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  1. Episode 11 will come out in an hour or so. Thanks for watching!! I’m very close to the minimum number of hours for YouTube to pay me. I have no idea how much that will be. Probably $1. Haha The engine out is a 50/50 chance right now. The deciding factor is how much of the interior firewall has to come out to replace the rotted wood. If a bunch has to come out I am thinking there is a solid chance for easy timing belt access. Episode 12 will be at least front brakes and I’m going to drive this thing!! Aaron
  2. Hi. I bought a disgusting 1988 Lotus Esprit that I am attempting to save. At least one of the fuel tanks is bad, and I happen to have a set of good G-body tanks here. I'm not too worried about inets/outlets, just the shape. Does anyone know if a G tank will fir in a Steven's body? Oh and if you want to see this disaster of a project car:
  3. Htown aka Craig, are you willing to share that .adx logging definition file that you used? Thanks, Aaron
  4. Do you have a link to your blog? I just purchased a S1 project in Texas myself. Aaron
  5. I'm pretty sure the 89-90 cars (at least) were wired for Bosch AND Delco injection (or carbs even?) from the factory and they just tied up the ones they didn't use. Aaron ATS Exotics
  6. I just dyno'd the ram air mod on an otherwise stock 1989 SE. Here are the before and after results.
  7. My esprit came to me with a Saratoga tinted plexiglass top. Last year I purchased a painted composite top off eBay, but they sent it with no latches or hardware. I'd like to have the option of either roof. So are the Lotus Esprit latches available still? Or has anyone discovered if they came from another vehicle? thanks. Aaron
  8. I just got an update from Anita. The said one of their suppliers screwed up, but they think they can fix it in the next week. She wasn't specific, but I am guessing they welded the wrong collector to my header. Aaron
  9. That's correct Zig. I ordered a Steven's manifold with external wastegate port as shown in the GB pictures. Aaron
  10. Son of a ...... Did anyone else get a "Thanks for waiting four months, but we didn't build yours correctly, intend to ship it to you that way, and are offering a piddly 60 pound refund" email? Aaron Dear Aaron We are unfortunately unable to supply your order to your exact specifications due to unforeseen circumstances and for that we apologise. We are in a position however, to offer you a complete Steven’s Manifold without wastegate port and without blanking plate and this can be shipped immediately. For this inconvenience, we are able to offer you a £50.00 refund (including VAT if applicable) against your original invoice price. If you could let us know your decision as soon as possible, we would appreciate it. Kind regards Anita Webster [email protected] Facebook - Alunox Race Exhausts
  11. I found it!! It's the Start Drop Out Relay. I tightened up the female spades and replaced the relay. So far so good. Aaron
  12. My AC is fully charged and blows cold. But recently while driving, the fan and AC will just turn off and stop working or blowing. It may come back on in a few minutes, or it may not come back on until the next time I drive it. The radio does the same thing, and some days I can only choose between one of the two working, either radio or AC. Today while sitting at a light with the windows down I decided to roll them up because the AC was working. The additional electrical load from raising the window caused the AC to turn off. Not slow down the fan speed, completely turn off. Any ideas? Thanks, Aaron
  13. ATSAaron


  14. That exit flange is centered on the turbine. The exit flange on the stock Stevens turbo is NOT centered on the turbine. So the exhaust will be off. Aaron
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