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  1. I had this happen three or four times in the first couple of years of ownership. Since I had the transmission control software updated three years ago, it hasn’t happened at all. it may be a coincidence of course, but the newer software certainly seemed a step up from the original.
  2. Ah, Brits always amuse me. Yeah, let’s cut down all the trees in our street so we don’t get some bird shit or a few leaves on the car... Look on the bright side, street trees obscure the boring shit box houses that most people in this country live in.
  3. Get a small spanner and try tightening the valve at the base where it is attached to the wheel. I had the exact same issue and repeatedly deflating and reflating the tyre did squat, even after repeated journeys (and with the TPMS stating it was at a higher pressure than the other tyres which weren’t flashing) Its’s got to be worth 30 seconds of your time?
  4. I had the same thing myself but it turned out that the valve needed a little tightening. Once I did this, the warning light went off after I drove it for a few miles. It may be worthwhile trying this before you buy new sensors?
  5. I sent them a sample of my paprika leather and bought one of their repair kits from them. Excellent colour match
  6. Well my dampers still haven’t arrived from the 19th of March and neither Lotus nor Motorsport Auctions have bothered to respond to my emails. Kind of annoying as they were such a good price. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to start a Paypal dispute to get a refund.
  7. Hmm, that’s a bit worrisome... Looks like something’s gone wrong with my order, I’ll chase them I know but Graham(?) was pretty good last time there was an issue with an order from slotus...
  8. The callipers I ordered arrived within 2 days, so all very Lotus I suppose! Fingers crossed for us all!
  9. Not received the dampers or a refund yet. Ordered them on the 19th of March- I’m guessing they aren’t going to turn up...
  10. Yup, they look absolutely fantastic, just waiting for the dampers to arrive now, Fast service as well, very impressed...
  11. I believe the dampers are normally about £500 each from DeRoure. I probably won’t need them for ages but you never know, one on my Elise failed at 40,000miles
  12. Yes you’re right, the dampers were far too cheap to ignore so I ordered a set today! Yes, I’ll be keeping the Evora for a while yet (unless the roadster eventually arrives) but I’m seriously contemplating a 1-2 year Elise 220 as a weekend car (although my wife may kill me..)
  13. I'll be doing the same myself- a complete set of red calipers and pads for £280 was too good to pass up. Just wonderng if I should get a spare set of dampers they’re advertising for £90...
  14. Hah, weird, never noticed this before! I guess it just caught my attention as it's much more pronounced on the left side than the right. Thanks for the reply, feel really stupid now...
  15. Definitely, the other side has a very slight dimple, but it's barely visible
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