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  1. Komo-Tec has announced a LSD for the Exige and Evora ! Can’t say myself that I missed it, but it is a good news indeed (@geartox ?) ...
  2. @BatMobile : I react only now, but what is this binnacle top ? I assume it is an aftermarket one, but it can be interesting with a 8" "Garw" display ?! please let us know who makes it ...
  3. Sienna Brown ... most of the time looks dark grey (darker than carbon grey), but the sun enlights the brown shade :
  4. Errrr... from the infos I gave to you ? Would have appreciated a feeback ...
  5. I bought several from Italy, and even arranged a bulk buy for the French Club Lotus, at a very interesting price ... If you want details and contact, please send a PM Imran !
  6. ok, no prob ... PC680 brackets are quite common, but I reckon they're rather expensive for what they are ! I think I'll end up with a home made piece of aluminium ... better made than this one !
  7. Imran : if you have them fabricated, on the PC680 format, I'm in to have one if it's not stupidly expensive and if it can run the costs down ! I chose the Powerstart battery (185x192x79mm, same as Odyssey PC680), for its CCA power and its weight (
  8. @Bravo73: or , it can be that ! (I prefer to do it by myself, as an auto owner, before anyone else does !)
  9. thanks Dave ... I must say once again that EX370 kit is the best value for money, adding half end power and a really more lively engine, and making induction noise and autoblip addictive ! I did a charity event recently, and I was said by people who went in a 350 Sport and in my Roadster that the feeling difference was huge ... I sometimes forget it ! I nonetheless will probably go the EX390 route this winter, because I enjoy the full flow exhaust idea (and don't want to end with potential blown cats) , but I know the ratio gain for about 25 more bhp would not be as efficient !
  10. I will follow your experience, to know how much power it will deliver with KT390 and KT airbox, combined with IPS gearbox ! hope you'll put your car on a dyno ... You should end up with 400bhp, and I assume it's the best config before TCU starts to "eat" bhps !
  11. my experience : I was really in love with the Evora, and especially with the 410, as it seemed to fulfill the gap between raw Exige and comfy Evora 400... So I (finally) had the opportunity to test the 410 (auto), driving it in the country for about 1,5 hour. The car was rather new (1,500 kms), and I wanted to try the auto version as I'm already with an auto Exige... my thoughts : the car is very well finished, and the interior is indeed comfy (regular Sparcos on this one) and warm (alcantara with yellow stitching and Yellow parts)... the car ride is a bit firm, but not harsh. the steering is surprisingly sharp, and the gearbox is a bit faster than on my Exige, indeed. engine sound is great, but not greater than my car (KT370 and KT backbox equipped) , and of course the fixed top can't beat the open roadster for that... all in all, a very good car, but not faster nor more expressive than my Exige. I was pleased by this test drive, but not impressed... then, the same day, I took my Exige on my local roads, wanting to compare when feelings are still present. and then, it was obvious to me ! shorter wheelbase, lighter weight, lower ride, top down, and this sound ... I can't give up all that ! the car body embraces the driver, everything is more focused, the car pivots around its center of gravity ... all my good resolutions (GT car for longer EU travels, more space, etc) were lost ! sorry, but I won't trade my Exige Roadster for a 400 or a 410 . If I put too many miles on it (34,000 kms to date), I may change it for a Sport 350 Roadster (hard to find), but I assume I'd rather keep it until the new Elise/Exige will come up, or maybe later ... I'm really in love with my car, and quite oddly, this 410 test has renewed our love story ! of course, it's only my opinion, and each his own ...
  12. oops ...sorry, in fact it's even simplier ! it is written on it ! it's the Tuner model :
  13. BTW, IIRC, the wheels for the Exige are not centered, to allow to see the gauges cluster ...
  14. I assume from Momo ... It looks like the Montecarlo : (it can be configured here : but I think the "Team" model could be fine as well, thicker, and more like the OEM :
  15. I also have the Convenience pack, and I chose to run the USB cable to the center console, just by fitting it between the dashboard panel gaps, using some Facom levers (also useful for door panels etc), without hurting the leather... this way, the cable just goes out near the phone (sorry, no pics) !
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