modifications yet that I've made to my Elise.


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  4. I've heard that the tailgate hinges need to be undone to lift out the tailgate if both the electrical and emergency release mechanisms fail.

    Funnily enough the boot release on my Launch Edition played up two weekends ago. The collar that holds the release rod in the boot catch lever fell out. I could hear the actuator working but the boot didn't open.It had been an extremely hot day and the collar was covered in grease. I cleaned up the collar then clipped it back in but decided to put in a preventative measure using a hot glue gun. I don't think the rod had cut through the collar. Whilst the hot glue gun fix looks to be a bit of a bodge it will stop the rod falling our again. Also, if the rod fails the glue is easily removed. I also added a dab of grease to the rod where it passes through the collar.


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