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  1. or have IQs dropped sharply? Apologies for quoting Ellen Ripley, but I'm constantly surprised by how stupidly some people behave. Last bit of dascam footage I'll post here, but overtaking on a blind bend at a pelican crossing is a new one...
  2. Eh? Oh, that is a surprise as mine whistles as well... Sort of... I'd definitely be interested to see what you find out.
  3. Ha, there'll be no handing over of memory cards: if I decide to report this it'll be via email... I didn't expect this to start such an interesting debate. I can see both sides of the arguments regarding privacy but , whether you like it or not, the genie is well an truly out of the bottle with regards to privacy. I suspect that we'll all come to see a time where passive surveillance of practically all public spaces is ubiquitous. I take the point that none of us would like all our misdemeanours to be videoed and reported to the police, but I disagree with the statement that it is the responsibility of the police to catch people. The police are only there for when things go drastically wrong. Individual people and therefore society as a whole uphold the "correct" sort of behaviour. The fact remains this guy behaved recklessly and he deserves to be taken to task for this before he kills someone.
  4. Well, not sure that this is careless driving, that implies that he didn't mean to do this. Overtaking a car that has stopped infront of him to go through a red traffic light is idiotic by any definition. Perhaps 6 points on his licence is the kind of help he needs?
  5. Yeah, I've got a clearish shot of his number plate when I was closer up the road. You can just about make it out (I made the schoolboy error of having the camera on too low a res. for recording). Luckily there wasn't an accident. Does anyone have an ideas of how I'd submit this to the police?
  6. The stupidity of some drivers never ceases to amaze, was particularly impressed with this halfwit yesterday. Do people not bother with red traffic lights any more? Untitled.mp4
  7. I had the exact same thing after I put my summer wheels back on. Turns out that I had to tighten the nut seating the valve onto the wheel. After I tightened the nuts on the wheels that were flashing on the TPMS, the flashing stopped. Worth a go. My car will be 6 years old in September.
  8. This whole thread reminds me of Donald Trump's tweets. Sad!
  9. Almost certainly I think. Gearbox seems much nicer now than with the previous software. As to the 1.4.seconds shift time , if I were the cynical type, it seems to me as though the pootling about shift time is being compared to the sports mode shift time, to make it seem as though there's been a big improvement with the 400..
  10. I've just had the software on my IPS updated, the latest build is L132F0077 according to the paperwork (which is different to the one on the Evora 400 according to the Lotus website) Its a worthwhile update imho - it introduces less pronounced blips on the downshift when you're not driving too aggressively, and allows the car to hold a higher gear at slightly lower speeds when in Sports mode. One thing I don't understand is Lotus stating that it takes 1.4 seconds to change gear from the moment the paddle is pressed in manual mode. I realise this is subjective, but the only time it takes that long is when you're pootling about. When you accelerating hard it seems to take much less time than that- not instantaneous obviously but it's very quick (but then again it always was).
  11. Just in case you do need to replace the condensor, it's not a clam off job on an Evora, thank goodness.
  12. And I've just fitted Stuart's old MY12 wheel to my car Looks fab and is a real improvement over the old one. Thanks Stuart. Easy to fit, about the only "faffy" bit was getting the the air bag screws back in the shroud. If anyone's interested, my old MY11 steering wheel will be up for sale, please just PM me. It's in good condition, perfect if you want to re-upholster it and still be able to drive your own car in the meantime.
  13. I have to say I wasn't sure what that was going to end up looking like as the NA engine bay isn't particularly inspirational, but that does look pretty damned good. Even the intake plenum looks more than reasonable now (albeit I wish mine had a supercharger there , :sigh : ). Have to say the black gloss paint makes me think it would look great in faux (or real) carbon fibre as well.
  14. Jovver


  15. You won't be disappointed, they sound absolutely fantastic!
  16. No idea if it produces more or less power, but it does sound fantastic. I've had one on my n/a IPS for the best part of two years now, and not noticed any ill effects. Only thing I don't like is a slight whistling on full throttle with the passenger side window down.
  17. I've never come across any funny noises with mine, but it does somtimes hesitate with the 2nd to 3rd change when cold. About the only issue I've had is the very occasional stuck in 3rd gear which a re-start seems to solve. Any idea when the latest gearbox software came out?
  18. Ha, getting very confused now! As cocoPops said, you do need a new aerial for the GPS unit (which is built into the 920r). Did you buy the 920r by the way?
  19. If you bought the Alpine W920r then you don't need a separate GPS Receiver, it's built in.
  20. Wow, £433 is amazingly cheap. Do you have an IPS and was the transmission oil changed? Needless to say I won't be taking it to Paul Matty again, they are very expensive.
  21. My 4 year service was eye wateringly expensive at Paul Mattys. £350 just for the transmission oil for the IPS (or nearly £50 per litre)
  22. This is the name of the thread with the wiring diagrams for the head units and the reverse camera Upgrading the Alpine W505 to the 920, issues with the rear view camera
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