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  1. They look ok in the flesh weirdly. I'll get B&C to check it when I am next there. Either way the black lettering looks awesome with the black alloys.
  2. I can vouch for Jamie's good idea....
  3. Congrats! Cracking colour combo and love the detailing on the interior. Also good to see your kids enjoying the car like my boys do! Have fun and enjoy fully!
  4. Thanks for sorting Martyn. Myself and my 2 little boys enjoyed it once we finally got in. I thought I was the only 400 there till I spotted @JayEmm standing out proudly at the PH stand.
  5. Haha. I made it look like the aggressive beast it is. It's just too nice with the standard wheels. I don't do nice
  6. Surprised so little but as Colin says, happy days having something so rare. Especially when it has the black forged alloys instead
  7. My 5 year old is over 120cm and fits fine. @JAWS I know has had his two kids in the back of his S1 for over 5 years I think.
  8. I've made that jump and for my 5 year old I would agree and say there is slightly more room for him. However for my 2 year old who is still in a seat (5yr old uses a booster cushion only), I sadly have to report that there is less room for him. This is not due to the back seats - all the above comments are correct regarding size and depth etc, it's actually due to the sparco seats. They are thicker than the recaro ones so take up more of the area than previous. It's not a massive difference but one I have noticed and had to rectify by keeping the passenger seat more upright than is ideally comfortable for anyone sitting in it. Usually I have to let my son have his legs down the centre if my wife is with us. It's nothing really new to how it was in the S1 just that it is noticeably tighter for my youngest. Saying that, my youngest loves the 400 (and Lotus actually - see pic wearing his fav t-shirt this Xmas) and in 6 months he'll prob be ok in a booster seat so then he'll be fine.
  9. Thought I would share what the wife got me to help celebrate having the excuse of a midlife crisis for my cars/watches.... I think it looks awesome. The local artist did a fine job
  10. Haha. Older and wiser and even more convinced the black alloys were the perfect finishing touch! I did love the detail of the silver alloys but for me it made the 400 look too soft. The black really makes it look more aggressive and fitting (in my eyes) of what the 400 is. Plus being from Essex, as @JAWS pointed out, I had to make sure I fitted in with the locals..... Oh reason for the poorly blurred reg in the first pic was due to the valet company using it for their website
  11. Treated the 400 to a very professional and impressive valet at the weekend. I don't usually let anyone but me clean my toy but after seeing his work on the family cayenne he got the green light as I just didn't have time to do a proper job. Very happy with the clean. He treated as his own and said loved to clean it. Even added it to his portfolio shots to use on his website etc. Then I further treated the 400 to its new cosy indoor cover courtesy of TLF. Very impressed with the quality and fit.
  12. Like it. Will go nick the Velcro from the kids shoes
  13. Lovely choice although personally I prefer the Hethel Edition RG with black forged alloys (but i could be a tad bias.....)
  14. I've hard wired the battery to my trickle charger connectors so an easy plug in when I need to. Miss that Homelink (sorted in 30secs ?) and cargo net (especially due to the loose pouch holding locking nut and tow bar!)
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