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  1. If you had the old 505 I think you will have the same wiring harness as I do. If so, there is need to buy a new wiring harness. I bought the "new" harness that was listed as a requirement for the 920 and all Lotus did (through deRoure) was send me the exact same one that was already in my car! I'm not sure the later harness exists (if it does, Lotus couldn't find it) And yes, I did order the correct one... No fault of deRoure I hasten to say, and they refunded me in full as soon as I returned it. All you have to do with the original harness is cut the old reverse signal wire (green/ brown) and splice it into the one of the wires on the harness that plugs into the main connector on the back of the 920 (position 2, speed sensor from memory, but I'll check!) There's a whole thread about exactly where that wire goes on here. Without this, the reverse camera won't work obviously. If you have the Imprint unit, the sub-woofer is wired through that, so you'll have to lay another wire for the amp/ sub-woofer direct from the head unit (I don't think the Imprint is compatible with the 920). I'd also leave the old GPS and Bluetooth units in-situ unless you fancy taking the entire top part of dash apart to remove them. You can either use an adaptor for the original microphone, or wire the new one up provided with the 920. I did the latter and moved it to just above the steering wheel. I looped the new GPS aerial under the passenger footwell and attached it there, works perfectly. Also check the settings on the new unit for the revers camera, I can't remember if it's direct or aux. setting you need to use (again on the other thread) but you need to set that correctly to make it work. The unit works fine with the original camera by the way. Light years ahead of the 505 in my opinion, I can actually use the GPS on this one!
  2. I removed the original mic and wired the new one in place so its just below the dash/ just above the steering coumn. As for the GPS aerial, I used the new one supplied with the 920 and spooled it out under the dash/ passenger footwell. Works just fine. I left the original GPS unit in place under the dash, no point dismantling half the car to remove it.
  3. From memory, the reverse signal wire plugs straight into the main connector on the back of the head unit (the big 16 pin connector) on the 920. All you have to do is to splice the green/brown reverse signal wire from the wiring loom into the connector for the audio interrupt wire. The cut off end of the audio interrupt wire coming from the dashboard can then be isolated. Thats what I did when I upgraded to the 920. Just remember to adjust the settings on the head unit to the correct input to make it work. Full instructions are here.
  4. Ha, you're absolutely right, I can't believe I didn't spot this! Comparing the wiring diagrams for the 505 and the 920, position 2 has the reverse wire going into it directly, instead of a separate connection as with the 505. On the existing loom, if I swap the wire in position 2 for the reverse wire (it's only the audio interrupt lead) this should get it to work theoretically. Thanks very much!
  5. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. The strange thing is I spotted the green/brown reverse wire on the Lotus loom and plugged it into the connector leading from the back of the head unit into the camera port (basically a white connector with two leads coming form it, one for the camera and the other - I assume - for the reverse gear connection). Hm, it's all very strange. The head unit does pick up the rear camera, but only on the set up screen where you can adjust the guides for there reverse camera. If you select and de-select reverse, the camera view will appear and disappear. It's just that it refuses to show it it normal operation. I'm hoping it's just a setting, but it's possible that I've just connected something up wrong I suppose... On a positive note, the 920 seems to be much nicer than the 505.
  6. As per the title, just wondering if anyone has come across this issue when upgrading to the W920? I picked up the 920R from Motorsport Auctions and ordered the later harness adaptor from DeRoure. The harness adaptor they sent appears to be identical to the one in already in the car (an MY11 tech equipped car), although Lotus are adamant it is the correct one. I decided to connect the new head unit to the existing cable, and all appears to be well apart from the rear camera not engaging when in reverse gear and coming up on the screen. The unit picks up the camera in "set up" mode for the AUX camera input, so it has power and works, but it simply won't automatically come up on the screen when reverse is engaged . The camera interrupt setting is set to "on" (which is correct I think) but the screen just won't change over to the camera input no matter what settings I try. It also insists on the parking brake being clicked on to display any image at all... Has anyone had experience of this problem when upgrading or is there a subtle change in the harness adaptor I didn't pick up?
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